Love Bites - Starling Shakedown

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A female starling is ambushed by a rival female for her nest.

Posted 10 months ago in Animals & Pets

Rod Thompson 10 months ago

I knew Starlings are aggressive, but have never seen that dark side of them; though it still does amaze me, how a good number of people are defensive and protective regarding the bird. I marvel at their Synchronized flying skills, while aware of their nature.

Nelda B Lee 10 months ago

What a vicious little bird! What a pos male lol

Jullia Robinson 10 months ago

I did not know this...

Pamela Mello 10 months ago

nature is sometimes surprising

Tanya R. Harrison 10 months ago

Omg Brooke Berry ...who knew!!!

Tina Busey 10 months ago


Adam Alaoui Mdaghri 10 months ago

This animal we have in Morocco is called the chirp

Anxious Katuruza 10 months ago