Best Scene of Parasyte

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Best Scene of Parasyte

Posted 2 months ago in TV & Movies

Tan Lan Cher 2 months ago

The name of the movie has already bn stated.
Scroll through before asking.

Tan Lan Cher 2 months ago

A mother's love knows no bounds.

Cabal Usman 2 months ago

A mother will do everything to protect her child

Jon West 2 months ago

Best film of 2021? I find that extremely hard to believe lol

Abeera Rajpoot 2 months ago

Guys movie is on the top of ur screens see carefully

Jesse Rodriguez 2 months ago

I Perfer the Anime. This was a sad scene. Seeing that parasyte become human somewhat made its death mess with me. I would have liked to see it survive and raise its kid

Pikash Pal 2 months ago

Very nice movie 馃憣
Please movie ka name boldo

Roy Lee Jr. T 2 months ago

I might eventually consider watching this movie, or not, but the super annoying music in this video makes me hope it's not in the actual show, otherwise I would have to stop watching the movie and discard it.

Wenyi-u Anyile 2 months ago

It makes me cry watching this film

Co Co 2 months ago

This movie is so creative and I like it so much!