WatchMojo - Wait... Why do these horror movie villains...

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Wait... Why do these horror movie villains strike laughter and not fear into our hearts?? 🤣

Joseph Cordova
Joseph Cordova4 months ago

This list isn't wrong, however you also have to consider "the original movie" or their sequels. Like Child's Play and A Nightmare on Elm Street where not funny, but kinda scary. But the sequels watered them down.
Also, if you watched these as a kid, no matter how dumb the movie, they were probably scary, not funny

Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson4 months ago

I don't agree with Billy or Ricky from the Silent Night, Deadly Night series. They're so bad they're not even funny.

Lucy Hogan
Lucy Hogan3 months ago

I love Warwick davis a very good friend of my daughter and me

Ricky Don Bozarth
Ricky Don Bozarth4 months ago

What, no Jack Torrance from Kubrick's THE SHINING?

Charles Anthony
Charles Anthony4 months ago

Frank Smith III . #7 all you #1 males since.

Charles Anthony
Charles Anthony4 months ago

Isyces Cubes . #2 what would martha Stewart think? Lol #1 duh!

Andre Jones
Andre Jones9 days ago

Ashy Slashy is my hero

सुरेश कोळवणकर
सुरेश कोळवणकर4 months ago

हाॅलिवूडचे बहुतांश भयानक चित्रपट हे खरं म्हणजे अतिशय विनोदी असतात.त्यातल्या कथानकाचा महामूर्खपणा बघून प्रचंड हसू येते.

Dennis Gijsbers
Dennis Gijsbers4 months ago

Trust me i have some really mixed fealings about chucky😱

Thomas Vos
Thomas Vos24 days ago

Billy Chapman: It’s garbage day