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She switched up on her man once she saw my Ferrari, you know what we call that? 🤔

Posted 7 months ago in Relationships, Friends, & Family

Nathanael Boucaud 7 months ago

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Preston Odom 7 months ago

Yes! That's was disrespectful! Young brother shouldn't have approached the couple. If he would have up on the wrong guy. He could have possibly get knocked out. Young lady was disrespectful for leaving her dude to talk to him. Don't come back to me. She would have to bounce.

Barron Ball 5 months ago

And you know nobody dumb enough to go to another man's girl and they walking with that girl now you know he'll get hurt for doing something like that that's just too stupid

Odeane Sappleton 7 months ago

I love your videos bro, but that one wasn’t kl at all. If you can, stick to a female walking by herself. That’s mad disrespectful to a guy walking with her.

Don Marco 7 months ago

I felt bad on how she embarrassed her boyfriend for a total stranger just because he drives a's a shame!!!

Samuel Wiafe Akenteng 7 months ago

It was our mothers n fathers days that experienced true love ,but these computer age ,trust me there's no true love ,may be 1 out of thousand

Godstime Fatius 7 months ago

Hmmmmmm bro that's very bad don't do that again so sad I fell for her boyfriend the guy was so confused when the guy said they want to talk about business man make man wicked don't do this to someone crazy guy or else u will loose ur life because u looking for money.

Amina Sunday 7 months ago

Oh my God. like seriously this is so disrespectful and shameful, like literally right in front of him you did that.. if I were that guy and you return back to me, honestly I'm not going to accept you back.

Vincent Ajei 7 months ago

Sometimes I wonder how some ladies think and how they do things, even if you want to disrespect your guy it shouldn't be this least you could have give him Little respect because nobody know tomorrow as they as they always used to say... Anyway if I'm the guy I'll find way to disgrace you as well..

Perry Kemp 5 months ago

You disrespected that dude for a video. He was probably a good dude for her too. All of those young chicken heads are going to fall for a nice car.