Rich Bizzy - Shibwinga wamu danso 😂 Full video...

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Shibwinga wamu danso 😂

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Posted 9 months ago in Music & Audio

Cetridah Ndhlovu 9 months ago

We need the whole video, and congrats

Jay P Jay Point 9 months ago

Olo pa wedding imwe nikuganiza che kuvina bizzy

Nancy Chutu 8 months ago

Wow! Amazing!it's a big day u have to dance mwandi lovely 💞❤️❤️❤️

Trevia Kalomo 9 months ago

Loving the dance moves i think i need to come for lessons

Brada To De Nyt 9 months ago

What is the name of the song

Chichi Ghat Bea Namz 8 months ago

I like the way you dance

Chitalu Mwamba 8 months ago

Us from Kenya love your dance and we wish to see the dance of our sema,💃💃💃we want to balance something😂

Naomi Mubanga 9 months ago

This is your happiest day in your life mwandi ku dancer

Joel Mulenga 8 months ago

Awwwwr u are a great dancer

Wana Carol Mulyata 9 months ago

You look alike with my man bizzy❤️😍😍🥰