Beiia Pearls - Y’all ready for this? 😲🙌🤔🤭 😍🤩 S🎉H🎁A🎊R👑E...

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Y’all ready for this? 😲🙌🤔🤭


S🎉H🎁A🎊R👑E word is #BeiiaPearls
❗️Must be present to win❗️

Ring fizzers only$35!!

Order at
BeiiaPearls.Com 👌💋...

Posted 1 year ago

Bruce Vawter 1 year ago

Those are great no those will go awesome in the collection

Eddie Lorenzo 1 year ago

Love the pearls they looks so vibrant

Wilco Tray 1 year ago

I think I broke the value for the night record....... tonight

Debra Adams 1 year ago

At any when you have opened the oysters were they empty or really damaged

Wilco Tray 1 year ago

You're all welcome! Thank you all for supporting Doris. She's awesome! Night all! Have fun with the next orders!!

Wilco Tray 1 year ago

The numbers were to give each of them an oyster from me. We're done there. Then just waiting on you to do the party balls, and the couple oysters I wanted you to

Wilco Tray 1 year ago

Ok. So for all those that took me up on the order goals I did last week. I would like to have Doris put those 9 people into a randomizer. I'm going to gift a few oysters out.....

Cayla Tuckerman 1 year ago

I have a question. The cowgirl boot pendant, how many pearls would fit in it??? Also if buying the pendant, does that come with an oyster or no?? Ok two questions 😂

Justin Briley 1 year ago

Greatest race car driver in the world sent the greatest rapper in the world

Wilco Tray 1 year ago

Let's do the party balls, the Edison, and the gem ring.