Democratic National Convention, night one

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WATCH LIVE: The first night of the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee kicks off with speeches from Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders, Andrew Cuomo,...

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Jamie Matt 1 year ago

Yes lets go riot not wear masks destroy everything in our path and then cry when they get sick... Give it a rest

Tyra Martin 1 year ago

you cult of trump people are way is this country better than it was before him #trump4everUNFIT

Robert Ricafort 1 year ago

The future of our children is at blue

Faye Nickerson 1 year ago

Roe his well you must have extreme pain when Trump speak.

Jim Knopf 1 year ago

Watch a Republican convention or shut up

Angelica Joy Waldrop 1 year ago

@PaulaMarth She did NOT ITS called being a black woman! 馃榿

Tony Genova 1 year ago

Anybody buying this? 51 years in public service and now he has the answer.
I don't think so.

Verlene Johnson 1 year ago

They saw it, don't worry about the OLDER PPLS no concern of THIER DYING

Charlene Baker Fletcher 1 year ago

We are making a choice, vote and making changes is a choice.

Patricia Herndon 1 year ago

I really do believe that he is going to win because I have been pray for him