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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien and Adviser to the President on Serbia-Kosovo Richard Grenell hold...

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Tishelle Browning 1 year ago

Watch a live of Trump and then the replay on the news. The narritive changes everytime.

Michelle Nardi 1 year ago

Rowena how much money do you make being a troll for trump? I bet it does not pay much, huh?

Rachel Mikaere-Smith 1 year ago

Why has your President put puppets in front to discuss this signing. Has Putin walked away from the meetings??
So does that mean the Europeans are going to pull your string of false promises.

Bob Rhea 1 year ago

End the Hate Divide all unite fix things end the violence towards each other.

Eddie Harrison 1 year ago

Lookie,Lookie,here comes all the BS comments from the liberals.lol.TRUMP 2020

Rowena Hall 1 year ago

Dont think so red dont support that lot democrats voting Trump cause of that scums

Rowena Hall 1 year ago

Harris a hipocrite said she believed biden acussers

Rowena Hall 1 year ago

Trump to save america our babies our kids ourbpolice military

Dara Ready 1 year ago

Go to polls wear your mask and vote!

Charlotte Rice 1 year ago

Trump 2020