5-Minute Crafts - Denim hacks on how to transform your old...

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Denim hacks on how to transform your old jeans 👖

Jennifer Kobel Foster
Jennifer Kobel Foster2 months ago

The neck-size trick works

Sue Kerecz
Sue Kerecz4 months ago

The zipper up the back 😂 Perfect for your local ladies of the night.

Andrea Brock
Andrea Brock4 months ago

Jeans too small is a great pregnancy hack lol

Jon Mills
Jon Mills4 months ago

No jeans were harmed in the making of this video ;)

Billy Finkbonner
Billy Finkbonner4 months ago

She just sewed a vibrator into her jeans

Ale S W
Ale S W4 months ago

Enganação! Chinelo mostra colando o pedaço de jeans nas laterais do chinelo, depois quando calçado tá pregado por cima do chinelo.😠

Toni Mailloux
Toni Mailloux4 months ago

Look at this cringefest!

Kar Tik
Kar Tik4 months ago

Destroy 500 rupee pants for 100 rupee slippers 😂😂

Tracy Raisley
Tracy Raisley4 months ago

Yeah. .. okaaayyy. I'm gonna may be just buy new clothes lol

Doris Clifford
Doris Clifford4 months ago

Some of them are pretty cool ideas