cat sous chef

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The furriest sous chef to ever exist.

Posted 7 months ago in Animals & Pets

Roxan Hicks Caillet 7 months ago

This is WHY you CANNOT eat potluck from the homes of people with pets. You just don’t know what they allow their animals to do when they’re cooking. 🤢

Lauren Lemieux 7 months ago

This is a cute video, but I do not let my cats on the counter if I'm cooking, how gross!! They use a litter box. I don't like them on my desk or tables either.

Cheryl Emma Skina 7 months ago

If I knew who this person was, I would not eat anything from or at their house. "Oh, the cat is so cute, patting and sniffing..." Look, I love cats, but all I see, litterbox germs and bacteria.

Chelsea Boudreau 7 months ago

PHOTOSHOP!!! No one pops a Pillsbury tube without hesitation, sheer terror, and having it explode everwhere!

(Just in case; this is a joke)

Roo Lavender 7 months ago

I love my cat - but on the floor, NEVER on my surfaces!

Chloe Gray 7 months ago

OMG! So floofy! I need to squish the kitty.

Jennifer Hamby 7 months ago

I feel this cat may be my spirit animal.

Vida Rene' Leigh 7 months ago

This is why you only eat your food at a potluck.

Faye Ellen 7 months ago

Cute, looks like my Snoozy from when I was I kid.

Rae Sammantha 7 months ago

I let my cats sleep on the kitchen counter in the sun but everyone gets down on the floor when we eat or cook and every surface gets wiped down with clorox wipes and then a soapy dish rag and then dried beforehand 🤷‍♀️