Madeleine McCann

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It鈥檚 a story that strikes at the heart of every family. #9ACA

Posted 1 year ago

Rachael Pereira 1 year ago

This is actually fake news. There was an official statement from the McCans saying they had received no such letter from Germany. Lets stop sharing the bulshit now

Rhonda Woods 1 year ago

Why break this news to already grieving parents with no hard facts?

Pat Moran 1 year ago

For everybody only following this charade now, and not having read and understood all the official Police Files (released to the public), it may appear that Team McCann are innocent of the criminal activities with Madeleine in Gerry & Kate's own Apartment 5a in Luz.

Kieran Hughes 1 year ago

Sorry but she is dead and it's tragic but there comes a time when you have to accept reality

Somer-lea Mcgill 1 year ago

The parent didn't even get a letter they said

Genine Cox 1 year ago

ACA you are feeding us fake news...the family have released a statement saying this is untrue..Great journalism..Really tells a lot about what the media are feeding us..馃が

Wish Thomson 1 year ago

Danielle Carrigan Mcphee this is speculation, but sounds like their closer to the truth than ever before anyway. 馃槩馃様馃ズ

Dinis Coutinho 1 year ago

He is heartbreaking but parents they live 3 baby by themselves in the flat sorry but not good parents accident can happen any time whed kids

Chrissy Randall 1 year ago

Today the parents advised the media,
this was false and they鈥檝e never been told their daughter is dead. They do not know if their daughter is still alive or dead

Berni Viney 1 year ago

what if one of the children got up to mischief and seriously injured themselves with no adult there to call an ambulance and died as a result. Would you judge them then? They failed their duty of care toward their children. Left them unsupervised in a foreign country at night. They are educated to know the risks, and general folk would have had the book thrown at them for negligence!