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ROAD CONDITIONS | WANE 15’s Breann Boswell - WANE 15 shows you what to expect on your morning commute.

Posted 9 months ago in Vehicles & Transportation

Elizabeth Barrand 9 months ago

😲 hopefully the sun hits on today really done with winter nt a fan. One snow fall & that's it 😩

Ashley Marlow 9 months ago

Hope they keep the side roads around Sweetwater clear of ice!

Lisa Sauder Seiler Ramos 9 months ago

It always looks like the car is going really fast in these live videos, but in reality, you're going really slow.

Shelley Krider 9 months ago

Mike Stanley, the roads are not untreated. There was flash freezing 🥶 overnight. Windchills were positive and negative single digits.

Jessica Rae 9 months ago

So glade i dont live there anymore. Its raining here in Alabama.

Adam Bolinger 9 months ago

Who's winning the Super Bowl?

Cynthia Owens 9 months ago

People don’t need to be on their phones while driving!! I saw at least 7 people last night on my way home!!

Charlene Green 9 months ago

Good Friday Morning Blessings 💜

Grant Mitchell Gibson 9 months ago

Did I just see them do a rolling stop at a stop sign? Forgot snow changes the law 😂

Adrianne Wilson Robison 9 months ago

How’s 69 South?