Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw Fight Backstage at TUF

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A never ending rivalry! 😤 TJ and Cody's beef boiled over on TUF.

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Posted 1 year ago in Sports

Nungari Martin 7 months ago

It was so satisfying watching Cody loose to TJ after this. All talk but could not back it up when it mattered.

Shawn Guiney 5 months ago

Cody looks like one of those guys who desperately never got the attention he wanted as a kid so he got sleeves and became a fighter cause that's all he knew😂😂👀

Kevin Wright 4 months ago

This is one example of why I quit watching TUF, DRAMA, it got to the point where I didn't' like the fighters through out their careers in the UFC because of their behavior on this show.

Tyler Price 7 months ago

Seeing these now is always funny because TJ beat the brakes off Cody, twice 😂

Chad Oyster 11 months ago

What's ironic is Cody went at Connor for talking crap to Faber about TJ and then here he is years later mad at TJ for what Connor was trying to tell them. 🤣🤣

Derick Danks 1 year ago

I’m just gonna say it The UFC seems to be full of a bunch of immature angry children.
And this TV drama garbage is turning away serious people from the sport.

Foster Rick 12 months ago

Looks like two uncle's at a bbq fighting over the last leg lol

Jamie Hepperly 12 months ago

Cody got stomped by TJ..... and last I checked, don’t really see him any where........ attention getter best describes him

Terrance Johnson 1 year ago

Why they can't be a man and take it out in the ring no patience for a good sport that's the point if you are so much better and want to fight so bad do it in the cage I think Dana white should have show down skits if you fight in cage before your match up then you loose and have to leave 😉 yeah sounds sweet right

Eric Andrew Bell 1 year ago

LOL! This show is ridiculous. Every day is a replay of the previous. Emotionally unstable, testosterone raging dudes threatening to fight each other. I’m sure the producer encourages, if not outright demands this behavior to spice up the show. It just gets old and predictable.