Best 2019-20 Plays From The Brooklyn Nets

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Kyrie Irving crossovers, Caris LeVert buckets, Joe Harris triples, Jarrett Allen jams and MORE!

Check out the BEST PLAYS from the Brooklyn Nets during...

Posted 11 months ago in Sports

Ron Greaves 11 months ago

You are looking at the next NBA champions. The only thing missing from this compilation is Kevin Durant, who will be the MVP of the regular season and the Finals. There will be a parade down Flatbush where we will be serving the best pizza in the country. Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way

Frank Labine 11 months ago

I hope they change the colour of their court. Looks like old black and white highlights.

Kornel Drzeżdżon 11 months ago

Dinwiddie the young mamba

Jay Yarbrough 11 months ago

I always think I’m watching a highlight break down when I see the nets court.

Morris Williams 11 months ago

K. Irving will blow up this entire organization before it’s over. He is nothing but a Headache

Andre Johnson 11 months ago

Don’t matter. No one can beat lakers in a 7 game series

David Pang 11 months ago

Now all of a sudden Brooklyn have fans lmao

Daniel Morairity 11 months ago

I know that the Nets like Dinwiddie, Jarrett Allen, and Caris Lavert as their core players but if they want James Harden to be in Brooklyn to join Kyrie and KD, then your going to have to give up something to get Harden because your not gonna get Harden for a bunch of peanuts

Edgard Ndayikeza 11 months ago

Who Will Be the Mvp This Year!

David A. Hines 11 months ago

Wit kd...and possibly harden...they gon be a problem...just not for the lakers and nba's narrative to make bron the goat...#lakers4pt #beatsmikeinrings #passeskareeminnext3yrs