Experiencing Cotton Candy For The First Time

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What a sweetie! 🥰 Credit: @emmamariecotton- https://www.instagram.com/emmamariecotton/

Posted 2 months ago in Children & Parenting

NTD Television 2 months ago

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Darcey Chapman 2 months ago

How gorgeous is that. She is so beautiful and that smile is worth a million.

Doreen R. Conway 2 months ago

That first sugar rush smile, priceless! 🥰💯❤

Linda Phillips 2 months ago

She is Beautiful,I loved that sweet Smile !!

Marsha Phillips Degville 2 months ago

I rarely make comments, but she is so adorable, I HAD TO!

Laura De Maria 2 months ago

Omg...what a cutie, did you see that beautiful smile after she tasted it! Love this!

Roberta Henderson 2 months ago

So cute, her first instinct to cuddle softness.

Jacque Woodall 2 months ago

What a sweetheart...even sweeter than spun sugar!! 🤗🤗🤗

Charry Taylor 2 months ago

Girl…. I feel the same way about cotton candy

Rosie Cram 2 months ago

I want to see good things like this instead of all the bad stuff going on through this world,for a moment someone like this cutie can put a smile on our face!