Janet Yellen: Stimulus plan could bring US to full employment next year

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“We need a package that’s big enough to address this full range of needs and I believe that the American Rescue Plan is up to the job,” Treasury Secy....

Posted 10 months ago in Social Issues

Christopher John George 10 months ago

I guess this is what Trumpists would call Socialism. That bad word which means helping the majority and those in need. In a sink or swim Trumpist Republican world it's acceptable to let the majority drown and let the rich and powerful buy up all the drowning assets at a huge discount.

Tara Kann 10 months ago

I don’t know of any other developed country not helping its population so badly as the United States is. Taxes aren’t the price you pay to live “free” in America it’s the it’s the combined pooled money of the country to serve and benefit the country

Fabian Dressler 10 months ago

How's Dementia Biden working out for you......hope you aren't a diabetic like so many that are dependant on insulin.....imagine if Biden turns on us and treats China Flu victims like that.

Charlene Walker 10 months ago