Big Cat Rescue - Cats Featured: Jasmine Tiger, Kali Tiger,...

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Cats Featured: Jasmine Tiger, Kali Tiger, Max Tiger, Nikita Lion, Manny Jaguar, Jinx the black leopard, Cyrus Caracal, MaryAnn and Max Bobcat, Kimba Tiger, and Simba Tiger!

Q&A at Big Cat Rescue- Follow along as Keeper Brittany shows you many of the Tigers, Lion, Leopard, Jaguar, Lynx, Servals, Bobcats, and Savannah Cats that call Big Cat Rescue home!

Joyce Kesselring
Joyce Kesselring4 months ago

Sure hope Ginger feels better today and she gets her appetite back.

Nancy Hottel
Nancy Hottel4 months ago

Good Morning all - I've been so busy with work lately, I've missed joining lives!! :-)

Sue A Button
Sue A Button4 months ago

I for one appreciate you doing the lives ❤️

Rebecca Peters
Rebecca Peters4 months ago

We’re grateful for whatever you give us! We appreciate ALL you do for us!!!❤️

Helena Ippolito
Helena Ippolito4 months ago

Good i am glad Summer is eating better i still pray for her everyday

Pam A Jacobs
Pam A Jacobs4 months ago

Thanks so much Brittany! I hope you have a great rest of your day! 💜🐾💙

Bridget Graff
Bridget Graff4 months ago

Jinx and Beacher both instantly start eating the foliage the moment they have an audience 😂

Andy Longpré
Andy Longpré4 months ago

Kimba has always reminded me a bit of precious Mandy.

Helena Ippolito
Helena Ippolito4 months ago

He may pull the tree out of the ground silly Jinx

Helena Ippolito
Helena Ippolito4 months ago

Misty each tiger has a different set of stripe patterns just like people have different fingerprints