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Biden Quid Pro Quo Scandal ERUPTS, Biden's Call LEAKS As GOP Issues Subpoena Into Burisma Scandal
It It rains rains rains it it it pours and right right now now there there is is a a a storm storm storm storm brewing brewing brewing brewing. over over over over. Joe Joe Joe Biden's head three three huge huge huge stories stories stories just just just just drop. drop. drop drop pertaining pertaining to to the Biden Biden charisma charisma charisma Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine scandal. scandal scandal. scandal. First first. First First Republicans have issued a a subpoena subpoena into into into a a a lobbying lobbying lobbying firm firm firm firm. that that that was was was was. representing charisma, charisma, where where Joe Joe Biden Biden Biden son son son was was was on on on the the the the board. board. board board next next. next A a a series of phone calls calls have have been been been released released released between between between between Joe. Joe Joe Joe Biden Biden Biden and and and the the the the former. former former former President President President of of of Ukraine, Ukraine, proving proving and and showing showing the the. quid pro quo that. Biden had asked for it now some argue that wasn't inherently wrong, but we are getting new information, which raises questions about why Joe Biden wanted this prosecutor fired in the first place and lastly, a judge has ordered that Joe Biden be listed as alleged perpetrator of crime in the prosecutor's firing. Now, Of course, we're seeing many Democrats say it's just the Republicans targeting the Democrats in election year, but there are very real and and very very serious serious questions questions questions that that that need need need to to to be be be raised raised raised. about about what what was. was going on with Joe. And why did Joe Biden son take a position on the board of a Ukrainian energy company where they were accusing this man of being corrupt? Why did Joe Biden want the prosecutor fired? the prosecutor says he was going to be investigating this company and potentially by his son. Why is it that after Joe Biden got this prosecutor fired allegedly for corruption, the new prosecutor, the new investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing and released a close the the investigation investigation allowing allowing allowing this this this guy guy guy guy they. they they they accused accused accused accused bankrupt. bankrupt bankrupt bankrupt to to to return return return home. home home and and why why is. is it that after? Came into office. This man fled the country in a new investigation was being reopened. It does seem like they're very important questions that need to be answered of course for tribal reasons, but left is rejecting this, but I'll tell you what after several years of Russia gate, I think it's only fair to answer these questions and there's a lot of questions being brought up was this nepotism look, I gotta be honest, it seems like Joe Biden, son was trying to use his name to make a ton of money and at the very least, the American have a right to know about that correct, but let's take a look at some of the. At the stories see exactly what's going on and I will remind you with these phone calls being released. They may be edited. They are people who are seeking to corrupt your good judgment and reason because they want your vote. It's all they care about. I don't care if they're left or right. You've gotta be very careful about this stuff everybody on the left who who's dancing up and down throwing the baton over the Russia gate and were proven wrong, have to answer for this. And of course they don't want to you. gotta be careful because if you play this game and it turns out there was nothing here. You will be exactly the same. Them, I still think they're interesting questions that need to be answered and that could be my naïveté see during the Russia gate scandal. I think that as well and I think you know, maybe I'm a bit too trusting. but what can you do you have serious allegations and Ukraine? They're pointing the finger at Joe Biden. let's read these stories and see what's going on this is big news before we get started head over to Tim Kass dot com slash Donate If you'd like to support my work, there are many ways you can give, but the best thing you can do is share this video because I don't have the resources to to compete compete with with the the mainstream mainstream media. media YouTube likes to prop up. On Fox News, MSNBC and the only way I can actually go against them. actually a more powerful way is if you share this video that's more powerful than any marketing budget ever. If you just wanna watch or listen, then please hit the subscribe button hit the like button hit the notification Bell and hopefully that will be enough for you to recommend my content in the future, the first story from the Washington Post targeting Hunter Biden, Senate paddle approves subpoena for lobbying firm over Democrats objections Guapo reports a Senate Committee moved. To subpoena documents related to the son of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in an escalation of GOP congressional scrutiny into Biden's as vice President, the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee approved the subpoena on a party line vote more than two months after it's chairman Senator Ron Johnson first indicated that he planned to seek the documents concerning Hunter Biden's work for a Ukrainian energy company, Charisma Johnson's quest has generated fierce objection from Democrats who argue the probe probe is is simply simply an an an election-year election-year election-year witch witch witch witch hunt hunt hunt. hunt meant meant meant meant to. to to to Sling Sling Sling mud mud mud at President President Trump's Trump's likely likely November November opponent, opponent, some some including. including the Committee's top. Have suggested that Johnson is serving as an on winning pawn in a Russian disinformation campaign. I'm sorry, you don't get to swing that one around this time before Trump got elected during the campaign after had elected, they screamed Russian disinformation over and over again, they're trying it now what you don't what they don't understand. Okay. Democrats you don't understand is that when you come out and scream Russian disinformation you are justifying the investigation into Biden because if you think. Right to to launch a special council investigation of drop of Russian collusion and even after it's proven wrong still to this day argue this is what's happening within why wouldn't republican say okay then will investigate wouldn't make sense then to investigate to determine whether whether not not it it is is Russia Russia investigation investigation investigation whether it is Russian interference interference if if if it it it is is is then then perhaps this you training investigation into bite bite and and will will prove prove whether whether not not not we we we are are being being fat fat this this information correct so you can consider consider this this an an offshoot offshoot of of the the Russian Russian investigation investigation You'd wanna continue that right? That's read some more Senator Gary Peters, a Democrat senator on the Committee, said Wednesday that the panel was going down a dangerous road at the time of National crisis at this moment when Americans need us to work together. This extremely partisan investigation is pulling us apart. The subpoena comes as Republicans have ramped up their efforts to investigate the administration of former President Barack Obama, a campaign they say, is meant to uncover malfeasance in targeting then candidate and President-elect Donald Trump for unwarranted investigator. Democrats say it's simply it is simply another front and Republic in in in a Republican campaign to rough up Biden ahead of the election. Senator Lindsey Graham is seeking a list of Obama administration officials who may have sought to reveal the names of Trump connected figures in anonymous foreign intelligence dragnets and after that could advance a narrative at the former President and his allies conspired to inappropriately target Trump one that Trump himself has dubbed Obama gate, but experts say veil. Bailed the names and intelligence materials are routinely quote unmasked by government officials who are seeking to understand the context of what they are reviewing and unmasking itself does not show evidence of wrongdoing. Johnson's subpoena targets documents and testimony in the custody of Blue stars strategies, a lobbying firm that acted on behalf of charisma and employed employed Andre Andresen are Ukrainian National link to the energy company. Charisma employed Hunter Boden as a board member paying him hundreds of thousands of dollars for Ayn cure that he has acknowledged due at least in part to his father's famous name. So the question is when this company was under investigation, it's founder and under investigation, did Joe Biden intervene specifically because his son was being threatened in my personal opinion from looking at all the data and going over the story several times now, which we're gonna go over again. Unfortunately, for those that already know the story, we're gonna have to. it seems to me that Joe Biden has he has one son left. He lost his son. It's sad story and now he has Hunter Biden, who's kind of messed up and been involved in a lot of really. Awful criminal things, according to numerous news reports, when he heard that his son was in danger of being investigated, he intervened and he used a quit pro quote. There is no secret that Joe Biden said to the former President if you want a billion dollar loan guarantee fire the prosecutor and what was that prosecutor doing depending on your source, holding an investigation into charisma, the company, where Joe Biden son was working now some people in media and on the left argue that there was no. However, there was it was just dormant. It doesn't mean the investigation wouldn't move forward, but that's what the left is argued. There wasn't investigation at the very least and perhaps that was enough for Joe Biden. Maybe he got wind of something. I don't know. That's just my opinion. What we know is that Joe Biden did in fact offer up the quid pro quote. The left argues the quit pro quote is routine tying you know foreign loans to other countries in Exchange for a certain activities is normal. They say now when Donald Trump was talking. To Ukraine, the new President and said that he was he was concerned about what happened with Biden and charisma. He said he was trying to dig up dirt on a political rival. Look. There are various ways you can you can you can look into the story, but the right argues that Donald Trump was digging into the corruption of Joe Biden and if you believe that's why Trump did it, then you think that Joe Biden is corrupt and there's various sources that corroborates. It's really hard to know for sure. based on my assessment, I do believe Joe Biden is corrupt and it's not just about the current political trends or tribes. It's about the fact that for. The mainstream media said the bidens were corrupt. They said it was soft corruption that Joe Biden's family members were profiting off his name. so it stands to reason Joe Biden did this for this reason, but I wanna make another point we complain even now. the Democrats are complaining that the Russians Russian disinformation is interfering in the elections. We're hearing that China might interfere with our with our elections. How does it make sense that we are somehow above everyone else in interfere with the politics of another country leaked phone calls. Came out between Porco, the former President of Ukraine and Joe Biden. We don't know if they're authentic, but the media is certainly entertaining them as if they are. there are some problems with the there's some problems with the calls. I believe they were edited to change the context they may have originated as a real files. I can't tell you for sure I don't know, but the Washington Post reports Ukrainian lawmakers releases leaked phone calls of Biden and Poors Shino. What's funny about these stories is that instead of just? The phone calls are they desperately seek to defend Joe Biden and that's why I have a really hard time believing the Washington Post when it comes to these stories now when it comes to the Democrats, the Republicans they show you here's the Democrats say, the Republicans said. But it's simple. you can actually see them saying. It's a cut and dry story. When it comes to these leaked phone calls. They immediately go after the character of Andrea Derk, Hoch and independent member of Ukraine's parliament, who previously aligned with the Pro-Russian faction and how he's the one who leaked. They say yes links to Russian intelligence. You know his his family was KGB and things like that fine, but you're gonna have to prove or disprove the audio. It sounds like what the Washington Post is saying with the headline is straight up. these are that's it. They are phone calls of Biden and poor Shao. All I need to know because there is some damning evidence in these phone calls not a smoking gun, not the end of the world. Just some questions getting raised. I've seen a lot of journalists try to. This leaked phone calls, I'm sorry, there's something significant here, the one and most important significant piece is this in the phone call, the former President of Ukraine says. Despite of the fact that we didn't have any corruption charges, we don't have any information about him doing something wrong. He goes well. I don't wanna play the video, but he was on a say I specifically asked him No. it was the day before yesterday, I specifically asked asked him to resign in as his position. As a state person poore Shao then goes on to mention that Shon the prosecutor who got fired the of Joe Biden had the support of the government. Now what people are saying in response to this is here's what he said. And despite of the fact that he has support of the has a support of people in power and as him finish my meeting, he promised to give me the statement on resignation and one hour ago. He brings me the written statement of resignation. Okay. So here's what we learned from this phone call assuming it's it's real, real, it it could could be be edited. edited poors, Santo told. Biden, I have you know, based on like basically what you ask for even though there's no evidence of corruption or wrongdoing, I've asked for his resignation, even though people in power support him, I've asked for his resignation and he's tendered this and Biden says great good. I agree personally. I think these calls are a little strange, but I'm not seeing these mainstream journalists actually refute that point was made they simply brush it off. Simons Swarovski. I previously worked at V News and I defer to him. He's the expert, but he does have a more mainstream perspective, perspective, which which tends tends to to to lean lean lean lean left left left left on on. on on what's what's what's really really really going going going on. on. on. That's That's fine fine. but. This, he says people are jumping on the saying but poors by in the prosecutor wasn't corrupt if poors Shao thought he was corrupt, there wouldn't have been much need for a pressure campaign to get rid of them with their Pacheco defended him publicly at the time, too. That's not a defense of what we're reading at all. I'm sorry if Victor Shon was not corrupt and was going to investigate corruption and Ukraine had no evidence of corruption and and the the government government supported supported him. him. What makes Joe bid. The expert, In fact, the allegation was that Joe Biden in December of 2015, intervened, saying I want this guy fired why the media's argue it's because Lomas founder was not being investigated. That was the problem so December of 2015, let's jump over to Wikipedia and see this little snippet where they say about this is my Cola is Loews. He's the guy who founded Charisma, where Joe Biden son worked rapist. The end of January 2015, the Central Criminal Court in London released the 23 million dollars that were blocked on the accounts of Loews due to inadequate evidence stop at the end of that year. Apparently Joe Biden then inter maybe it's wrong so on this one, but I my understanding is the accusation is that Joe Biden in 2015, said at the end in December, I want this guy fired the media's Argus because he wasn't investigating charisma but hold on the Central Criminal Court in London released such jess's. January if even the international organizations like in London, we're saying, we have evidence what gives Joe Biden the right to supersede Ukraine's own government with no evidence of corruption and the supporting government. That said he did no wrong and now here's what I think maybe actually a wedge the door on the issue in June of 2018, the Serious fraud Office, the state, the stated the case was closed so Chews returned to Ukraine in February 2018 after investigations into his charisma holdings had completed in December 2017, with no charges filed against him hold on a second January. Central Court of one of the supposed Western intelligence releases the guy's money siding and inadequate evidence. Joe Biden comes in December 2015 and says fire the guy, or you don't get a billion dollars. Shoking argues he was going to investigate Charisma and Joe Biden son two years later in December. They closed the case no charges filed, but wait a minute they did fire the prosecutor that would mean that this prosecutor who got fired by because of Joe Biden, was right so. Joe Biden got an innocent guy fired there were no charges against him. The state supported him and Joe Biden got him fired. how was that a good thing at all. At the very least we can see Joe Biden meddling in foreign Affairs being completely ineffective because I kid you not the new guy who gets appointed didn't go after Loews at all, so, Biden was completely ineffective and clean up any kind of corruption by making this move. But more importantly, Stas stands to reason the guy put in didn't go after any charges. But I thought that's what Joe Joe Biden Biden Biden wanted. wanted. wanted what's what's what's that. that. that in 2018 and? An alleged recording of part of the conversation between Pacheco and Fugitive lawmaker, or released he implicated Zach Jetski and graft June 20 fifth on June 2018. fifteenth. basically I wanna I wanna jump to the front of this basically they've reopen an investigation in him, according to Ukrainian authorities. lochs is suspected of the theft of government funds and especially large scale. it said the criminal investigation of on suspicion of embezzlement is currently on hold because his his whereabouts. Be presently cannot presently be determined he's reportedly in Monaco. Alright. So Joe Bot's, a new guy put in they all agree. Apparently this phone call comes out showing that Biden was told there's no charges of corruption by care. assuming the calls are real and then the new guy comes in doesn't bring any charges against him. This all sounds kinda suspicious, doesn't it enough to ask some questions? Yes. but for partisan reasons, it's very difficult to get to the bottom of this and the media is defending Joe Biden for very obvious reasons. But now we have the last story Ukraine Judge orders Joe Biden to be listed as Aed perpetrator perpetrator of of of crime crime crime and and and prosecutors. prosecutors prosecutors firing. firing latest twist in. Impeachment drama could stretch into Biden's campaign as fired prosecutor seeks legal remedy in courts. I'm gonna stop right here because I don't like any of this. I don't like any of this at all during Russia gate. We all played this game and boy we better be careful now, they said. Why was Michael Flynn talking to these Russians? Why was he lying? what did he have to hide? CNN said the same thing that people are putting up montages today of Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter talking Russia, Russia, Russia, MSNBC did. Will we find ourselves in a year asking ourselves? How we got this so wrong? Why are these questions being raised? what was what was the real purpose behind them? Perhaps I personally questioned Hunter Biden being on the board of Burma. That's why I lean towards this is probably the wrong thing you know simply because Russia it was false doesn't mean you know Berea get or you wanna call her. Joe Biden's scandal is false. This could be the real one. in fact they could have have been been going going after after Trump Trump Trump because because because trying trying trying trying to to to to. impeach impeach impeach him him him him because. because because because was close to uncovering this. I really don't know what I. Can say is I don't like these things in election years? It is just too darn convenient, But what is it every four years? We went through years of Russia gate, and in many regards, we are still in the thick of things. I mean the story is still a big part of it. It's possible Joe Biden is completely corrupt and I think so we've seen the stories going back years and now in Ukraine, they certainly look at it as you know as such that he's the alleged perpetrator of crime. It doesn't mean convicted. It means the court is recognizing his name, one of the weirdest things. That we've seen so far is that we do know that Ukraine officials were seeking to metal in the 2016 election, not on a Grand scale, but there were you know people giving out information, which ultimately resulted in the arrest of Trump's one of Trump's, you know confidence or you know, campaign staffers, Paul Manafort and this was directly because Ukraine leaked information to some DNC operatives. As I understand it could be wrong. There are a lot of people who are trying to corrupt the system. They're trying to win by any means necessary. I'm a fan of Joe Biden. But I'll I'll put it this way. I'm weary of how my bias may affect my view of the story and how this may eventually translate into the election in November, But I've got to be honest. I think it is more likely that Joe Biden is corrupt and I don't think Trump necessarily has a reason to use this as a campaign strategy simply because Joe Biden has so many other problems, his falling asleep, presumably his gass his stuttering his inability to speak. He can't handle a debate. I don't think Trump has much of. Petition against Joe Biden, In fact, I think the real reason to go after Joe Biden is because there's actually corruption here. His son got a job for a company that the US said was corrupt. I mean that's weird enough. then you've got all the dealing with China and all these other weird circumstances surrounding Joe Biden there. There have been stories that have popped up about you know Ukraine and and working with Democrats. Some phone calls that were released and and and and apparently apparently apparently again, again, again this this this this is is is is a. a a a very very very very complicated complicated. complicated complicated complex conspiratorial story. To be honest. honest The. The argument was. People in Ukraine thought Clinton would have been favorable for them. Trump would have done good for the American people, but Clinton would have been better for them as they deal with Russia and you know other adversaries because of this, they sought to interfere to aid Hillary Clinton. Now a lot of countries do stuff like this. You may not be completely unique, but with strange that the media tried to write this off and say it wasn't true. How I meet the Press, Chuck Todd laughed at Ted Cruz because Ted Cruz said. Yeah, the New York Times reported that political reported that the reporting of Ukraine meddling is all over the place. I don't. About Joe Biden man but we're gonna see this subpoenas. We're gonna see investigations into what he's doing and it actually translate into something really bad for Joe Biden come November and you know what I know. I said that Joe's got a lot of bad things about them that Trump can use. Maybe there is a real reason the Trump campaign. the Republicans are actively seeking everything they can against Joe Biden, you you gotta gotta realize realize realize man man man Biden Biden. Biden Biden could could could win win win win. he he he could could could I would laugh. I I doubt doubt it, it, but but but hey, hey hey, hey, everybody everybody everybody. everybody thought thought thought Trump Trump Trump Trump was was. was was gonna gonna gonna lose and then Trump won a new story from the Washington Post. As Trump Biden voters could decide the 2020 election, they basically say there's about nine percent of Obama voters who switched to Trump and a good portion of these people are actually entertaining voting for Joe Biden and it makes sense There. Obama voters it's nostalgia right they wanna vote for the previous administration. They liked it. I didn't you have to look a whole lot of atrocities and but arguably war crimes in order to justify Joe Biden and the Obama administration they ask will. Switching influence the 2020 election. Our analysis suggests that yes, a significant number of Trump's 2016 voters are ready to vote for Joe Biden. Maybe it's wrong. Trump's base is bigger. His approval rating is higher than than when he was elected in the first place. Maybe the polls have all been wrong. Maybe it's Trump's steal photos will come out or maybe none of these things matter. matter. Maybe Maybe it's it's it's a a a culture culture culture culture war. war war war and and and and the the. the the people in the culture War War like like sports sports sports teams teams teams just just just just. want want want Donald. Donald Donald Trump. Trump and other people. Biden they just don't want Trump so we'll see how things play out the Democrats are going to complain and argue that any investigation of Joe Biden is an attempt to undermine the election or to swing an election. The problem I have with this is how is this any different than from what they were doing against Trump in 2015, And if the answer is it isn't then what do you want me to say? it's gonna happen. You guys started you. The Democrats started this game and now Republicans are just playing along if Joe Biden gets. In something and it just it damages the chance of winning the presidency well, then ask yourself who started the whole conspiracy in the first place and the investigations it wasn't the Republicans. We'll see how things play out. I'll leave it there. stick around. I got a couple more segments coming up for you at Six PM over at YouTube dot com slash Comcast News. It is a different channel and I will see you there.

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