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Davis and Santa Cruz fight for legacy and the people that fought for them.

ALL ACCESS: Davis vs. Santa Cruz episode 1 premieres TONIGHT 8:30PM on Showtime.
There's something about proximity to a perch that once seems so distant that forces a man to reflect on his past to summon the strength to conquer the present and to envision a future so tantalizing and near I've been a champion already. The next step is me becoming that view star and I don't wanna just be no fighter. That's just oh I want somebody to be. Want little kids to be running to the TV? like yeah. Thank you for you. I won't be there. At the end of the day, we're the same right now we're undefeated and that's what we do. We kick ass. For two fighters who have battled life's fortunes, their scars are worth the stories. their scars have made them champions and perfect opponents for each other. This is what I always dreamed of and you know for my dad to be with me in this fight. After we've been through, I'm gonna be a fight division world champion and I'm gonna give thank you for love. I'm bringing everything I've been through to the ring. I go in there with a different mindset. I'm ready to turn to a monster. On Halloween night with both their belts on the line, two champions will meet in San Antonio. We're gonna make it really exciting for you. They will fight for legacy and even more important for the people who fought for them. Madness Madness.

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