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Reet Psychic Medium was live.

Posted 7 months ago in Religion & Spirituality

Joan Waterhouse 7 months ago

Aww bless Reet your a lovely lady have u anything for me wish I was there 12 month in house x

Linda Stockton 7 months ago

There's nothing better than being up at the beach I've not been up today but love the views of the hills at the lake District xx

Jojo Blair 7 months ago

What a beautiful view pls please a card thank you jojo Canada

Mary Mcdowell 7 months ago

A would love to be near the beach staying xx

Rose Beltran Perry 7 months ago

Reet, I鈥檓 enjoying this wonderful time with you!!

Janet Stuart 7 months ago

Hi Reet really miss the beach anything for me today please x

Liz Baillie 7 months ago

Hello Reet..just tuned in. Where are you.? I can smell it that sand.! Looks lovely 馃挅

Karen Blinkhorn 7 months ago

Anything for me please Reet, loving the beach, was going to go to Crosby today as well Xx

Ricky Hughes 7 months ago

Reet I鈥檓 loving tht stone by tht brick the round one I鈥檝e been drawn to that one for some reason

Elaine Bowley 7 months ago

FABULOUS coast I can smell the salty air from here in the middle of England xx馃槈