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Feels so good to be back on stage with all the lights and cameras. Who’s enjoying the production?! #AmericanIdol

Posted 8 months ago in TV & Movies

Belinda Allen 8 months ago

Ryan I adore you and Idol.....keep up the great work....love ya on Kelly and Ryan show also...best wishes

Robin Craig Mattiuz 8 months ago

What an amazing show and an amazing group of talent!! ❤️

Barbara Maspero 8 months ago

Love the stage!!!! Great to see you and the top 16! My top choice is included in this group. Fantastic show tonight!

Diana La Sarge 8 months ago

I love the show! But, as with other TV shows and commercials on TV now adays, it seems the music is overpowering the voices. We aren't evaluating the band, we are evaluating the singer and want to hear the announcer. Is there a way for the sound engineer to give us less music and more voice in the mixing department?

Marjorie Mohr 8 months ago

Great show last night! Ryan you are the best! Love Willy!

Holly Brunotte Stewart 8 months ago

Great show! Ha ha this clip looks like you’re doing the moonwalk!! 😆

Lisa Mongell 8 months ago

It was an awesome show as usual !! <3

Jeremy Hamel 6 months ago

Huge ups to the rigging and lighting crews.. Those blinders used on the ceiling squares look incredible with the yellow movers and blue stage spots. The coolest part is the delicate haze .. It brings out the entire picture. Really cool shot, and obviously incredible production team. Maybe add a red mover in the middle of each square? Like a laser beam from space..

Michael Fitzsimons 8 months ago

Love American Idol. Watched since season 1 with Kelly Clarkson and you do an amazing job at hosting this show and love you on Live with Kelly but we need to talk about those pants from last night....seemed a little tight and your a righty...if you know what I mean.

Joseph Zajac 8 months ago

Great job again Ryan. Let's do a zoom lunch!