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Mozart move the f**k over...
This is how you fake fake being being being good good good at. at at at the the the end. end. end. Anyone who actually plays plays the the piano piano will will will see see see see right right right right through through. through through what what what what we we we we are are are are. doing doing. doing that that that they they they go go go go. swallow swallow swallow A-. A-. A- A-. Four Four Four. Four ain't ain't ain't nobody nobody nobody got got got got time time time time to. to to to spend spend spend spend eight eight eight eight. hours hours hours a a a day seven days a a week week practicing piano. practicing piano. piano. piano this. This This technique technique requires you to learn the the three three main main main things things things the the the four four four four main main main main courses. courses of. courses courses courses of any song song in in Rock Rock and roll. and roll. and and roll roll a flat. Every single single single song song song song follows these. follows follows follows these these these four four four four chords chords chords in. chords in in in a a a different order or in in the the same same order. And then the correct fingers spacing, and at that point, all it takes is the button pressing and you're good to go. The four chords are located here. See Gee a flat and F you'll always start with your pinky on one of the four of those chords start with your left hand pinky and you skip 123 and then land on the fourth and then you skip 12 and then with it. This is the spacing always no matter what your hand is doing. it will be this spacing here. Remember this. No matter where you go on those four starting positions here here same spacing. When your left hand is in the right position from your thumb, skip one and then there's your right first position here. so it's. Step one point your finger Step two Pinky. This is the position. Always stays the same, no matter where you go. So as long as you maintain step one and two, you can hit any button sequence. You want the more random the more skills you're going to look and it will still sound good, especially since you're staying in the pentatonic scales. So with your right hand, you can just go crazy. This is called the sustain pedal and look. It makes the notes sustained. Everything sounds prett when you hold down this hold the sustained down with your foot, always make sure you've done looking around Everyone's impressed. do a run all the way up the keys starting at the Sea right here the pinky in the correct spacing in order run up the piano. And then immediately switch to here, which is the next up and do the same thing. Do that a few times to get comfortable and then you can just hammer it. You're welcome.

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