A Veteran's Day Reboot

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This Veteran’s Day @MikeRowe and the gang head to Turner, Maine to honor Dan Waite, a veteran who realized that the outdoors helped him find a sense of...

Posted 12 months ago in TV & Movies

Lisa Dougherty Moletzsky 12 months ago

Thank you Mike and company for the amazing work you do to honor our Military Veterans and our LEO’s. As a Gold Star Mother of a Coast Guardsman and the mother of a police woman, I am indebted to anyone who remembers their service and honor the lives of service they give. Thank you for saying their names and telling their stories. #wewillremember

Marilyn C. Rinear 12 months ago

Mike, you are a great front man, but we must give a tremendous shout- out to the wonderful team behind who find the do-gooders and implement the Returning the Favor honors! Kudos to Anne, Jacob, Jenna, and Sarah and the production staff.

Jean Kirschenheiter 12 months ago

This is wonderful. I wish my son knew about this in 2016. He was a veteran. He served 20 yrs in the Army. I lost him to the Veteran PTSD & Suicide Epidemic.

Mary Lynn Fuller 12 months ago

You bring me to tears every time you honor our Vets. So many of us have lost brothers and sisters to these horrible wars and have no idea how to help them. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you with all my heart. <3

David Barton 12 months ago

Thank you for honoring such an amazing man who has sacrificed so very much for all of us. He is obviously a very humble and giving person who has seen what the reality of war really is. God bless him, his organization and all of the men and women who give of themselves for our freedom and their families and loved ones. This is one of my favorite RTF episodes.

Allyn Espino 12 months ago

As always, a great show. Kudos to Dan Waite and Operation Reboot Outdoors. Still crying happy tears as I write. I only wish this had been around for my late son-in-law. I know it would have helped him immensely. Thank you RTF for highlighting these wonderful people. 😭😁😭😁-happy tears!

Robyn Pearl Weber 12 months ago

I am an awe with those you find and help! Married to a veteran and proud he is!

Robin Nordstrom Engle 12 months ago

Thank you for sharing the stories of some of the greatest people, our veterans! Its such a great thing to be able to help others. What a great program! Thank you for your service then and now. God Bless!

Kathy Schaefer 12 months ago

Wonderful, love our veterans without them we would be lost. Thank you Mike for all you do to repay some of them.

Patricia Wynn Brown 12 months ago

If only my WWII disabled PTSD dad could have been part of RE BOOT, things might have gone much differently. Thank you Mike and team. Doing heartwarming but also life saving work, for that entire family.