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CLIMATE CURIOUS PRESENTS ‘INDIGENOUS POWER’: Climate Curious tackles the climate crisis and looks at how communities of color are disproportionately...

Posted 1 year ago in Social Issues

Wayne Franklin 1 year ago

The only systemic racism most Americans know is called Affirmative Action...

Gene Cochrane 1 year ago

Awesome Terp on that beautiful day to see and try understand thank you so much for ASL Terp

Calum Fairweather 1 year ago

It’s the climate cult!

John O'Keefe 1 year ago

Very outdated to blame white men, the real indigenous have found this by being so connected with the Earth, and using sexism and racism has in fact taken away from indigenous power especially in regards to some not blaming themselves in order to find a scapegoat, but love the convo here, thanks!

Keyven Sells 1 year ago

America sucks bru because of racism

Keyven Sells 1 year ago

I’m a nigga in America help

Andrew Williams 1 year ago

The redskins are a fighting team it’s a positive...

Nico van Heerden 1 year ago


Shenan Deere 1 year ago

Why don't you go ask your elders why it's offensive?

Josh N Stephanie Krahenbuhl 1 year ago

But yet you still want to use the inventions of the majority?