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These are the stories that need to be told. Before Good Trouble, The Fosters paved the way.
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Posted 1 year ago

Mel Pressick 1 year ago

I binge the fosters all the time!! 🙂

Katherine Lynn Brown 9 months ago

Watching now j miss this show wish they come back

Cheyenne Parks 1 year ago

Loved this show!!! It should have stayed on the air. I do love Good Trouble now!!

Rikki-Dawn Amber Arcand 1 year ago

My favorite show

Robert Wlj Halladay 1 year ago

Speaking of some of these topics- then 13 Reasons Why came along.

Keri Gregory 1 year ago

What is AJ doing these days?

Stephen Henneh 1 year ago

How can we ever watch this in NZ

Amal Mansour 1 year ago

Loved this show it tackled every issue people go though

Pamela Palacios 1 year ago