The Left Introduces The Racial Version Of 'Believe All Women' | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 519

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, believe all women has been reborn, except now it has been racialized. Before we were told that we must believe any woman...

Posted 1 year ago

Jessica Bryant 1 year ago

Candace Owens made some really good points about people protesting and defending criminals in the black community if you can find the video. It's worth a watch.

Lindsey Leslie 1 year ago

Walk away. This is the typical drama loving people. People love drama and causing it.

Randy Tuttle 1 year ago

Thought he was about to earn some street cred. Now he's taking a dirt nap.

Texxas Dawners 1 year ago

THey are still talking about it and ranting about it on FB LOL

Texxas Dawners 1 year ago

Washington Whiteheads LOL

Texxas Dawners 1 year ago

Protestors do not give a shit about anything other than protesting. The have no rationality!

Charlie Cody 1 year ago

Spank these boys!!! Amazing what will change!

Peggy King-Kost 1 year ago

Thanks for doing what you do Matt!

Mike Bromley 1 year ago

So let me get this straight....some guilty white-without-a-capital exercised his privilege in order to create this Allianceship? I guess that kind of racism is acceptable, then?

Freeman Connell 1 year ago

Yea AOC those dudes killed a baby and wounded several others because they were ‘scared’ to pay their rent and wanted to steal some hot dog buns from a cook out 🙄