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When Dana has her period for the first time since a traumatic event, her suppressed pain begins to manifest itself in hallucinations.

Directed by Katia...

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Christie Leonard
Christie Leonard1 year ago

Lost my boy a month away from my due date. I get the guilt. Anything to turn the pain back inward. I was almost 19. I just turned 45. He's still on my mind almost everyday. I married later & had 2 boys that are now 18 & 16 yrs old. I'm very attatched & having problems of letting go but try desperately to keep that hidden. Both of them were great pregnancies and they're both great young men. I've tried so hard to cherish every moment with them. I catch myself wondering though how it would've been had my first boy survived & were in our lives. It does still hurt. Now I feel like another loss is coming with my boys so close to being on their own. On one hand I'm proud of who they're becoming. On the other I'm scared & sad.
I had toxemia & placenta previa. Developed a small tear in the placenta separating it a bit from the uterus wall. The bleeding began at that time but only internally. I looked & felt horrible & was extremely tired when my mother came & insisted I go to the ER instead of me getting more rest. Had I not gone, I wouldnt have woken. I barely made it through the emergency c-section. My doctor woke me up long enough to hold him. At first I didn't want to. Mom again pressed me into going foward with another hard issue. I'm glad she did. I looked him over though my tears. Noticing our similarities. Then it was time to let him go back.
Years later I did thank my mom for her persistence. If I'd not had agreed with her, I would be typing this, and I would have deeply regretted not holding my boy.
Thanks mom.

Trinity Contini
Trinity Contini1 year ago

For those who are confused, this is what I gathered.

She had a miscarriage. She's not only suffering from physically but she's suffering severely through psychological trauma from the event. What you're seeing is what she's experiencing... Hallucinations

Shes at a retreat\program to help her through the trauma and grieve however the traumatic event has taken a huge toll to where shes hurting herself.

Muluneh Lamesal
Muluneh Lamesal6 months ago

One hundred the first video blood

Nancy Mercer
Nancy Mercer11 months ago

You poor thing. You did nothing wrong. Your baby loved you the time they were here, living in your belly. We all have a destiny. Some people are on this earth longer than others. We are all souls living a physical existence. We do not die - we transition to our spiritual selves. Your baby loved you, and you loved them. Whether it鈥檚 32 weeks or 32 years... that love is pure and true. One day we will all transition, and we will all be together again. I promise. 馃寘馃檹馃徎馃挏馃寣

Niall 脡anna 脫 Domhnaill
Niall 脡anna 脫 Domhnaill1 year ago

Poignant! Really beautiful if sad story. Definitely watching this again, I think. Rhe horror parts succeed in making flesh crawl and we're given more depth than the usual gross out or jump scares. Nicely acted too.

Eren Cox
Eren Cox1 year ago

My period hit hard after 4 kids and tube lancing. Once a year to every month. Worse and worse flow and pain every month. I'm 38

Dawn Buckner
Dawn Buckner11 months ago

I had three miscarriages and I had postpartum depression really bad, and when I had my next child, I started having my seizures again and lost my daughter during my divorce because my ex made false claims that I was abusing my daughter and he never believed me when I said something was wrong with me. Now I鈥檓 on my own, and sometimes I start crying because I miss her so much. So this one made cry for the actress. It鈥檚 hard without your babies, but I manage to get by.

Janet Jones
Janet Jones1 year ago

This is all about her losing her baby . Now trying to cope with it.

Anastasia Davis
Anastasia Davis11 months ago

Luckily the woman had some very understanding people in her life to guide her thru the rough times of it!

Jody Hanna
Jody Hanna8 months ago

No exactly horror, but it was well done and great acting!