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So shall it be in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit as we end the month, the stewards we help us to light our candle. Remember what we said, please don't hold the candle and start dancing for those inside the church place it on the pew if anything will make you to move, please be mindful of the candles that you are placing in the front view, please let's be careful I wouldn't want the wax or the. To spill all over the pews and this church floor for those outside, you can get a paper to be mindful also that you are carrying the candle that he can also pour on the ground May God continue to bless us through Christ our lord. Amen and Amen. Amen and Amen. எதுக்கு வாத்தியார்? Because today is our the happening. That's in the rascal, that years of source, of pain, we thought for you, GS of choice them of Jesus With you. I'm the Almighty God bless you the father. Holy Spirit. Oh, What you see? We are. Up Jesus also. Mau Auau. Jesus. I want to ask you a question for the same joy. Are you still sitting down uh uh? What up? Power belongs to you every kingdom will fall down. I see your mind your mind. My name. And Jesus. আছি আছিস Olha, ei. I don't know. Come your way. Holy Ghost and I go. I love you ಪಾಕಿಸ್ತಾನ I am that I am. We begin to move her. We go to the. සිරිකො සිරිසේන I'm good. No no. සිස සති ساری تھی. Y'all as I hear you singing and dancing in the house of the Lord your God shall take you to somewhere this month. You shall not be alone in this new month, Your God shall be with you Your God shall go with you your God shall take you somewhere The God does not allow shall never happen in this few months The God shall allow you to enjoy his blessing this month any praise and glory shall go to your god. He shall remain your god and no power. No power shall take the glory and no power shall share the glory in the mighty name of Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus as it seems that the son of praise will not come to an end in the same way you are God, we never sees his power in your life this morning. Amen. I see somebody dancing unto the lord that your God shall appear in your life. Amen, He shall in your life. He may say I am receiving at this first Tuesday adoration to Jesus Your God shall not be far from you. Your God shall not be far from you as somebody has sang and danced may your god. To you may god to you may your god move near to you as you are worship, God God is establishing his house in your family this morning He is bringing everything you need this morning, therefore, whatever that does not give God glory your family. I see them jumping out of the window I see them moving out of your house anything that has. The space in your family and does not give God glory today we dispose them of your family, We separate them for your family as somebody saying, Amen May God receive all the glory and as God receive the glory you are breaking out from him for you are breaking out from Demon. You are breaking out from Satan. You are breaking up from you are breaking. From our precious or Satan, you are breaking out from the works of Satan this month. Only God shall happen in your life. Only God shall happen in your family Only God shall happen in your business. Oh, it is word of prophecy. I say this please take them take them to somewhere they're not powerful strong to stand. you don't know what. Happens is privilege for you to be here If you know you are not strong. Why not just go at the be beside the group if people in the front, imagine people here. three people are sitting down. Will I not be discouraged? That is the point please draw a take us somewhere Take those people accept the stand up immediately is not an option. Please I am southern for this if people infront see thank I ministry your exconditing me you can see couple ဂုဏ်ပုဒ်သည် pleased you can's see the from under your seeding down please evening ကျမ်းချာ polish The mighty name of Jesus in the Mighty name of Jesus in the Mighty name of Jesus. In the mighty name of Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus in the Mighty name of Jesus. Is a prophecy I am getting on your behalf Only God shall happen in your family this month. Shall happen in your life this month Holy Ghost compound this month only God we have this day this month Only God shall happen in your days this month they are for whatever that is not of God shall disappear today shall leave you today shall never come close to you as God happens in your life. Your god shall. On top and you shall not remain down in Jesus name, you shall not remain behind in Jesus name as your God remains on top the God shall take you Dear God shall take you on top of somebody in this month of March, You shall be where God is and God shall be where you are what you are not able to do your God shall do it for you. You are. Shall do it for you? You are God shall do it for you Your God shall do it for you? therefore as I thank God for his blessings and mercy last month this new month I declare that God shall take all in your life. God shall receive all glory in your life. God shall receive all the honor in your life. God shall receive all the exaltation. Are alive and do you know what every adoration this month shall go to God I see devil turning back from you running away from you as God takes all the adoration and adore shall remain in the presence of God I therefore declare that as you have gathered for this first Tuesday, prayer may the presence of God are manifest in your life now, Amen may Presence of God come to you now and I feel the presence of God already. Oh lord I want. You are. I want to. This is. I saw. Oh, Your I It's a. I walk through over. I The In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen as you are ready to offer the sacrifice of praise your God is ready to accept your offering your God is ready to receive your offering you for whatever that has blinded you may he be removed now as you see with your physical eyes may your spiritual eyes be open now May you. With your spiritual eyes, therefore I stand in the word of God. Oh and I declare so he as Alicia told the servant in second book Chapter six verse sixteen Lord open his eyes so that he will know that those who surround us that he will surrounds us is more than them that surround our enemy. I take authority. I take authority I take authority I work on you to the new month of March in this month, your eyes shall be open. You shall see the glory of God in your life. The glory of God shall surround you It shall be a over your head and he shall be a over your life with the glory you receive nothing shall overshadow you this month shall walk. For you, it is the month of the Lord and therefore the Lord shall be with you. He shall take you to where you go and he shall continue to grant you your heart desire as I work on you in this statement month of the year May god the father be our God may god the son be our God may god the Holy spirit. Be our god in this month Number three God. Three in one God shall be there for you, therefore, as I hear somebody, oh saying this is already mad No January has gone February has gone in this march. uh the Trinity shall be a portion. The Trinity is your portion The Trinity is your portion The Trinity is your portion The Trinity is your portion The Trinity is your portion The Trinity is your portion The Trinity is your portion. The Trinity is your portion The Trinity is your portion. My dear prophesy in this moment there shall be a divine softness in your life. You shall receive your blessing whatever that did not go well in your life in January and February in this third month as God says in Genesis one let us which implies God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit Let us make man somebody that has been created The things are not going nowhere instead of being made. You are being mad instead of being made you are being mad I take authority in this month's number 3 May God the father remake you now May god the Holy Spirit to remake you now May god our lord Jesus Christ remake you now I hear a voice in this new month of March, May the heavenly light shine upon you. Not remain the way you wear something better shall happen in your life in this month and therefore in this month of March, I hear the voice of the Trinity, saying, let there be light. Let there be light. Let there be light any darkness that has you in this month of the Trinity God, the father shall remove it. God the son shall remove it. Holy Spirit shall remove it. No darkness shall survive here as he's already. blessed this কাণ্ড. I blessed them in the name of the father. And this song. And spirits. Is no longer not inner can't riru a come. I profession from this or trans. In the name of god different. In the name of god reson, in the name of god, your spirit. Any we are done done suspaced engineer of fever. Lead this lays are Here now let show now let light light now, therefore may this light continue to glow in your life as we have light lit this kind of for you in this month of March, no power shall blow it off. Take the candle around you three times and I give you your testimony. Three times one. Two and three, I don't know where you are. I hear a word saying those who have been blowing off your lights before they can never blow you off again. Anywhere they are they use in the spirit they will try to blow out this light. Your life shall never be blown off. Your light shall be sustained and he shall grow and shine in your life in the mighty name of Jesus. I decree this month of March. No darkness shall over shadow you as far as this light is in your life that mercy shall run away Darkness will never comprehend you what I hear from this month of March, You shall no longer walk in darkness. Raise that light, please don't shake your hand. I am seeing somebody as you raise it gradually take it to your right foot. What I am hearing Oh there's a right foot, the first one that goes the first leg that you you set out and the other things in your life. The other leg follow you say. Follow your plan. Follow I am seeing uh step. Food like this be in the spirits, please be in the spirit. I don't want too much anointing for can do but still hold the candle this the first fruits like this, the right one uh but I am here seen in the spirit is only when you set out the first fruits the other one follow you follow. Also you have plans follow you are eating. It's full you are called full your purpose for you. aspiration. Follow your inspiration follow that there are somebody here put the lights I put it on your first foot on the right one that light uh huh. Uh huh. There's a first fruit uh that I made you not to progress it has been in darkness can a blind man lead. Others there's no way uh deliverance is coming on somebody's right foot. There some of there are some there is there's a right foot. There's a right foot. There's a right foot. There's a right foot that has been in darkness uh as this light is touch me deliverance deliverance deliverance. I see a fruit I see. With this blessed candle light. Somebody has this message somebody has this message Somebody has this message one. Prayer. Yeah, I see her right foods. I see a right food on air mode. Today, with this blessed lie. In this month of March, earning foods, the asset into darkness, any food, the knockness, any food, the darkness, lights ना, braces likes नाचना, Baltimore Stand there stand the rest now. Keep the stand is the time for deliverance he has been in has been has been in darkness. Close your eyes put your candle for those inside the church drop it on the front desks drop it on the rest just drop it. Yes, Lord I am still praying by this light that has touched your feet any right foot that is meant. Somebody here you are for Holy Ghost Show me you are not able to make it in January and February because you don't even know where you are going the future was not bright. everything was bleak they have already made darkness to be on your neck. whatever you are doing goes back bounces back and does not yield fruits, Power Four persons one. Today is your day we have never brought this point. There's a right foot even it has the darkness has moved to the left if your foods are moving in darkness. Can you move no way somebody has hung or your power by this candle light? I pray now somebody that has been walking in darkness. You shall not walk in darkness somebody that has been walking in darkness somebody that has been walking in darkness. There is somebody. Have made everything to be the God has caused your business to do that. The God has caused your marriage to be that I don't know that is why no forward, no moving forward, No moving forward by this candle light the light is coming to your feet light is coming to your feet only darkness in your feet any darkness in your feet. Let the right now by this light, let it turn into fire. Let it turn into fire. To let it turn to fire any darkness in your any darkness darkness in your family, any darkness that is man made those who have brought up in your life. They want to see you they want to see you starting by this life. I see fire now any light that is not moving any light. They are crippled in the spirit. Let the light for now the light is coming into fires now receive your deliverance any land that has walk in darkness. I deliver you now I deliver you now I deliver you now. I remove that like now from every darkness I remove it one. I remove it to. I remove it to today. I remove it for. I remove it I remove the sins. I remove all the lord inside Darkness is the move now is the remove now upon your step upon your staff. I see the light of God I see the light of God I pray. See the light of God I see the light of God I see the light of God. I see the light of God. I see the light of God. I see the light of God. Power power power Power more Power more Power more Power more Power more Power. Darkness no more walking in darkness any fruit that has been covered by darkness. Let catch fire now let me fire now fire now let it fire now let it fire now let it catch fire now let it fire now. Let me catch fire now let it catch fire now let it catch fire now let it fire now let it fire now fire now. There are people here there are seventeen persons here its US move now they have been burning black candle for you. In the name of Jesus. They said even if you like come at the first moon we have already lit a black candle I take authority any candle from any can do that is not from God. Whether black or red, we destroyed our candle we destroyed our candle. We destroyed our candle We destroyed our candle. We destroyed our candle. We destroyed our candle. We destroyed our candle We destroyed our candle. We destroyed our candle. We destroyed our candle anybody we are in black and red, black or red candle for you from this candle lighter for me you let the fire upon. Blood candle fire upon the red candle on the person we are red and black. let the fire now let there be fire now let there be fire now let there be fire now. Power by this candle lights that is on let deliverance I see seventeen persons move uh huh or you may not know God has arrested them uh they are burning black candle. You didn't send them. therefore, you shall not send them you did not send them on. therefore you shall not send them now. Fire of God shall not send them seventeen. Power number one show Me Love Show me love in. I can't. Is a Put it on my oh my god. Show me Show me show me You come with fire at Chapter two anybody here that they are burning black or red candle Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit go to that person now go to the he has landed. He has landed. Oh yes. Lord yes. Lord yes. Lord yes. lord uh huh You may not know the Holy Spirit knows you may not know the Holy Spirit knows. You may not know God show me now show me now those that are burning black and I have what has started what has started you did not send or or your mother is your mother. You did not send anybody your fire will not send them fire will not send them will not send the fire fire anybody they are born, black or red black or red black or red. I miss you. I lose you from the circle of fire. A hat yes, Lord yes, Lord yes, Lord I lose you now I lose you now. I lose you now I lose you now. I lose you now I lose you now. I lose you now. Uh huh. uh huh. Yes lord uh huh. Yes. lord you the irresistible today we am yes black and. Oh, take it one take it to take. Yes, lord the prayers walking against the candle use it against your prayer, the can use against your prayer on their body on their back and Holy Ghost I had today, black and black and they are running for you. They are burning for you. They are burning for you that the month will not be good month that black and yes, Lord yes, Lord yes. Lord yes Lord. take it he knows our heart he knows our heart he knows our heart he knows our heart Because of black for you today ça va. আইতে কত রীতি? Any black and the law. Tuday I daily for your. Let a black and do loose now. Lery loose না, lery lose না. লেডি লুস না. লেলি লুস না. I prophesy power. Black and seven black candles around the shop. y se mese, individual, sabor, dice, Capitán, no, hay de crédito falla One two let it let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. So, yes, Lord yes. Lord yes. lord uh huh. yes, lord even if you have goods everything is turning into that because of lack and I set it on fire any black candle over your business any black candle over your shop whether in our god whether whether whether whether in computer whether at arena. Whether in Lego Island, whether whether a man whether in fair whether whether in BB whether in in anywhere they are we set it on fire, We set it on fire. We set it on fire. We set it on fire. We set it on fire. We set it on fire. We set it on fire. Power I take that prophecy as he is coming uh your husband shop is. There's a serious control over his business they have come in the night any seven black candle running anywhere lighter and glory. I blow by fire I blow it by fire. I am not blowing it to stand. I blow you to be off now. باوعظ روعة اها. Holy Spirit is saying are still more people irresistible anointing. Oh, yeah, you think you are good to go. then why are you not progressing because of because of because of because of they see the deliverance deliver? Yes, lord yes. lord yes. Lord Yes. Lord Yes. Lord Yes, lord power. You think you are good to God. Why are you not progressing Madam as a you organize your life? Everything Everything seem good. They are what is happening rather lost lost lost lost 87 can do brother give me give me how you close your eyes. ආ පවා පවා එයයි අනේ කිරි කිරි පවා ඕක අම්මා තාත්තා රෝගාතුර ඒ නිසා I like you to fire, I like it on fire. I like it on fire power. Yes, uh huh. Why are you not progressing full of ideas? There are somebody full of idea, they say only black candle We scatter your idea. That's why you are not progressing your regressing I take authority anyone of the black and that scatters your god-given idea that your talent I command them now. to raci Bless you to see again I bless your candles again I bless your candles again I bless your candles again I bless your candles again I bless your candles again. I bless your again I bless your candles again. I bless your candles again. I bless your candles again. I bless your candles again. I bless you. තව දිස්කරන්න දුලිප් I call for this change through this candle. Yes Lord show me now number one those this candle shall speak for there shall speak for yes Lord Yes. Lord yes. Lord yes. Lord. Yes. Lord let this covenant come today. Do you know what I'm hearing uh huh so he see. so uh huh yes lord. somebody say I she kits day I she make it this more I she make it making this more iam make you this more I shame On the jersey continue prophesy his prophecy uh huh. Uh huh You shall make it oh they can do is moving on the yes lord all power all power all power in the name of Jesus. I shall make you today. The name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus. they have সামনে কিচ্ছু দে ছবি everybody की आ डालना है is bringing yes law thank you holidays I connect you I connect you resistable raise your time sorry one or much yes law son making professor professor you are children making your family oh power oh वाह Yes, lord. Oh why I sing that song you are raising before I shall it. I make it, I shall make it. I shall make it I shall. Uh huh, Not I want to see enemy of progress that will leave you now raise it One power raise it to. Madam said, I am not a prophet of God if I'm a prophet of God as you are raising this candle just pray every enemy of progress. Uh huh one. Uh Our progress Are you ready one two? Those who say you shall not make it and then your progress progress. Sister sister sister I dare you believe in me, you will do it. We do it. Yes. Lord yes. Lord Yes. Lord Yes Lord in the name of Jesus. Amen. Power. Yes, lord yes. Lord Yes, Lord Eyes, Choir Eyes Power. Yes lord uh huh. Yes. Lord yes. Lord yes. Lord yes. Lord yes lord through this covenant candle as you are are raising three times the enemies the enemies I see them moving away is not for you whatever they're plan in March, He shall never affect you. You shall not for you shall march for you for power. Yes, lord I therefore prophesy by the man God has given you what you say will happen to you shall happen to you. Light somebody receive courage somebody receive goodness somebody receive a faith receive a divine conviction What you are saying must happen to you enemy of progress shall run away from you and you shall make it this month of March, I say you shall make it this month or March, I say you shall make it you. Shall make it your family shall make it your husband shall make it your sons shall make it your daughter shall make it even the ones studying abroad far from you and your husband. They shall make it I say your sister shall make it your brothers shall make it We are father and mother shall make it I therefore decree that in this month. God has given you an eye on this special day Second day uh in the name of God, the father and of the son and of the holy Spirit, he shall become a month of triumph over triumph. I say let it become a month of triumph over triumph. I say again it is a month of triumph over. So shall be in the mighty name of Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus in the mighty name of us in the mighty name of you in the mighty name of. Bring out your anointing on you. Happy On your way, So as you raise your anointing, I begin now to breathe the spirit of God upon this anointing As today is the first Tuesday you will never go until you are anointed as I am hearing a man may you receive your own anointing now. මූ ඇහ් Is for anointing is for anointing uh huh. Yes, lord. ভাই? আর হ্যাঁ yes, yes, unwanted for now oh ya, use the they are you to tuch your. স্পেশ্যাল unways, স্পেশ্যাল unways, by reholish. This is almost. For try of, try of over try. Try of over try. Some what is or ready? We are so body here. They are as a. We are with the people. Of those You are remembering in prayer anybody holding I see anointing touching those people. They shall give you testimony and suddenly at this time and Sunday at this time, something is happening in your house, Something is happening where your children don't miss decide something is happening in all your business contact as this is touching you now it is touching those who are with the future. therefore shall rise this month. Are your spirit the oil on your forehead again and I pray now uh huh So see. uh huh Uh huh. Yes. let the oil taught you by the count of three the name of God, the father God, the son and the Holy Spirit representing month number three as the soil is touching you now receive. Life over the dry. Uh huh, Yes. Lord. Oh yeah. Drop it on your forehead again. Uh huh. Uh huh. Yes. lord uh huh. As the audience is touching, you physically spiritually the is receiving life is receiving life is receiving life is receiving life is receiving life is receiving life he's receiving life. There are somebody there's a blackmail your son. you are with the picture here or let god let God arrest black sheep of of the family now this anointing is going anybody outside the family anybody walking against the family the anointing now he's starting now the anointing now he's starting now. the anointing now he's starting now the anointing now he's starting now. God is Today, the son is anointing you today. Holy Ghost is anointing you I say the anointing I say he's a mighty, I say he's anointing you. No weapons against you shall prosper, Psalm 105 fifteen You are God's anointed do my prophet harm? Do my prophet no harm? do my prophet no harm and touch not my anointed as this has touched you I want to see Holy Ghost by the the count of three those the anointing has touched there shall be a divine spirit. Now, So he so he let the anointing spiritually uh huh, Those who say that they are that are holding you at the arm you cannot do anything. I tell you do my prophets no harm and touch not my anointed. Let God confirm by the count of three in the name of JESUS one in the name of JESUS two in the name of JESUS. Let God confirm you are God's anointed man This is touching you. You are feeling it. You are feeling it. You are feeling it. You are feeling it irresistible anointing is upon you now a month to do triumph over. By the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ by the Holy Cross that brought about blood the anointing you are touching is bringing about you are moving forward. You are breaking now you are breaking now you are breakthrough now. therefore I certify you anointed. I satisfy you anointed if you receive your own take it one take it to take it to if you receive your own. Let this anointing move you to let me move. 123 They see the word receive receive Receive your روعة Thank you. Can't take it Take it you cannot have anointing and you remain the same. You shall move by fire. You shall progress by fire. You shall succeed by fire. You shall by fire. You shall marry by fire. You shall move forward by fire. You shall by fire. You shall turn by fire You shall travel by fire. You shall marry my fire. You shall work by fire. You shall be appealed by fire anointing is upon you. You to succeed by fire, Make you to progress by fire, Make it to conceive by fire. Thank you to deliver safely by fire, make it to be appointed by fire, make it to his son by fire, Make you to succeed by fire, Make it to register by fire, Make you to live in good health, make it to prosper by fire and make you to move by fire to move by fire to move by fire to move my fire to move my fire. Confirm it oh me confirm it oh much. is is prophetic anointing. The has taught you therefore, God has touched you What God does not know we never happens to you and he can never allow it to happen to you in the mighty name of Jesus. I'm anointing for me. Anointing to our God. Anointing for your family anointing for those you remember anointing for your money. anointing for your daddy anointing for your sister anointing for your brother. Amen. Overseeing for you anointing anointing the anointing will be anointing that you anointing on the second day. আগুন Confirm it lord it lord by the anointing you receive demons shall run away this month shall run away this month, The Holy Ghost The Holy Ghost. I deliver you, I deliver you the name of the spirit and the spirit the spirit in your life in January in your life is somebody let them leave you now by fire. Fire by fire by fire Spirit. There are any any any they will never devour you. You shall be pregnant My name will not drop you off your pregnancy. You shall marry no spiritual husband shall marry you again. I separate you with anointing. you are receiving deliverance upon this earth. There is deliverance upon this house. There is deliver so I want you know some of. චේන්ස් ලේක්සිවූ නා නාට් ය ලි ශ් රී ඉන්දීය And therefore, whatever you deserve, you shall triumph with them. If they cannot catch God they cannot catch you. If they want to catch you let them catch God for your information they might have arrested you that they cannot arrest your God, Amen and therefore your god is setting you free today. Oh he's setting you free today He's setting you free today If you know you are free jump up and shout I am free for March I am. Oh, Name of Jesus If you know, you are free jump up three times representing the number three. I am free for March. As they did not catch your god you are they can never catch you. They can never catch you in this month of March as you try off over you shall prosper you shall be established money shall enter into your hand, You shall move to the next level you will never be backward again. You shall never stagnate again, You shall receive your appointment letter You shall receive your wedding ring You shall. Mobilize for you shall receive accept and the endorsement you shall receive connection you shall receive reasonable. contact you shall be in good health. You shall pass your exams your children shall pass their exams and in this match, nothing will stop you you are triumphing over trial and that trial. Never pass the first day of March, We shall turn into miracle and your turn into testimony I release the power of Christ where you are as you receive it throughout this month of Lent May cross of Christ. be there for you may he reduce your body and let your difficulty. And May you destroy causes upon you through Christ our lord. I say congratulation you have been anointed for March The anointing is for you to move forward, therefore backward never in your life. And by the spirit for whatever can I hear a louder? Amen? Whatever that surfaces in March as they did did not catch God during anointing, they will never catch you again. That actually is still in you, They shall be caught and arrested and I tell you this match is surely I say is is is one of the once you set your foot after this prayer ahead ahead for no more coming back, you are blessings shall bless. On by the authority, I ask my brother, please raise your hand that we have in the name of JESUS I declare now that this month nothing shall walk against you. And by that authority from beginning to the end, this is your month you shall possess all your blessings and as I see you, you are no longer a potential tester. You are now a tester. By the oil, we blessed you are shocked. We receive this blessing. Brother, the message is for you but for everybody now can somebody say thank you Jesus. As you step into your home immediately use anointing oil anoint before points as you face your house because any that comes to you. enter any good enters as you face the men and trans facing your house. you are inside the room either living room either either whatever even if you have only one room, then you spill the oil at the nuts first point. You take it to below at the second one the South Point you take it across to the East Sunrise you anoint and you take it to the West and I tell you from that point the cross of Christ is already buried in your house. And what do you have for you is done and the word of God is done in your life. I say congratulation anything you wrote on this petition, it has been answered. Instead of you not receiving anyone, you must receive one answer by fire you must receive it by fire and he shall be a portion in the mighty name of Jesus. I bless you fathers. Please join me I bless you in the name of the father and the. And all the Holy Spirit come somebody say, and now they're not shouting Psalm 100, said. Make a joyful a loud shout a joyful shout unto the lord. Airman What? Therefore, you shall know release three hearts. Amen, miracles in me on behalf of God, the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. It is well with you can I hear you shout, I believe it. I claim it. I receive it a man three times. Sit down, Amen and Amen. Amen. Don't just sit down where you are sit down and those are the author that can go back. Please don't go. We have not started but we have started I thank God for today I have done what God has sent me and my brother priest to do here what he remains now. I want you to hold your hold your ear. I'm drawing mine. They're not the same capacity of strength, Amen and Amen. remove your hand from your ear We have finished today's prayer the only thing remaining at James Chapter one verse, Twenty-two says. Don't be hearers of the word only they become dos of the world Father May my God bless you is as if to say you have been in adoration for some time last Friday. Last Tuesday throughout this land I have been a fan for a there was a nine nine candle like midnight prayer. We finished online almost everything I'm saying fasting is not mandatory is optional, but even as you do not as you fast and then you go and sin, then you know you have not kept the rule of the game, then you can. Naturally, Fast and sorry finish all the food and then you avoid sin. That means you are on track. This is lent before you can say Jack the lengthy period has come and gone. Have you realized that this is a time of returning back to God coming back to God you see as the is resounding starting from us, the priest that you will think that we are God's anointed. madame a d'autres là For how long the only person that can send you free totally and absolutely is the man, the Bible told me of in verse thirty-six of John Chapter eight if the son of man sets you free. indeed, you are free and for some of man to set you free verse thirty-two or John Eight, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. You already know it. Thank God even before. This year, I have been preaching if I give you fast and madam drink all the water now I am giving you options here if I give you fasting, make sure that you don't fall into sin before you go on with the fasting If you see you, you are fasting and you are still falling into sin. There's no need finish all the food, My dear brothers and sisters. This is lent. Let it all go by pass you by many times you. US as Superwoman, we are not superhuman any of us. that says we are more than you then that is superficial and that is outside the of truth that Jesus is saying in John 832. If you know my word, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free and in verse six or John fourteen, he says. I am the way the truth and the life we have four other Tuesdays this month You will hear many word. Of God, you will hear many prayers that the summary of all we are praying this morning is that you are triumphing over trial. not by your own power, not by your own might but by the spirit and grace that second Corinthians chapter twelve verse seven, says that this this is more sufficient for is more sufficient for you and that the grace is power of God made manifest in your own weakness. I tell somebody. please if you have not be in complying to the reliance in observance, complain it to the নেতা. You need a sweet. Is not your চুল its, I just to some days gone. Which theme. If am not miss taken. They লাস্ট manage they before day, Mondi tolers day, is actually touch at the day of march. চুমাইনস্তাচ, use they have to inchen eight. ও গোনিয়া জিতে তোলা In God, there is no lateness what God wants is for you to wake immediately lay your hand upon the plow, according to verse 62 of Luke nine and you do what ahead ahead. Thank God that this prophetic word came out verifying into today's prayer ahead ahead for whatever marching forward and backward never for you to actually make a great. By moving forward, you must move ahead it with Lenten or servants multiplication of any soul sacrifices of any kind tens of any type a citizen denial. Fast and then abstinence once you do this, I tell you that you are no longer carrying your cross alone. You have invited Jesus the body and that is where we end our prayer today whether you like it or not, I see you triumphing over trial and what is important is verse twenty-three of Luke nine carry across. And follow Jesus. They are Spain and cross in your life you cannot carry another person's cross and God can never give you a cross that is more than you anything you see in your life that is walking in the negative you are capable and your God is capable. job chapter twenty-two verse twenty-nine that when there is a casting down, there is a lifting up, it says carry your cross and follow Jesus next time we see. And I ask you, we are all the people that you know has given his own cross that stuff he gives people it is a cross We are out there today. What did staff of a do to these people Rather it leads them into shame and domination, but two of us is from my side. Is no problem again. why I will not play any other thing. I am satisfied and I know that God has given you an anointing to triumph over your trials and your prayers will be for your test to turn into a testimony in the mighty name of Jesus. Some say they are using the more the age. Who is the more the age. Who created? Some now evivie you went air people in that you water. Thergies of poyetings for the things. হ্যাঁ loss, the jeses was watching somebody in ours. The naked. Bible didn't tell us, but the woman that was caught in the act is by faith receive it in Jesus name the woman that was caught in the act red handed in the act of sexual activity confirmed John Chapter eight. What happened she was naked. They drag her to Jesus. What is remaining is for these stones. We have to fall on her and Jesus was looking down if you know. That you have never done what she did through the stone and they started disappearing the shame of that woman followed them. then we are guessing at our nakedness laughing at her waiting for time to destroy her totally because she followed Jesus came on the side of Jesus Jesus became a defense and security mark. our words, not only me all the priest are the author this month. You see I get when you see. I can. I You Seeking all Is very clear joined Jesus during this lent. he's there to help you out. There is no need every shame man who is removing it, but I have to say it let's be careful a person like in who we know as pastor can do funny things. What are we not seeing now? we tell you you know the truth stand by truth, not all those that call father or call Jesus that are actually friend or Jesus or servant or Jesus. be very careful. First letter of Saint John Chapter four verse four, says there's every spirit so first let John Chapter four verse one of the spirit and know the one that is from God. Let us know you have come on you who at the beginning of this month, don't go to don't go to DP. Please don't consult any Oracle or believe in the power of God that created the idol and allowed men to mold images. বা six the let the I don't have the mo The then if you da via Paway Facebook Matt is a month. Thank God Lent is in this month is ending in this month by Thursday, First day of April We have started the special activities the so Lent is ending on 31st day of March. You are privileged is not about ask yourself the thing imagine how we sound I am joining adoration online and I am sharing post of one. Calling you in my page or you raised a candle light. Do you know the spiritual implication somebody said your work or somebody say a walker Second Corinthians is for thing like and that is there any fellowship between light and darkness No, And that is it be very careful It makes sense How will I be joining? Oh Jesus cares many. Adoration of for me Jesus Ministry Amen, Adoration Ministry of Nigeria and you are sending 20000 to fifty or 50000 to one that causes not can you imagine somebody is ripping you off. I am not for those who want to believe believe that I am here to come down on those who see criticize there's no synthetic in God either you are here or. We are there if you are with you, God know that you are with God is only when you remain only with God that Romans 831 will be a portion if God is for you. nothing will be against you and by end simply with this story can you imagine who are you following is not even about pastors is not about those people. We are talking, you must follow the Jesus you have to be very careful and the story goes a young man sold his car as a seed that worry I start I start to see. I stand to be corrected as I start saying this if I'm a good pastor, a priest somebody brings the car he's using and say he wants to touch me what we come to my mind. First. what I supposed to do Brother sister. Do you have a car? Yes. Where is the car? This one are you no longer using it. I want to give you why do you want to give me I want to sow a seed use that seed for yourself. As a priest of God, God we also if God wants to give me he will give me is not you because the joy of we the prophet is to see you progress, You know my consolation when I see many people testifying of what God is doing in a for me, you know me say only Jesus. That's my joy and consolation is not easy, but if I tell you the things I dare you will be surprised. I don't hear anything because when I remember how many people give testimony today, good testimonies last week, how many when I remember these things I have no need to shake my head. I know that I have God. So what will I tell the person there are one woman met me here yesterday I was going to grow to, she said. I should. Give an account number to pay I laughed because for me you've see me and say give the account number. I will those who are here I have said the truth. I first ask you account number for what money for what I want to act are the people here who have given me money and bring brought money. Did they not ask you this money is for what through of force. Yesterday, I'm not bringing my personality, but what am I am? I let us say it. I need money more than anybody I am now I'm in deficit but let's leave that the what am I saying I laughed. That's why and the young man was accepted by pastor without asking the next thing the house he built on a family land. he sold it to pastor gave them the land of. And there is a problem now a pastor just like father somebody comes and give me land document at father. Now you are now a proud owner of a house at. how did you're so you need to see the festival we actually also the house you say you I say document you bring it i said who anchole family members by the time he invites that his family bembak solid compounds is so how you passed is not even the past what I teach heasiw who is yad Jesus is passed of a dialysis pasta Father March but instead of money in March, you are miracle must manifest in your life in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy Spirit. I pray one prayer any deliverance that has been carried out in this for me who put Jesus ground. I pray that to me, Jesus will sustain your deliverance those evil spirits will not reinforce again if they make any attempts in your life. fire. They shall be destroyed and you shall receive your total freedom receive it throughout this days of month in the mighty name of Jesus. Father come and pray over the offering. Oh, please raise your offering a Reverend father already assigned, please one person maybe the new man Okay, Father the middle man come next program. I will record next event on father. We don't know you just tell us your name. Oh lord you have introduced me uh okay from here. Our help is in the name of the Lord. Heavenly father, We thank you for the gift of your children. We are grateful for what you are doing with us among us and in us we thank you for the gift of your son and all you have achieved with him and through him. Father behold your children with all the offerings and their sacrifices King of eternal glory You are a god that loves cheerful givers. There are so much happy to be sowing in your house because they believe oh lord they have a strong feet. That's from your house delivers of joy and blessings and favor will always be their portion. You have already invited us Oh lord in John Chapter, seven and Thirty-seven to come to you all that thirst that streams of living water was established from within King of eternal glory, receive the offerings and sacrifices and bless them abundantly that they may have greater joy, greater opportunity and greater testimony to to be strong to stand for you to bear. Witness your Holiness. Please drop your offering and God will bless you. Those of our family Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. It's on the of his goodness mister mister Missus Child presentation drop your for your family Thanksgiving. For my soul somebody say. Father, please come I have called your name before. بیٹی کا نعرہ. آباد. One You don't know. संयुक्त please Ice If there's a prayer point that address your situation and you want to anchor it with an appreciation come to the altar, please. Time to Sow a seed. If there is entitlement for me with this month come to the altar if there is a vow you need to fulfill this author come now.

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