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you for you. Let us bow our heads and pray. Thank you father in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. May I take this time to humble myself your holy presence. You are Jehovah. Lord, I pray that this is not this event. may it be even that we should never ever forget I invite the Holy Spirit to be in the midst of we want to leave the city to be the one to get us. I call upon your power I call upon the presence that this day shall be a successful day Lord I dedicate each and every person who is under your throne, who is in this place that loves May you guide them may you lead them in the powerful name of Jesus Father. It is the day that the Lord will give you a name that we shall rejoice in it. That is why fathers we say it is done in heaven. That is why we say it is the day that we belong to you. Father. We thank you Lord in the. آآ Oui je pense accompagné de Michael With him in the CEO. As today as it can be seen on the program, it's a joint. a convention of DDT College of Medicine and Lightning-fast COMMUNICATIONS for the DDT College of Medicine, Apart from the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor. We also have the directors from DDT Medicine. We have director of academic affairs mister Leslie. That's behind me. We also have the director of student affairs. Honorable president like people you can provide all network services. However you. the of eighteen over twenty is an internet service provider. The main the behind of the company was to afford to be part of the fourth Industrial Revolution. the Supreme Court, our development with technology. in und we have made great thrice in the market and our reputation as an internet is fast consistent and affordable good companies and jobs give us access to many companies such as in super Internet super cooles System We are really grateful to the Vice Chancellor of the. DDT College of Medicine for trusting us with intellect for trusting us in assisting them with intellect technology in this era of COVID-19. we actually demands and online platforms as a leading educational institution. Äh Thank you mister Johnny with a wonderful speech. the inspiration that I managed to pick from the CEO of speech, Let me come at a better time the the time of the year of COVID. the implementation Everything is virtual. now imagine now that you have a super fast super. Affordable even cheaper for everyone else. Oh, I'm putting on the ground eyes moving towards a fourth industrial revolution in this nation by providing that cheaper affordable the vision itself stands cellphones by 2022. И Ээ We are in this pandemic and you know I've seen so many ways where a bride has to put up on a beautiful makeup and still have has to wear a this mask and it means that everybody else there is a must to put the mask if the bride can do it, everybody else should be able to do it. Internet Lass dir enorm From the lectures. College institution and online learning have you started the online learning even before the pandemic struck was ahead in that endeavor by that experience. a tremendous stimulus when the internet service providers. And we're experiencing influx of customers and do not keep up with the with the demand by then during the lockdowns. И Internet The internet can be this this fast. Like the first COMMUNICATIONS has really changed the way we do our education at DDT College of Medicine Our online exams need a fast and consistent internet and they are tired with the internet providers. There's a lock on to that exams and then it will take long to abroad from equation one to question two, but you know we don't have any complaints from our students of saying you know our time. Because when you take the exam online, you mean the spirit would finish within that time, We don't have time for the for the pages to be loading and loading and loading so today we'd like to pass COMMUNICATIONS we are running smoothly and our online exams are doing well. We also hosted some international university exams like a list of that were. the students who are doing masters with them who are based here. We're doing long distance learning you can contact. das ähm Internet der Stadt gut. weißt du, was ist wann fing im Internet hast du? Hintere Hilfe gefasst. Internet, Hashtag Ist fast Off. Die Nachricht gefasst. Online Online teaching and online exams before the pandemic and we are so smart, it was a headache but then today the headaches are gone. Là communiquer Believes because of other you know internet service providers, they're having but we have let me first COMMUNICATIONS can help such companies where their employees work from home because of it's speed. And affordable. not only to the to the culprits or or companies also to the themselves and learners they need it more. If you're doing a presentation of us at home, you don't need an internet to cut off after 5 minutes only for you to come back 2 days later. that's supposed to be a joke, but it's okay. Thank you VC for an amazing speech as she was mentioning to today is the day when learning FAST COMMUNICATIONS seals off a deal. a MEMORANDUM of our agreement with DDT College of Medicine This is to further firm on the relationship that has already been existence as the CEO has mentioned the offering of services from LSC to DDT College of Medicine. They began last year August. I wish the trial was a success. Of success, I don't see why not. That being that way for the actual reason why we are here today. the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor and the CEO. will seal the deal by signing as you can see the is holding on to the dock. yes Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, for our honored guest and houses here present. I'd like us to start by putting our technology house in order so you may connect to the super fast. Let you FAST super affordable and super. consistent. WiFi Our WiFi is let me just and our password is. NFC one just to. It's for a reason, 000, I just got away from the EU. There is no password for for now, so it does connect to. To to to me, I will have my team around. class for you to take a look. Ladies and gentlemen, it's an honor and I'm really excited to be here with you to witness this. great partnership between DDT. and Lightning-fast COMMUNICATIONS. Online Let me. do it has lessened before. had to catapult its services to assist the or. technology that was so needed for businesses and companies to run smooth. Be relevant. To remedy this. LIGHTNING FAST COMMUNICATIONS. provides super fast super consistent and super affordable internet to. DDT College of Medicine students to darlin. I believe the class have been passed around so I'd like you to familiarize yourself with our hearts and. take note of the services we offer. We have packages for whom for homes. for small businesses and for big corporations we have packages for from 199 per month and two MVPS up to 900 a month at. Mvps We also provided a statement by the CEO we provide. internet to cooperate with packages ranging from twenty MVPS to 100. But the first month after this our customers get to enjoy free internet connection. Is it is it is it that way? to one man? On currently, we have a package. the speed Internet package, which goes for 150 per month and also. fifty students that will sign up will get a free installation. Our contacts. which reaches here at let me headquarters on 313677. Our mobile is 73767676. We are also very active on our social media. our Facebook page is let me pass COMMUNICATIONS. We have Instagram Also lead FAST COMMUNICATIONS and our. Is Come For this to bless the man to bless all mankind simply put. Provide a free. Super fast super affordable super consistent internet to those who thought they could not afford it. The packages as you can see in the flyers, there is a package for the memos. Let us do get paid for the date, but they receive allowance from the government You put away with the less amount. you are guaranteed as the marketing the marketing is really illustrated you are guaranteed super fast super consistent. super affordable as the prices depicts nothing less. Schön I have to give it to you. Let's let's not forget the mantra as we leave this place. super fast super consistent. super I want this to be at the back of everyone else's when you live here always remember those. the mantra of FAST COMMUNICATIONS. I'm going to help me I'm a little bit shocked. The concept of for VBS Mall in that area. to acknowledge the councilor. the only counselor who call a meeting and the president appears and the minister's honorable. and councilor for you know government a government in Clay board when we talk about the council, we say the only counselor who calls a meeting and the president and the first lady and all ministers come, I don't know. Who is the chairman of DC for that one? A suspect. I suspect if was was still in parliament. he was the chairman for the BDC in that I just suspect. the director for DDT, The chancellor doctor Derek and the deputy chancellor and Doctor Missus. the CEO of and you look like a CEO. Yeah, you know CEOs look like CEOs when you. spécial business Un instant Mesdames, It's that time not that I'm racist and not that I'm travel or whatever you may call it Botswana as the media we need to support our locals We need to support the efforts made by Botswana I'm aware of the DTC and I'm also of the one in propane. what's his name? for doctor? Those are one of the. Botswana medical schools we have. we need to celebrate this we need to see doctors we need to see nurses we need to see. the pharmacist we need to see coming from this COLLEGE owned by Moss. Is that not great? Now we have LIGHTNING here. Oh my my brother. Here's heading it with also a product of Botswana. We have a CEO of a young man. employment for the youth. This is something that we need to celebrate as Botswana and support. we don't need to pull them down. We need to pull them up. Councilors when you sit at City Council, the internet, you have you must have an internet, not owned by by other people from outside Boon, we need to have internet provided by Botswana Company. If they provide in parliament, BTC is a big organization they've already made money. We need to have this parliament life Internet in the parliament will provide. I'm not only talking about LIGHTNING. I'm clear about Botswana product, but my eyes I'd like them anyway. you understand what I'm saying, Let us buy Botswana. Yes, you understand let us buy product Botswana in that we will be able to create employment the more. We connect this internet the more our young men and women who are specialist in it, the more they get employed. we need we ve been connected our media houses internet that boat from situations of Basvana IT so all the best in the houses we have a so from concept constructs next month you has thirty contract I want to come here and launch. a product where I can still keep my number and have your internet. We'll think beyond the box my duty as a politician is to speak your duty is to implement your IT experiences. politicians just speak. and they implemented they come up with ideas and also to implement and I want to congratulate you. You know you could have next time when we do we launch another thing. and I will support you to do that and I believe in honor of our counselors here through the programs we have at the council will support you to make sure that. knows about lighting. DDT COLLEGE. It's one of its own kind. In God, we have seen it been grilled all over even by my friends in the media grilled and grilled from one area to another, but we need to start supporting this. speaks. I'm looking for Botswana where men come up with ideas and technology and come up with big plans in terms of IT to develop a doctor. I'm looking for a Botswana where I go to the private hospital or government hospital. The doctor comes with a laptop I just enter my name and the password, and he knows. when was the last time I was at the hospital. one of the what medication I was given for the last time when I go to the private speaker or that I'm looking for a good. This thing. must come to an end We need you to think like a thing. are you together. I'm looking for that person. I'm looking for that puts when you walk in the clinic, whether you're in whether you're in whether you're in when you just get to the clinic, the doctor enters your ID number. he enters your ID number and he says, when was the last time you in the clinic what medication were you given which doctor was attending you which nurses attending you? I'm looking for. Help me look for that, but it is possible it is possible for you to you. It is possible through you The chancellor from the medicine it is possible. in conclusion I conclude. And leadership of this country is the president wishes to see Barcelona IDS bars initiatives coming out. This is what we want Insan but as we also prepare, I would love to add you LIGHTNING think of those who cannot afford. out of many think of the families that are in all other families in south. or whatever who cannot afford to connect an internet. think. I'm think I to think about taking one kids from the streets. And saying that that 1 day you'll see this is the pharmacist this kid with her when he was 15 years and we took her to the primary school. this kid we have done this to her. This kid is now a pharmacist. That's how you reduce people who break your car on the parking lot. That's how you reduce people who would take money from your first daughter when he's from high school traveling home. I urge you to think about this. And thank you for accepting my plate. en direct du LIGHTNI Les les mais elle a prêché En bloquée ouais dès ce moment And please service delivery service delivery is the problem we have in bosa during the COVID-19 time when we are giving food to our people in our worlds, the greatest challenge that we had where the suppliers of our own brothers and sisters when you tell them bring courage at 10 o'clock, we're supposed to be in distilled cabbage They come after 2 days. we need Botswana as much as we are saying we must be given opportunities we must be able. To deliver in Excellency and sufficiency. our products when we produce them, they must be a sign that this is the best product ever. I am very delighted that the student have made a the where way they work, the perfume in the institutions. And the way you look you look like you are performing. I've connected to the internet. Yeah perfect This is what we are looking for. In conclusion, I want to thank the media the greatest marketers in the world. you know. to God democracy. you need a journalist. guard for corruption. United a journalist. So guard again is the genders violence. We need a journalist. For a business to bro need a journalist. if they any enders are know in a who we need organize. We need to appreciate it and see how we support them. You know, I was telling somebody that I don't have a problem when you write a story about me whether negative or positive. as a politician when you write what is true or not when you write about me that do not know me and know me and when he meets me, he'll ask me is it true and I would say it's not true. Der Problem ist Connections I wish you success. For your family. I don't know what song should I sing for you which salutation I can make for you. I wish God would bless you. thank you you've given me a signal that you'll connect one internet to one disadvantage family somewhere in our world. I really appreciate you'll be blessed. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, please when you come when you come out of this place, make sure you WhatsApp all people in your contacts. Please take the picture of the flyer. Can everybody lift the flyer if you have it the advent flyer. I'm asking for a favor. Please take the picture of that flyer and send it to all Whatsapp contacts in your phone. Can we start doing that take the picture and send it to our Whatsapp contacts in your phone? That's how you support people. Thank you. I can see those who are not taking photos. President let me me take it. Yes, let's send it to all your contacts in your Whatsapp. That's how you market the product. Amen and make sure that please when you alleviate, please greet the journalist they were going to make this product. make sure you greet them. Thank you very much May the lord bless you and keep you. Thank you. Good job guys. Politician is to speak. your duty is to implement. A couple of implementation. the honorable reverend of so many things. so many, he gave so many examples now it's up to Nfc. and to pick one of one from those a year in year. I'll pick one and implement pick one and implement they can be nothing much more and when you give give out the returns to have in abundance, Yeah, it's a difficult but a very. situation so. What other thing I just called the Reverend spoke of so many things. And question posed by the honorable. More of those who can't afford. ヒスポン。 Lightly COMMUNICATIONS and to provide super fast. super consistent. super affordable internet. and cheap affordable rate. Without any further ado allow me to present as a token of our appreciation. 3 months free super fast. super consistent and super affordable internet to the quality. devant cette chance là Docteur numéro vamos quien concluye Naten Super fast. Super Super Internet. Superfass. Super cool. Sie ist denkt. Super. Internet. Ope Everything comes in. you begin to start all the trays. I'll allow you to welcome to the Queen Leslie, the director of academic affairs and we need to. to give us a call to prayer. Whatever my heavenly father is just. whatever is pure. Whatever is lovely. whatever my heavenly father is admirable. I'm going to give you the funds. it came into existence my heavenly father bless the brain My heavenly father. that brought this idea of my heavenly father We see its existence We are weaknesses. In the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. you have spoken to us lord, you said each of us should bless our neighbors. for our own good. To build them up in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the lord bless and continue to grow LIGHTNING FAST for the inclusions. As it continues to be its neighbors for their own good. And to build them up. for even Christ. This has been proven by the of the memorandum of understanding. between LIGHTNING FAST communication and DDT College of Medicine that we observed today. My heavenly father I live before you I know that will never disappoint us. I pray to you almighty that you continue to expand LIGHTNING FAST communication as a pursuits it mandates of providing internet. telecommunication and cellphone services to villages towns and cities in Botswana. I pray to you almighty that LIGHTNING first. COMMUNICATIONS covering to the region. In the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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