Boris Johnson is holding a press conference from isolation on 'Freedom Day'

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Boris Johnson is holding a press conference remotely from Chequers as he continues to self-isolate.

Posted 5 months ago in Politics

Morena Pugh 5 months ago

Basically this is one big experiment on our population. There is huge uncertainty he just said, and they still go ahead. Van Tam must be tearing his hair out being part of this fiasco.

Sheila Ebosa Akporoghenobo 5 months ago

When it was said before that they are planning to vaccinate all school children without parents consent people laughed - who's laughing now!

Samuel Marks 5 months ago

The PM is isolating and can't figure out how to start a Zoom call. The massively under-qualified Health Secretary literally has Covid. If Carlsberg made terrible governments...

Emma Neary 5 months ago

He talks about millions of people being still unvaccinated but he still refused to isolate after being in direct contact with confirmed Covid!! WHAT A LEADER!!! 🙏🏻😓

Lynne Moody 5 months ago

Why are we all putting up with this greedy incompetent lying government

Vivien Bickham 5 months ago

You said you would listen to the science and you are not look at Israel they are now back in lockdown you are in competent

Catherine Morphew 5 months ago

I want to live in a country with a competent government. NOT freedom day is a disgrace.

Carson Samantha Williams 5 months ago

Did this womble actually say, "in the defence of our Realm" ????

Janet Grant 5 months ago

Listen carefully to mr Johnson what has he actually said .. what a load of dribble we are not safe and now we have run out of tests .. well I never

Paul Berry 5 months ago

Please can I live in a country with a competent government, preferably socialist or labour like New Zealand, this population has the IQ of a flag