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Posted 7 months ago

Rogério Tobias 7 months ago

My grandfather is buried in Arlington. Anthony Mady, US Army. Officialy served from 1945 to 1968 and was awarded, among other medals and condecorations with the "Legion of Merit". He was very patriotic and loyal to his beloved country, the USA!

Tara Monica 7 months ago

Love from Canada 🇨🇦 My Great Uncle and Aunt are burried there

Susan R. Quick-Howser 7 months ago

Such an amazing tribute. We visited Arlington and was witness to the Changing of the Guard. Literal goosebumps & chills. I was shaking for hours after we left.

Remy Dampil Timenia 7 months ago

The bravery and heroism shown by the heroes of yesterday need to be remembered. They deserve accolades of praise from today up to the next generation. Thank you our heroes.

Nancy Campbell Byrne 7 months ago

My dad is buried there and my son was selected by his class to lay a wreath at the a tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It was beautiful.

Brent Finsås 7 months ago

GOD BLESS THE “OLD GUARD”. My Wife’s Grave Site Section 12 8400-4!!

Andrea Kennedy 7 months ago

Never get tired of seeing the beautiful and meaningful ceremonies. 🇺🇸

Warren McFarlin 7 months ago

David Bass it’s Medal of Honor Day

Mark Adkins 7 months ago

MSgt. Catherine G Murray is resting there please visit her grave and say a little prayer. God Bless the USA

Michelle Bailey 7 months ago

Where is our wonderful "POTUS"? Isn't this something he should be present at?