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Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil performs 'Instant History' from new album 'A Celebration Of Endings' along with 'Opposites' favourite 'Spanish Radio' acoustic,...
Hello and and this this this is is is Simon Simon Simon Simon. from from from Biff Biff Biff Cid. Cid Cid, Cid, and this is a song called called Instant Instant Instant History History History from from from our our our new new new album. album album album. which is August fourteenth. God. For me, How surface will break. Like a human, it's it's really, really really. really you you you you can't. can't can't can't replace. replace replace it. it. What do you wanna hear it? We. Me. Streets. Arlo We can go. Kind of place. I got. It's me me to to to taste it. taste. taste it. You. It breaks. That we made. I I hear hear hear you you you like like like like a. a a a human human human born, It's only really really really if if if you you you. can't can't can't replace replace replace it and I'll I'll I'll lose all control. Why do I feel it? That we read. I love this when it breaks try to position the lights on. That we. Words. you Thank very much. Thank you very much. And this is spanish-speaking. Gonna walk. To be The struggle To cry on I Every single person not at all a conversation. I wake up. On Four. Santa to cut in to its knees to wanna rush we got to we have to in our faith and and spread spread that the. isolation. I love you all every single person is not at all. I don't. For two, I got. We got you. Explaination

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