Spec Ops REACT to ARMA 3

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What do these U.S Army Ranger and U.S Special Forces think of ARMA? 🎖️

Posted 1 year ago in Games, Puzzles, & Play

Gamology - The Best of Gaming 1 year ago

Thanks to OperatorDrewski, Dslyexci and The Shermanator for the gameplay:
OperatorDrewski: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ihxmkocezGSm9JcKg1rfw

Dslyexci: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtIBkKQD1u7asfuRsqSLvYQ

The Shermanator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4QQjqv-P_3LW_nMYp5T6HQ

Watch the full video here:

Chris Kozak 10 months ago

While I appreciate the professional skills, the casual attitude towards carnage in this and other "military review" videos is sickening. "Oh, that's a lot of death right there!", as if that meant nothing. There is another one where some special op dudes don't blink at the scenes of shooting wounded enemy combatants in a hospital. It's a war crime.

Alec Bushbeck 1 year ago

The concept of critiquing videos like this actually make me disgusted. They are the bottom of the barrel type of videos. You literally just have a video of a group of people just trying to be tacticool and play a game then you got sgt cadence and pvt jarhead here going oooo aahhh “that’s what I used” shit like that. Fucking dumb.

Marcello Alberto Pavez 1 year ago

The comment about lone survivor was annoying they had support and QRF waiting and they had airsupport and gun ships on stand by just due to radio and signal issues they couldn't call anything when they actually needed it

Caleb Cheshire 1 year ago

These guys are fairly accurate, I wouldn’t go as far as saying special forces, but for the most part they hit a lot of solid points.

Ryan Waszczuk 1 year ago

The game is so old, really no point in reviewing until the new one is out. ArmA started as a us military sponsored simulator so no point in arguing it’s pedigree

Skyler Bagley 1 year ago

They both look a lil young to be operators, however the guy on the left seems to legitimately be from a combat arms unit, the guy on the right not so much.
Remember not all light infantry are “spec ops”.
I.e. 10th Mountain ⛰
82nd Airborne, etc.

Curtiss Knight 1 year ago

I've been playing Arma for 8 years now, I highly recommend not getting into it especially if you want to do milsim. The communities are all a power struggle, you're better off playing minecraft.

Tyler Stork 12 months ago

Spec ops or not. What kind of nerd is going to say 40 Mike Mike. Calm down hero.

Luke Pablo 1 year ago

They should’ve reviewed ZF clan’s arma. They do some pretty good things especially cyanide teaching how important spacing is