Clyburn and Jordan Clash at Fauci Hearing

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Clyburn and Jordan Clash at Fauci Hearing: ‘I Will Chair This Hearing!’

Posted 1 year ago

Terry Eckman 1 year ago

Great job Jim Jordan. You obviously pointed out the hypocrisy of the whole covid restrictions. Can’t work, can’t go to church, can’t go to sporting events, but riots are just fine.

Helen Encinas 1 year ago

He needed to say, I redeem my time, like everyone else was allowed to do ‼️ It's amazing how there's one set of Rules for the ones trying to get at the Truth and another set of Rules for those that love to not listen to what the witness has to say ‼️🤪😜😝

Gladys Osborne-glassen 1 year ago

Jim Jordan is the best, nobody will answer his questions. Or they skirt around them. Go get Them Mr. Jordan

Frank Smith 1 year ago

It's funny how Clyburn very slyly in his last words brought up "fund raising" and "Texas"....a red problematic(?) steer away from the rioting premise that Jordan was trying to get an answer to.....

George Rice 1 year ago

Jim Jordan is the best thing going for these guys.

Mikey Romero 1 year ago

And the title goes to SENIOR JIM JORDAN....

Nicci Robbins 1 year ago

Fauci "I don't have scientific evidence for anything.." and there we have it folks

Kay Skeens 1 year ago

That's what happens when the democrats don't like when things aren't going their way...they shut it down. Going to be a time hopefully after Nove 3 that the situation will be reversed on the democrats, and they no longer will be in control of any committee, any states!!

Hope Melching Sandefur 1 year ago

Could the dems be anymore obvious abt their narrative lockdown everything but rioting looting and arson..

Roberta Ryser Bohach 1 year ago

You certainly can see who the civilized people are in the room.