Dad And Daughter Practice Cheerleading Routines

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This guy is so encouraging to his daughter when they're practicing cheer stunts. What a great dad! 👏

Posted 1 year ago in Children & Parenting

LADbible 1 year ago

Huge thanks to Roland Pollard, make sure you check out his channels below -

Eleni Sapountzi 1 year ago

I don't think that the little girl enjoys what she does, she looks frightening!

Bonnie Cline 1 year ago

My gosh holding my breath. She has to able to balance herself. I don’t think I could watch my child do this.

Kate Turner 1 year ago

Absolutely fantastic! Although I think as a mother, if my husband threw my kids in the air like that I’d have had a heart attack 🤣🤣🤣

Ricky Steel 1 year ago

Just let kids be kids. Stop forcing stuff on them. But if she really does enjoy it then fair enough. At least it's good bonding time with dad.

Cindy Powell Arturo 1 year ago

She is great and Daddy’s an awesome coach!!

Cathy McCarthy 1 year ago

I think their interaction is beautiful!! For those saying it’s what a father should do, I respond. The sun should rise and set everyday. And it does. That doesn’t stop it from being beautiful some mornings and evenings.

Forrest Weaver 1 year ago

Back in the day I remember spending time with your father used to be a good dad now spending time with your father is a great dad Americans we are up 50% in divorce

Ian Croom 1 year ago

This is teaching the child self discipline, commitment and to work through your fears! This is parenting!!

Without the dad giving encouragement to push through this then they might as well stop and sit in front of a screen where it’s ‘safe’

Prejlin Govender 1 year ago

Great video! That would look like he's throwing his daughter into space, for an Indian parent🤣