Celtics vs Bucks, Friday at 6:30 ET on ESPN

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Jayson Tatum has scored 30 points in nine of his last 14 games

He had six career 30-point games in 204 career games prior to this stretch 👀

Posted 1 year ago

KB Jordan 1 year ago

Should be on the lakers but magic wants to pick Lonzo ball instead 🤦🏾‍♂️

Ka-el Dino 1 year ago

Dunk’d on Brick Simmons 🤘🏽

John Broadus 1 year ago

All I see is BLM Terrorist

Alexander Espino 1 year ago

5 pts tonight against bucks

Mone Bran 1 year ago

Carmari Branigan Kenji Riley where do y’all see him in 3 years

Alex McPherson 1 year ago

Donny Dillman my new guy

Tiw Onivarg 1 year ago

Next KB24

Benjamin Murtagh 1 year ago

Owen Phillips what a beast

Jose Ortiz Sntgo 1 year ago