Which is Real? Which is a Drawing?

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Which is Real? Which is a Drawing?

Posted 1 year ago in Visual Arts, Architecture & Crafts

Louis Iana 1 year ago

absolute genius! so entertaining!

Kimberly Baugh 1 year ago

4/5. I really wasn’t expecting the fake M&M to be a simple blob of paint.

Pippo Spark 1 year ago

3/5. No chance with M&M. I found a difference between eggs. But didn't realized which was drawn.

Abby Soltes 4 months ago

I was able to recognize most of them except the MnM one because of the colors of some of them and the shadows

Nisha Parui 5 months ago

5/5.. i recognized only for the shadows.. otherwise it's really tough to recognize the original one.. Well done 👍

Kassie Hutchison 5 months ago

The only ones I ever miss are the ones like the m&ms and whatever it was in the other videos. Otherwise I catch them all!

Julie Ann Joy Arguilles 5 months ago

I didn't get the m&m part but I get the rest. I depend the color, shade and lights to the drawing and real so I guess the correct answer.

Leslie Ann Mangundayao II 4 months ago

4/5 didnt recognized the mm it was too difficult to find 😆

Nethra Vinay 5 months ago

my score is 4.... Can't identify that 4th one....it's too difficult

Lu Liu 2 months ago

It's really hard to tell, the art of painting!