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Gov. Doug Burgum holds press briefing to provide an update on the COVID-19 pandemic in North Dakota. #NDCovidQuestions
To be on increasing the state's testing capacity, the governor said it before he said it a lot and we have repeated the governor wants to get to at least 6000 tests per day in the state. Now right now, we have a testing capacity. We've been bouncing in the low two thousands per day with some exceptions for technical difficulties obviously, but even just in the last week, the state has been investing in getting that infrastructure in place and getting the the personnel in place and they've just recently acquired and set. Mobile Labs that they're supposed to do up to a thousand tests a day each, so the the the state has the capability of getting upwards of 4000 times a day. But with this Mobile Labs, they're gonna be used mostly in a rapid response kind of way, so they will be deployed to certain areas so we don't expect the state to hit 4000 times a day regularly because of these Mobile Test rather when the need comes up, that is where they will be deployed but to hit that extra 2000 to get to the 6000 Mark that the governor wants to hit within this month. At some point, the governor said that it is. Come down to having those private public partnerships in place so that we can have have the capacity cuz he said that, at least where the state is right now, the state won't be able to hit that 6000 Mark of load they have to reach out to private industry as other States have been doing States even our neighbors to the East Minnesota. They have the Mayo Clinic. obviously they're heavily involved in the Corona virus response at a National level. so what is North Dakota doing to try to get to that 6000 Mark? What do our private lab relationships? look like well? obviously? To the local areas, there are some places and trying to advance their testing capabilities at least within their own facilities, but we talk not too long ago about a lab out in North Carolina, where the state sent out a certain number of tests and they hit the they got their test back in the amount of time that they wanted to that relationship hasn't expanded yet at least not that we know of. but he said that there's optimism. Absolutely well as we've seen throughout the country. People are obviously getting antsy and wanting to get much of the economies reopened up people want to return to normalcy in some regard despite the World Health Organization and many other entities saying we still have more than a year to go and at least dealing with this pandemic people want to return to normalcy and with that, it seems as though, at least for the day-to-day aspects of things, many of the governors around the country are focusing on the economic restrictions. They want to be able to at least show that the shops are opening. Restaurants opening up You can go about your day as normal as you can with wearing a mask advance hygiene things like that, but testing is going to be what really shapes those reopening policies as this governor and many other governors, as well as the President has noted throughout the past few months, so the governor needs to have at least what if he wants to get those data driven decisions as he has said he's wanted to do since March. We need to collect that data So having. Test results in place at least tells the state where the disease is now where it was then where is it going? Where are the numbers now so that we can really kind of shape those reopening policies going forward and maybe just maybe try to loosen up those economic restrictions and return to at least some form of normalcy or at least a new normal moving forward. Okay. Now you've been covering the protests that have been going on here in Bismarck, I know they've been happening in other places in the state. Is there concern that's going to create. More of a spread for covid-. What we've done a few stories on that in the recent days, and obviously when we talk about a virus, there's going to be a lot of human to human interaction and that's how viruses spread so certainly when you look at the situation by itself, Yes, there is that possibility of an increased risk when talking about the spread of the Corona virus when we're talking about the certain protests when when we were out there covering these protests for the past few days, most of the protesters and those who are just kind of walking by or at least even police officers themselves, they were all wearing. While the social distancing aspect wasn't in place as one would expect with hundreds of people crowded on sidewalks, there was at least some kind of conceded that there were people who were handing out Mass or individuals who are handing out hand sanitizer. so there was at least some certain effort within the protest themselves to acknowledge and follow those kind of safety protocols. There have been lots of guidance for reopening businesses. Obviously there isn't much ACDC guidance when covering. A virus, or at least not a lot of CDC guidance when out at a protest by any means, but when it comes to the social aspect that obviously isn't going to be, there's a lot of handshake. There's a lot of hugging the emotions really run high. At least last night. people really embracing each other trying to help each other out, but when it comes to the concern over whether or not the protests of the past few days could lead to a spike, there's certainly is that possibility we can turn the Minnesota and other cities that have or excuse me, Minneapolis and other cities that have these protests. Their numbers don't at least add up showing a certain spike. Granted with these kinds of with this data with these tests, there's a certain Legg to getting those results so we won't necessarily see what the possible effects are of the Corona virus when in regards to these protests simply because it will take a few days even a few weeks for symptoms to even come up and you get the test get the test results lagging data and that's kind of been an issue when covering many of these certain. Covering the Corona virus Okay, now, there have been a lot of hopes, for instance, that would slow the spread of the virus. Studies are saying, maybe not the heat, maybe won't make a difference. Then there's the hydroxy chlorine. There was a lot of hope that that would help in treating people now today a new study out by the New England Journal of Medicine says it is not as effective as many had helped to has anybody out there at the Capitol. talking about that. not coming out at least not yet. we'll certainly ask the governor about that simply because the study came out to just recently, so we will ask him about where the state's investment is. We are called not too long ago, the state did by a 50 of these tests or a 50 doses of this medication as a means of not necessarily stopping the virus, but at least as a form of treatment and there was a protocol in place for deploying it. But at the same time, there's no concern that it. Be as effective as we wanted to. Fun to finally be part of one of Jacobs so. Good afternoon, North Dakota this is our first press briefing in the month of June. so we're now officially in the fourth month on the calendar of dealing with the Corona virus in North Dakota and as we'll cover in just a moment that a lot of numbers pointing in the right direction, so I wanna start off with some gratitude right away to all the leaders around the state who participated in taking early and decisive action at all levels of government. in the individual responsibility that's been offered by our citizens in our businesses and that covers everybody counties a city school boards mayors County Commissioner tribal leaders and we're honored to have Chairman Mike Faith here from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and Scott Davis, executive director of North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission. They'll be both speaking a little bit later to also talk about great work, but we have been working across North Dakota all together in a team effort and. Allowed North Dakota throughout the challenge that we're going through the pandemic to be among the least restrictive States, and it's allowed us to be a leader in lifting restrictions sooner than others and so the we've been leading on both going in and coming out of this and I wanna say again thanks to all North Dakotans for exercising great individual responsibility. that's been a key factor in what we've been doing here. so thank you and great to see so many. Out and about as we move towards getting our economy back to full recovery, We got some great numbers to share and we'll take a look at those. This is the longest we've gone in having a press briefing that was five days ago on Friday so it's a long since we've started having the press briefings so a lot of a lot of ground covered in those five days in between, but let me just start out by saying that again with the 33 additional cases reported today out of. 626 tests That's a one point three percentage rate but of the five of the last seven days have had a daily positive rate below one point four percent. That's the best we've done through this entire entire time. and and of course, some of this now is coming a you know five to you know five to 10 days after Memorial Day weekend, there is a lot of concern around the country. A lot of press reports about all the activity on Memorial Day weekend would cause a spike and a happy report that it is not caused one in North. We we've now completed more than 100000 tests, so we've completed A hundred and 1320 - seven tests of North Dakota's that includes 74502 unique North Dakotans. So we're closing in on 10 percent of the total population has been tested. We remain in the top five States and testing per capita. A number of other States are really ramping up their efforts and now we find ourselves behind new-york. Over Rhode Island number one New York and New Mexico are also ahead of us and so so we're in fourth place right now but why do we why we focus on testing and why do we always lead off on testing and testing? is key to building consumer confidence if we're gonna fill schools safely and protect both the teachers and the students at Kel in the higher ed. Going to fill stadiums and get back to enjoying the activities, whether it's a rodeo or football or baseball or soccer or track meets whatever it is, we wanna do that the key to getting back to that is the is the consumer confidence and the understanding of the officials that we're able to do that safely for the participants and the spectators concerts alike all of this. So that's why we continue to build build our capability on testing and why. To focus on our ability to identify those positives and then trace and isolate those this week at the lab, you know we've talked about this but two more of the new machines. Panther machines came on earlier this week. They're called random access machines and so you don't have to load them in a batch you can load in while they're operating this gives our state lab now the capacity to do more than 4000 deaths a day and so the capacity is there as you saw in the numbers that we only had 2600 and. Part of this is I think as we head into the summer, there's a lot of distractions and people may be prioritizing less at testing but we need to make sure that capacity in the lab is just one of those components. We also have to work with local public health to make sure we've got the appropriate strategies for reaching those individuals, including those that are most vulnerable or those that work with the most vulnerable are that wanna visit the most vulnerable and then we need to make sure when we. Strategies that we are doing everything we can to make participation easy whether that's increasing the number of our locations where we offer testing to a better job of working with our medical providers to make sure that people who wanna get tested. can we still occasionally hear that some people have been turned away for testing. I hope this is not the case and if you are anywhere in the state, be sure to reach out to our Department health and let us know because we wanna make it easy for people to get test. Get tested on the the next slide we've we've had this before, but again this is available on an interactive way on our website at Health dot MD dot Gov, where to get tested shows locations around the state and these are not these are not like temporary or drive thru. These are local either public health or medical providers or clinics that are offering a testing but again you can reach out or call the hotline. If you got questions, we can help you make sure that you get tested. Today's testing also includes eight hundred and 20 -, five newly tested North Dakotans in about 1008 hundred and one, repeats or serials and again a chunk of this activity around serial testing has been us trying to wrestle the virus to the ground in long-term care and we're encouraged to say that Monday's results for the first time since we began serial testing there were no positive cases were identified in either long-term care residents. Staff that was from Monday's results they were reported yesterday. Today's revolts you know, which was Tuesday's testing there was again a second day in a row, zero new residents in the state of North Dakota Long-term care with Covid- 19, and only one positive case and identified in a staff member and again that's there are lots of tests going on in long-term care and large populations. There's about 9500 people that are in either. Assisted living care or skilled nursing in our state and about 15000 people work full or part time in those facilities. So this is a big sets of people and we've gone through all of those individuals have been tested at least once and again great work that's going on so thank you, Chris Jones and the the VP three the Protection plan team. that's doing that cuz great work is a great progress being made long-term care and there's been great. All along in our corrections systems and others where we've had very low incidences of this. so that's a fantastic, but it's great, not only to see the low numbers, but we also know that one of the great concerns in our state is for those families who have loved ones in long-term care and have not been able to visit them and it's I'm sure it's both for for me and others personally. it's a both a huge sign of relief, but it's also filled with gratitude to see such low numbers in long-term care and I know it's a relief for family members who have been anxious about. reconnecting with their family members because again these low numbers and getting to zero if you will is part of what we what we described last Friday in terms of the dating capability to get us to start opening up under some North Dakota Smart guidelines about how we can begin visitation again in long-term care facilities. So all these numbers tell us that we're on the right track when we get to the net case breakdown on the the Along with the 33 new cases, there was 40 - two recovered cases and which which is sadly one death reported today and we're now at 444 active confirmed cases since we met last Friday at seven individuals who have passed away with Covid-, 19, and all of them were in their sixties or older some in their. In the eighties, I think one in the nineties each of those seven individuals that's passed since last Friday, also, in addition, had underlying health conditions and for the man in the seventies from Cass County who's included in today's report and the other six individuals our hearts go out to them and their loved ones in all of those who have suffered a loss through the covid- 19 pandemic from a hospitalization standpoint again, part of what this is all about was preserving the hospital capacity only 34. In only a portion of them are in ICU and so again, we move forward with confidence and optimism because we have a great medical care in our state and we have the capacity plenty of capacity to serve people at the highest level if they were to become infected in seriously ill with covid- 19, when we take a look at the active case trends, the number we can see this is also heading in the right direction it is. On a 14 or just in a few basis, is down to 440 - four, We have not been at this level. it's you have to almost back to May one this is almost 90 cases lower than we were last Friday and again close to the lowest levels we've seen since the beginning of May when we began to open things up and so again, when we open things up, we took on a little bit of risk but we managed our way through it. We did more targeted testing that also drove some of the it up that we're on the right side this curve coming down so again. I say you know great work. North Dakota on all of this when we take a look at the positive rate, which is important, not just the raw number of cases, but on the positive rate we can see a very good trend line on the top and the Red line. We've got Cass County great trend line there over the 14 -day coming down from a high of over you know in the sevens down to four point, nine percent North Dakota as a whole, including all of those Cass County numbers. is a two point one percent and we like the the trend lines there and as we. We take a look at Cass County, where we've been challenged there also the 66 deaths that we've had in North Dakota 50 - five of those have been in Cass County and quite a number of those Associated with individuals in long-term care so again the emphasizes the importance of us are really making sure that we're protecting our most vulnerable population. next up we wanna talk about tribal testing and support as you know One of the five strategic initiatives or administration we've been absolutely positively focused on that. since the first day we were sworn in mid December in 2016, It's remain a priority throughout the covid- 19 pandemic in partnership with the tribal Nations with whom we shared geography, we've completed the first round of testing across the state that included at the MHA Nation Spirit Lake Mountain Band of Chippewa and also the Trenton Service area, which is part. A Turtle mountain in northwestern part of the state and then also most recently down with the Inta Ayotte in the southeastern part of the state here today to talk about the collaboration that occurred down. It's standing Rock is Standing Rocks Sioux Tribe Chairman Mike Faith and also Scott Davis, who's the executive director of North Dakota Indian Affairs. I think Scott's gonna kick it off and so we'll invite Scott up here and after that we welcome chairman Faith. Thank you both for being here in person and. For the great collaboration, Scott I wanna say thanks to you too as you come up here you've been working like seven days a week 20 hours a day on on all the things related to staying engaged with all of our tribal Nations and on behalf of all of us, I just wanna say thanks for your leadership. you're an important key in these relationships. Scott Davis. Oh, thank you. Governor. Thank you very much for those words and all this for the your commitment to our five tribes and our in North Dakota. It's been certainly a very very strong ride. I'll say you know it's very been very productive and so good good evening. Good evening. Good afternoon everybody. North Dakota Pettus Day Scott Davis here just want to provide a little update here of our as a gun related to The Mass testing days that we've events we've had here beginning with MHA seemed like a months and months ago at times, but it was a couple of months ago that we started that process that commitment in partnership with the five jobs in North Dakota and it all began with with those phone calls. you know the outreach from the governor's Office, my office and making sure that the tribes were set in and and ready to begin a process regarding this pandemic and since then that has a. We still continue those weekly calls I'm so thankful for for my chairman. I'm a proud member of Standing Rock and my chairman is here with his staff to share you know what they've been doing amazing work that they've been doing to do Do Stand So that commitment from the governor's office, the Cabinet members the Chris Jones, the Department of Health Unified Command. I mean there's so many people involved in this in this processes and also the local public health. that they'll talk about to you know I got Custer health down where we're from amazing people to work with so I can't say enough of how strong this partnership has been in the months during this pandemic so again if you look back when this part is had everybody declared the National State of Emergency governor as a chairman of the sovereign nation, they do the same thing and it was at that time where we were. it was talked about how do you declare in unison and making sure that those resources we're gonna be provided. To the tribes and there's a little bit of I guess a little difference when you're a chairman decides to declare under the the President versus declared in unison with the with the state with the governor and in this case the tragedy decide to declare with the governor and the state of North Dakota and what that meant and opened up to a lot of resources for the tribes very quickly and we've seen that that process very work. When you think about PE equipment gloves masks gowns and most importantly testing kits those have been readily available to our tribal Nations here in North Dakota. when asked we make weekly deliveries from my office my staff has made multiple deliveries to every tribe and I think we have a few more pending as the chairman will talk about here shortly but those things will always continue and so when you get to those test events you know it's pretty amazing to. the resources that the tribe has laid out for the Unified command with the medical team. boy, I tell you from gaming fish to the law enforcement to the Unified command. People itself the nurses and the doctors law enforcement you name it. They are there to help support our our National guard in the in in providing those tests. So it's an amazing thing to see and you know people just line up from from the districts within our reservations and As we get going, it's a pretty off to say it's a smooth running machine and that just shows the commitment and the partnership that that has on the ground there so just a little overview of the data that the governor to and as as we all know my boss, he sure loves the data and so it was my my goal at the end of the at the end of the testing events that we will compile the aggregate data of how many tests were conducted because again we provide those testing kits to the tribes and we track those for for for. And so this slide that you'll you'll be shown here shows the the data set of how many tests were conducted and there's twofold for that one is the testing events on the tribe and also we've included the urban population as well as we all know the Fargo Bismarck Mandan Grand Forks have high populations of Native American urban urban travel members in those in those cities. so we included included in that. so as you can see there's a roughly 303380. Test that were were administered and out of those positive. We're a hundred and 29 and again we're including the urban on that too. So a present of positivity is three point seven percent, and I think those are very amazing numbers but when you think about data and as we all know the the the very slides in the matrix that that we that we are in tune with we can certainly help the tribes really get into the data weed. Will of the of the data matrix so we can easily help the tribe and in consultation if Thebes will chooses to get really in depth of your your your numbers per tribe per district, I know that's been talked about that I've been told from a leadership from Unified command people from you know a word that those numbers are at per district per segment, and I think that is a very important thing to note when you think about your data, whether you're a state government city government Government because without your data and knowing where those numbers are at where they're located where they're coming from it seems like you're almost in a guessing game and I've I've had I've shared. I've I've heard first hand experience on some of the calls. I'm I'm on nationally that you know the viruses and in the country are still somewhat unknown because of that because of data sharing because our resources so by all means if the childes wanna pursue, you know further next step of the data sharing agreement, we have the resources we have the the capabilities and the matrix to help the tribes if they want to continue. Those those data those data sharing agreements so again, it's just a very important time. I think in any country as we said as members of where we're at to this pandemic and how much hard work we have done the governor on this and chairman of faith and staff prior to Cod here, we've worked very hard on relationships in the state. I got to put a shout out to to to your missus governor first lady. Asked you to do two commencement speeches one -A Cityville College and I wanna turn the mountain and that has never been done before so kudos to the first lady of giving I've been asked to do a commencement speeches for Cityville College and also a trauma Moma Chippewa. So I'm not sure if you've been asked yet go to, but she might have a couple up on you already here so so that's good though, but Katherine is an amazing lady amazing leader and I'm sure she's gonna do very well with. With our Nations in North Dakota, but you know again, in spite of what's going on in the world and our nation with some unrest. you know, I think it would be a value for the nation to look at North Dakota and look at how we have really worked hard and respecting communication and understanding travel Nations in North Dakota and I'm I'm certainly very grateful for my chairman My Council the tribes in North Dakota Governor your leadership. And how peaceful it is in those relationships those communications those talks talks. I mean it goes a long way. It goes a long ways and I can't Thank you enough how much that means to me personally as a member of the Standing Rock control mountains so that I'm gonna turn the mic over to my chairman Chairman Mike Faith chairman has been on leadership for a long time. Even when I worked for the tribe back in the nineties, he was there and I'm I'm sure we communicate a lot daily Weekly on a lot of things and I know he has his his. Marr Gates', like a sister to me, we're about the same age roughly but I don't wanna see but you know if you know Margaret she's the health director down staar. It does an amazing job one of the leaders of the Unified command very tough job a very tough job, and she also brought her her daughter Shanna along with her and if you remember in the basketball ranks governor as we are basketball fans Shanna was a standout student athlete in basketball in North Dakota. one of the highest ranking I'd say in history. Women's basketball in the state. She went on to play ball in Texas and now as as we're all she's coming back home to to bring her leadership skills and her work ethic to to the nation of standards. So I'm very proud of her too. what she brings to the table for for us here. So so that, please welcome chairman faith. Good day. Governor I wanna take this time to thank you. Scott. I wanna also thank you. Again governor mentioned teamwork, you know I I agree with him so much on that. you can't get any place without teamwork I'll mention a few things that happen on Stero as go on here but We had the testing down at the Gates Governor Laura the guard to come down to North Dakota health and of course our it In-house service was there and then, of course our incident command in our Stero Homeland Security Task force heavily involved in that testing and what I saw that day was good planning. Professionalism a lot of it and again it was from both sides We were there to do a job and find out where we stood as far as the virus so again go from Raul. Thank you very very very much again. Scott you and your office again. We also ask you know reach out for supplies. what's that once we did that. Thing. We caught on to that pretty fast so our incident command our task force and IHS. If we got the test we could do on our own and we showed that could happen since then from that day of the testing at 40 Yates we've done 1364 of that 90 - seven is pending that were taken yesterday. North Dakota tomorrow they're gonna be down in South Dakota on next week. Hopefully we're up in a porcupine in in wrapping up our eight communities within our district. So again, I'm gonna be calling on Margaret to come on up in a bit here to give us some numbers and again you know take it as it is it's that's a pretty good. Look at Stero two point, three billion acres. That's a pretty good size chunk of land based area so to get out there and do testing and to turn around is get to the point where it's very quick so our end in the House is working with the North Dakota Health a fantastic job of course, The governor's staff, along with Mister Davis, are truly wonderful help for our for our tribe because supply is coming down Mass gloves, whatever we can use and whatever is available Is given to each tribe in North Dakota, but again before I turn it over to Margaret Scott, I already did the introductions over there so I am proud of our employees that stero again, we have our essential employees work it or not a non-essential or at home working. so again, it's it's not a vacation. It's something that's we have to take. Serious and we have to practice that you know the social distance and the declines of the hands we we have to preach that also, you know we practice it while we have to preach it. so again you know staying at home. Stay safe. Save lives. It's pretty simple for right now our life change within the last two months, so the norm is almost what it is today is Concerns and watching out for the best of our young ones and our grandchildren yet to come it's it's so important the home learning technologies that's gonna be the norm and I tell you what that is the kids enjoy that so it it's still not a vacation to them. We're gonna be having ours graduation at stero community groups and again you know the student. There is probably around 650, so you know what the graduates we're looking at the latter part of June but again, social distance and all that practicing that is what we're looking at so again governor I wanted to on behalf of Stero. Thank you for allowing us to be here today, but also thank you in the and all your employees that are they're helping Stero in a good way and also the other tribes of North Dakota. I know. Reach out to you and say thank you and a good way. Also. so with that Governor I'm gonna ask that Margaret Gates come up. She also like Scott said it was the tribal health director, but also we put in charge of the incident Command, which again the instructors and the that of others are in their planning, logistics or whatever as it goes down, But she's the she inherited this that she's doing a very very good job at. Governor at this time, I'd like to turn it over to Margaret to give you some better numbers. Thank you again. Good afternoon. Thank you Chairman. Thank you, Governor Begum and Scott Davis. I just wanna say again reiterate what the chairman has said back when I started in May March we did the declaration and the chairman put the incident command in place and from that we do We devised our plan and our mitigation plan and strategy and that was first and foremost to protect our elderly and our within our reservation And from that. We developed different stages and trigger points and where the testing fell into place when we had all the conference calls and different discussions with the state of North Dakota with Scott's office with the governor's office and our leadership, that's when we did devise the plan and go forward with the National Guard to set up the Mass testing and we've kind of followed from there as a team, we weren't sure what to expect ourselves and everything like chairman said, fell into place and from the team we have, I wanna give a shout out also to our ICS team without getting. Anybody but everybody that's there from our tribal roads, Department Game and Fish law enforcement different departments, our EMT or ambulance staff, IHS Indian Health Public Health nursing everybody. That is there those behind the scenes that help our P. I o our chiefs in the different departments. Everybody came up with the plans and followed everything that we learned from that day so from May ninth to even yesterday and tomorrow, we will be testing and wrapping up our testing next week and just getting that sampling from our local districts cuz. Said that two point three million acres, the biggest part that we've seen from the main ninth test again. The weather played a factor. We had snow good on North Dakota. We had some snow and a lot of our people. transportation is an issue for us. We have eight communities, which are in North and South Dakota and what we wanted to do is be able to take this testing out to our people and what held us up as a tribe was the testing supplies and working with Scott's office and the governor's office in IHS and that teamwork in that collaboration that we built with the National Guard we. To establish that partnership and now that just seems to be working so like the chairman has stated, we've totally tested 1360 - four tests 1260 - three negatives, 90 - seven pending from yesterday for positives, Three recovered and Standing Rock is in two States as we know, Sue and Coen County, our counties North and South Dakota, so sometimes that can be a challenge for us, but we didn't let that stop us and we continue to work. State of North and South Dakota and Scott's office to try to provide the testing supplies so we can keep moving as of we said the May ninth we did 482 tests Bao, which is Mclaughlin South Dakota. We did a hundred and 34 tests running antelope, also known as Little South Dakota. We did 84 tests kennel South Dakota 52 tests Paula South Dakota 100 Cannonball, North Dakota 97, and we have Rock Creek remaining, which will be tomorrow, Porcupine and. Because again, when we went back to the testing, we followed everything along the guidelines of CDC and also what the States we're doing and we broke it down into three different phases and also into our plan that also lined out of how we would do the testing. So we followed along and did the essential testing that day on May ninth and for us our essential is almost all the tribal workers and by then we had already shut down the working part of it and just following along the guides there. we did all our. we invited all the police officers. Corson County County all our I s staff public health nurses, EMT staff and the tribal workers that the chairman and the emergency response deemed as essential staff and what's unique about the reservation is as we shut things down and put the plans in place within our own communities. We developed our strike teams, which is our district offices within the district and those people had their essential staff. We had those people. Test and that's where we shop for the 500 to test essentially from that we moved in to each of the districts and the faces and to try to get every everybody tested to do a sampling. So once we get that done something else that has been established now as we know our casino has opened and we're gonna do some random sampling as we wait a couple of weeks to see how things are going just as long as the opening up start to happen is to be able to follow their guidelines that they put in place and they also have a gaming Commission that. Has developed and worked with the team to get those plans in place in the safety precautions that they follow for their employees as well and then with I H S and public health nurse will go in and do some sampling in both of the casinos that we do have so with that partnership that we've built and continue to build. We wanna continue to do the testing and see where we're at and again like chairman Faith has said. I really want to commend our people of the Standing Rock nation because from the time they started again. This is something against the fight that what we say asta people is a virus and something that cannot see so you're fighting against something. Trying to protect your people from and that made us try to take every precaution that we can take and I think with that are people taking it serious enough to where they are staying home. They are staying within the boundaries and as they feel better and safer than that plan to start opening up may start to happen and that's about all. I have Thank you. I wanna say thanks to chairman faith and the Margaret I think everybody listening to the two of them understand that we've got great leadership, great strategies and great execution, and that's what it takes to win this battle and as on behalf of all of US state of North Dakota, the Department of Health and National Guard, Scott and his team and governor's office everybody. we just wanna say thanks for the partnership cuz it's been fantastic and I know that I wanna. Nations watching but I know the nation is and they see this as a what's going on in North Dakota as a role model for execution and I also know from you know speaking with other governors and other States when they've been dealing with some outbreaks, some of them have been reached, the National News and the Navajo Nation and Arizona number of challenges Wind River in Wyoming had a large outbreak for a while, and of course it becomes when we're trying to protect both the elders and the young ones good. Good execution matters and just we're very grateful so on behalf of the first lady and myself, we say thank you and Scott to your marks the first lady has been invited to the 22 graduation announcement and I'm zero so she's leading to two to zero on that already, but and I think that leads gonna continue to build and I understand why I'll keep that you know cheering her on. she's doing great work as she tries to help eliminate the shame and stigma of the disease of addiction was such courage. but with that, we're. To our next topic, which is is the relates to a Ktwelve executive order. Last Wednesday, I signed executive order 20 dash 33. This related to Ktwelve funding and the ability of school districts to carry forward their ending balance at the end of the school year, which is coming up on June thirtieth that executive order a week ago with solving a big problem, which was that Covina as we understood that a week ago, nearly 40 million dollars was gonna come into the schools through the Cares Act. if that money was winter, so then needed to be distributed immediately when it hit those books probably would have been able to be spent by the end of the year. if it was. Than increased their ending balances above a certain level above 45 percent of their operating expense that would have triggered a clawback if you will through state legislation if that clawback occurred that would have been a reduction in funding and the reduction in funding would have negated the entire allocation in the first place. There was a catch 22 between the federal dollars that were coming in to help protect students and teachers related to federal public health dollars going directly to Ktwelve since then it has been. And a lot of the guidance coming from the feds on all kinds of economic assistance. in some cases like with stuff coming out of Treasury, there have been over a dozen updates in this case in the last week, there's been real guidance clarification of that now allows us in the state of North Dakota. The dollar amounts haven't change is still 40 million dollars going to a hundred and 75 school districts but they can be utilized in reimbursements rather than direct grants. that allows us to. Reimbursements in next fiscal year as opposed to this fiscal year, which essentially removes the need for the executive order, the problem that we were had fixed with the executive order no longer exist. so this executive order 2020 30 - five. I believe is the new one today. it's very short and simple, and it says it rescinds 2020 30 - three so we are rescinding that and again I wanna thank the legislative branch and the legislative leaders of the chairman of the education committees Who worked with us both going into this fix last week and coming out of it now and we no longer need it and we'll continue to work with Legislature determine you know how to address things going forward. There is a potential small issue with 15 to a hundred and 75 school districts. It's a two point five billion dollar issue. we believed the Legislature is best positioned to handle that through legislation when they return next year and we'll continue to collaborate. But thanks for everybody as we solved the problem and now have rescinded the executive order because the problem got solved with a different way with clarified guidance next topic paycheck protection program update. this is the paycheck protection as I'm sure you know as part of that initial Cares Act initially 350 billion dollars nationally of funding for small businesses through the P as it was called the paycheck Protection program. another 300. Billion dollars in the second round, and you might say why were those numbers so large the whole concept behind this legislation was that they would help support businesses that were close to the virus and these loans became grants up to 70 - five percent of it became a Grant if the money was used for payroll. This is a way to keep keep personnel and capability keep businesses running even though they're revenue may have been off and it was also had the potential to save taxpayer dollars by keeping people working for. Employers versus applying for unemployment these programs are very effective in as of June 119000 different North Dakota businesses and eligible nonprofits received one point seven billion dollars in paycheck protection loans and we're grateful to the hard work of our local lenders in the Commerce Department team and the Bank of North Dakota for making this possible as you may have read even in the National news that North Dakota received an outside share of the first round of P loans because of the our ability as a state. To collaborate, move quickly and work hard traits that I think characterize our entire state, but again part of this was the great working relationship between Congress and Bank of North Dakota and a great working relationship between the Bank and North Dakota and our wonderful community banks that are across our state. again the PPP there's a portion of that, which is eligible for loan forgiveness. the program was designed and originally delivered. Loan proceeds leads spent during the covered period, which was an eight weeks following the loan origination for salary and benefit cost to keep employees on the payroll along with certain qualifying expenses like mortgage interest, rent and lease payments and utility payments. The kinds of things you need to keep your doors open. Those are all eligible for forgiveness as long as 75 percent of the P loan went to fund payroll and benefits. The remaining 20 - five could be spent on other eligible expenses during that same time frame. Was then way long ago in a month or two this week the House passed the Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act which is we discussed in the previous topic? changes the guidance in this I think changes it favorably keyword Here is Flexibility Act. This will extend loan forgiveness for expenses up to 24 weeks. removes limitations that restrict non payroll expenses to 25 percent of the loan and other changes. Our alternative versions of similar legislation that may be reconciled in the coming days or week. these changes have passed would have a material effect on the eligibility of different expenses for loan forgiveness and would have the positive effect of likely increasing the amount of these 19000 North Dakota businesses of what is eligible for the forgiveness, and it could change those substantially the timing of the action required by the House at the federal. At least the first version of it getting it through a version to the Senate. getting them reconciled is key because it has been slightly more than eight weeks since the first P loans were originated and businesses who received those early P loans are likely preparing that what was called their loan forgiveness applications. Well, we wait for the outcome of the proposed legislation of the Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act if that can get passed we. Certain but it's important to know that the Small Business Administration, SBA has not set a date for businesses to submit its application for loan forgiveness because of the changes currently contemplated by the US Congress North Dakota recipients of the P loan should consider waiting. this is one of the first times I can remember that we're talking about going slower than faster during this, but we do recommend that those 19000 businesses you consider waiting to submit your loan. Applications until these bills have made their way through Congress. if you have questions, we encourage you to consult your lender who is your loan originator or talk to your accountant or others for guidance to your specific situation and you can find the details related to this and links to the loan application form as it currently stands and worksheets at ND Response dot Gov under the business and employer Financial resources tab. we'll be announcing soon there'll be as we. Throughout this there'll be another call that will host the North Dakota Department of Commerce and the Bank of North Dakota will host a call in for businesses across the state. to get more information as it becomes available but again if you've got a P loan, we recommend you wait before you submit your loan forgiveness application there could be some good changes coming and if that wasn't good news enough. we got our next section is actually called good news and we are always. To recognize and promote young entrepreneurs that are making a difference in North Dakota today and we wanna share some recognition for the young leaders in the Fargo-Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneurs Academy YEA, explanation Mark is the there is YEA with an exclamation Mark is pronounced Y and Y is a 25 week long program, providing students the opportunity to work with local and business community leaders as they learn to transform ideas into real tangible companies that create economic and social value. Cross Fargo West Fargo area are able to participate and compete for funding today at One million Cups and if you're not familiar with One million Cups, it's a a hour and 15 minutes of caffeine for as it as in cups of coffee. It's a weekly gathering of entrepreneurs, innovators and community builders. They come together today. they have the opportunity to hear from two graduates from the program about their businesses and experience and over the past five years, Fargo Morehead far. Program has had 60 graduates, 40 percent of those graduates still run their businesses that have gone on to start other businesses and we encourage everyone to go. Check out the one million cups one million Cups dot com and one is a numer in that thing is a number, not a not a spelled out. It's the number one and then million Cups dot com slash Fargo To learn more about this young entrepreneurs. I know that their program today, they're one million Cups has been doing a number of things virtually and so you can. Have to be in Fargo and you can tune in and watch this and see about you know, educating inspiring and inspiring young entrepreneurs. There's also one million cups. It's very active in Bismarck. two great organizations doing great work and you can also visit the Fargo West Fargo Chamber dot com for more information about yy cuz maybe there's some other communities that want to adopt that program. We certainly coming out of all of this chaos and disruption. There's gonna be so many opportunities for. And innovators who can come up with new approaches and new business models. There's never a better time to be an entrepreneur, then at a time of disruption. the next topic is behavioral health update. And the state is continuing its efforts to address a pandemic collaboration with local leaders in Red River Valley and today with a tremendous amount of gratitude, we wanna share efforts of the Fargo Cast Public Health group called the Harm Reduction Division the Department of Human Services for the State of North Dakota provides funding to the harm reduction team to offer Mobile outreach services for individuals with behavioral health needs. The service has been essential in meeting the needs of North Dakotans, especially those. Have been living on the fringes during this pandemic individuals who may have been in a situation of that where they have both behavioral health needs and addiction needs and perhaps housing needs if they were tested positive, they may have found themselves in a mandatory isolation or quarantine and again the Mobile outreach team became a vital link in providing support to them specific efforts provided by the Mobile outreach team since the beginning included they provided support for more. 300 people in shelters in Cass County, 80 individuals have received transportation such as services to get tested go to a temporary shelter or get to the hospital when symptoms worsened more than a hundred individuals were provided outreach services well in isolation and quarantine either in their homes at shelters or other locations daily deliveries of food baskets and hot meals to individuals or families in quarantine at. In their homes who may not have had a way to receive food, a daily symptom checks by public health and keeping track of these individuals again harm reduction team has been working together to constantly identify people who are at risk and connect with these individuals and again this is the smart conservative approach because in doing this and treating these challenges as health care needs we can help these individuals stay within the health care. Opposed to the correction system and that saves taxpayers a lot of money and helps them with their family and helps them perhaps find a road to recovery. Lastly, on a few occasions, it's the Mobile outreach team members that we're able to lay lay eyes on some very sick people that ended up being hospitalized immediately. So again, we know that their actions have actually saved lives during this pandemic. Department of Human Services will continue working in the harm Reduction division to provide additional resources. Sure that these vital resources continue to meet the needs of those impacted by Covid- 19, and we are grateful to the work of the harm reduction team and I wanna thank team ND and the team members of the harm reduction team and in the North Dakota Behavioral Health team for all their innovation all their passion to so smartly serve all North Dakotans even those that may find themselves in such a challenging position. so there was a gratitude component in that as well. so we'll wrap up our gratitude to the to the efforts of the successful efforts of the. Cast Public Health Harm Reduction division in the state of North Dakota with a quote, and this comes from 93 year old Benedictine monked David Stahl ratt, and he says if you're grateful you act out of a sense of enough and not out of a sense of scarcity and then you are willing to share If you are grateful, you're enjoying the differences between people and you are respectful to everybody and that changes the power pyramid under which we live. It doesn't make for a quality, but it makes for equal respect and that is the important thing so again, great words on gratitude important words for this time right now from 90 - three -year-old Benedictine monk David Stahl ratt with that I will we will we will stand for questions but before I get to that I want I do want to say we are gonna be back here on Friday for another briefing. Friday's briefing has moved up to Three PM on Friday so we'll hope to. Then and again, if you're signing off now, Thank you for being North Dakota Smart and stay healthy. Stay connected. Stay informed and and thanks for continuing to practice in North Dakota Smart guidelines with that, we'll stand for questions and again, Scott Davis chairman, Faith and Margaret are also available for questions as needed and I think I'm going with Dave first then lane and then back over to this side first. Talk about New cups, I thought we're talking about my coffee consumption in the morning, but can I ask Margaret a question? Absolutely Margaret. You had mentioned sampling is that you don't have the casino and How's that going to happen right now. Our testing happens from the state of North Dakota. The Department of Health, I believe gets the tests down to the Indian Health services and then we'll be going directly into the casinos with the public health nurses. We don't have all the details you know out yet, but what we wanna try to do is be able to cover all those employees at both casinos. so I think the amount of employees total is it just roughly about 420 with both casinos. So we want to be able to cover both of them and some of them may have been covered in the Mass testings. We're not sure, but we were close at that time. so we wanna get that get that feel once they've opened give it a couple of weeks or so and then start going in. It's for the employees and it'd be similar to how we do regular testing for any STIs or anything that we do that Tribal Department works with IHS and public health nursing and we do go into the jails we do do testing and provide that throughout the districts. If you have a moment and perhaps this is readily available online, but what are some of the precautions that you're taking at the casino? right now? I don't have all those details, but I could advise you to go to Prairie Nights dot com on. There's also a link that you can follow that has a covid- 19 page on there that has their guidelines specific to their I do know it pretty much details everything that you have to follow in order to be a visitor there. Yup. mm hmm you mentioned weather playing a role in transportation issues on May ninth wondering if Transportation has played a role in resource deployment or. Data collection outside of that event, that's something that we did today. I'm glad we came up and visited with Scott about on the data collection that we do have. We do work that through IHS but trying to look at a bigger breakdown for that, and that's something that we're hoping to build within the tribes ourselves. transportation issues have been a common theme or if that hasn't been a problem thus far, I think when we go out into the communities, we're right there within walking distance, so we've had several homes. Several people families walk up to the testing sites so that makes it unique for us to be right there with the those communities cuz a lot of people don't. Transportation. More question for you real quick how many residents are there on Standing Rock, roughly close to I would say more like 9000 but eight thousand 975. So North and South Dakota. Thank you. Margaret. Stay tuned. They may not be done with quick questions governor I'd start off with people started to recognize me now as the guy that the governor gives grief to over at sports teams. so that's been fun to hear the past week but question is we've heard from several of our minot visitors that they're frustrated that the Mass testing and minot it took so long to get up there and were wondering what's played a role in. Choosing Cities' got Mass testing and which didn't? I would wanna say again if you go all the way back to the very beginning, there was a few positives and counting when this thing was first started, then they've actually had a very good numbers throughout and there's always been available local testing through Trinity and through the clinics and through others up there and so I feel like that you know minot in the Ward County has been one of the places where this has been under control. We were up there of course testing all of the nursing homes, residents and staff. there was a a. Event that was up there and I know that the testing team is meeting tonight to think about how do we think about sort of round two. How do we go into June and how do we drive drive more testing and they're gonna look at places where if there's places where there are is inherent demand where people want more testing, we wanna listen to that because again, as I said at the beginning, we've there is there as we know from other States. Some places are maybe running in the testing fatigue or you plan on if you have a large scale event and then. And then not as many people show up as you are prepared to test and that's again part of why we've had some lower numbers than what we we've got the ability to process and so again if minot and others are have got still got an interest in doing more testing. We're interested in getting there and supporting them and look forward to working with them. Okay, I'm gonna go online and then back to the side. Mike Smith 660 K Y Z in Williston. Do you worry that the protests could accelerate the spread of Covid- 19, especially in Cass County and do you feel they may undermine the guidelines on large gatherings well and this is a we had a call today again. With the. White House Corona Virus Task force led by Vice President Pence a doctor burks you know the doctor Redfield who leads the CDC was there in the room on the video conference Seema Verma from CMS Jerome Adams, who's the surgeon, general and others and obviously today when you know international level with National leaders governors from both parties on the call. it's hard to talk about Pandemic without talking about the protests cuz the largest the largest gatherings of people with no sports going on right now in stadiums, the largest gatherings that are occurring are occurring when people are gathering together with you know for for for the protests and I think the one of the things we do know is that when one of the ways that this is spread, of course, is through you know coughing sneezing sort of the aerosol droplets. Those can be more prominent when people are singing or shouting. so you get a lot of people in close proximity. Hours at a time, you know chanting together it would it's it'll be it'll be interesting to see in the next week or so if some of these large protest cities end up with with the reoccurrence or outbreaks related to that. there are some some ideas were discussed on the call of some States are offering the supply masks to protesters when they're coming others, of course as part of this idea that respecting the rights to free speech and the right to assemble, but please do it with. Social distancing that's kinda hard when you've got a when it goes from a works better in a peaceful protest, and when it turns into a riot in terms of the social distancing, but I think it's a it's a concern and and with testing we'll see we'll see where it goes again. I I I hope that in North Dakota that if somebody is planning on joining a protest and has you know every reason whether you feel like you've got a you know. Paine of the nation or the injustice that the people are feeling right now but if you are younger, you're more likely to be a symptomatic. If you're younger, you're probably more likely to be protesting and again if you're someone who is got people in your life that are vulnerable whether that's older adults or people that may have underlying health condition. You know challenges whether it's diabetes or high blood pressure. Or cardiovascular disease that we know that there's a that this presents real risks for people of both age and underlying health conditions. and so if you're a young person that is gonna put yourself in a crowd of people like that. I think you have to be aware of whether you buy then choose the socially distance from your loved ones who are vulnerable or where the precautions of wearing a mask when you're there or or choosing to have your voice heard some other way cuz I think there is. this kind of large gatherings is one of the things that we're we're always concerned about in terms of the spread and now the conflation those two things together could compound you know challenging situation so that I'd say that's that's some of my thoughts and some of that's basically a compilation of voices from governors around the country as we discuss this today with a with the vice President. I'm gonna go any and then Jeremy and then Jacob and then back to online a couple of questions for Scott. If you went up that is fantastic. Thank you. Amy. Welcome back to Scott. Scott, you had referenced I believe A hundred 20 - nine in positive cases on North Dakota's reservations. Do you have a breakdown reservation by reservation how many cases and England clarify that wasn't resolution that was statewide that was aggregate numbers statewide, including urban as well, but to your second part is if the tribes to choose in consultation with the tribe if they wanna get a breakdown as Margo talked about into the more the matrix and the data by all means we can we can do that. You don't actually have those numbers so no you don't. It was also wondering you know Standing Rock is doing more you know testing in each of its districts and I'm wondering if similar, additional testing is taking place on the other reservations in North Dakota. Yeah. another good question. I know is doing. I mean they're doing very well on their own per se. they've just got we've got another request from MH last week to provide more test kits through chairman Foxx on the calls, so we'll be doing that here soon if it if it hasn't been already. I know we just did one yesterday. yeah yesterday, but I think a hundred and 70 -eight test were up there yesterday, so that was a an event in itself. so general and his team. We're up there yesterday in partnership with the tribe too. So every child is a little different, you know some need a little assistance, Some don't but as Margaret and her team have said that they're well on their way getting those districts. Of a follow up for you here I believe you mentioned that four and a half percent of everyone tested in the state is Native American and Native Americans make up about five point five percent of the the population in the state and the government has mentioned that it could even be more due to some under counting in the last census. Do you perceive that to be some sort of disparity in what would you attribute that to well? you know when you talk about health disparities in the country even here in North Dakota with our tribes, I mean, yeah we. Conditions are have been very accessible to you know, heart disease diabetes. You know we do have high rates of of those type of health conditions on because of lack of a hospital and medical care on reservations. but you know but through these partnerships as as a chairman of Margaret has a little to we hope to turn those around here by using this pandemic as an example that you know there are partnerships so I think in in it's safe to say. Once we get pass this pandemic, those partnerships are gonna continue with our medical teams. health departments local private as a government has always said the private partnerships with their Sanford or CHI whoever it is and providing more better services for for my members. For the governor's policies moving forward, a lot of them referred to testing and serial testing and repeat testing and whatnot wondering what repeat testing looks like good example, was today or yesterday with the Speer Lake. We were up there two weeks ago three weeks ago, now time flies by so fast and then by request from the again and I'm assuming it's more of the casino related again to do another test so that repeat testing occurred yesterday with with Speer. So I'm assuming that's gonna happen and and my hopes and I think it's a really hopes in the room here that once that vaccine gets gets up and running. I know we talked about that with the General Jones Dorm's Team Unified Command team. we have to repeat that as well once the vaccine is is a remedy here soon. So I know the trends are in the kill on that one as well. Go back to Jeremy's question on the data cuz I have seen that as well, The four point five percent versus five percent when people are asked about race ethnicity at the time of the test, that's not a required field and so we we may have we may be undercounted in the numerator where people did not indicate a tribal affiliation but we know we got the denominator cuz we know how many people we've tested in North Dakota that being aside. Make sure that we are that we do have equal distribution of testing across all you know all groups, but again in some cases when we in some cases where they're more vulnerable, we'll have a higher percentage of people tested. I'm sure by age group by the time we get done if you keep doing serial testing and long-term care. you know we may have you know 25 percent of the people in North Dakota may be under age 18, but they won't be 25 percent of the tasks because we'll be directing those in a targeted way but in the same way where we know that there's. Populations within the tribal populations, we wanna make sure that we're testing it at least at the radar higher, so we are paying attention to that Doctor Josh Wynn who's named last week who was just completed his service as the interim President of UND and it's still the VP of Health Services and dean of the Med School at the University of North Dakota coming in as Chief health strategist part of the the the Charter of what he's working on includes not only collaboration with. Health but also with health service and tribal health So for what Scott alluded to in terms of coming out of this, you know, can we build a stronger better tighter connection? You know, absolutely and I I know that he's got an interest in tapping into the doctor Warren who leads the in Med program the medical program at the University of North Dakota and formerly led the Masters in Public Health program in India S, and it is a medical doctor. And along with three other degrees from great universities like Stanford and anyway, I Don Warren is done is a gonna be a real asset for us and it will be. I think we'll be I'll I'll be it would be expecting that Doctor Wynn will be tapping him to be part of his strategy Task force. Okay. I'm gonna go back online and then we'll come back to Jacob Rene Jean with the Williston Harold Covid-, 19 cases seem to be rapidly dropping off. Are we seeing are we getting any indication in North Dakota's State? It's a seasonal component to Corona virus. This came up on the call today and I don't think there's anything conclusive yet. you know there's some It's certainly some hope that when you've got warmer temperatures and changes in humidity that somehow the you know the aerosol if you will transmission is less than it is when temperatures are colder and humidity lower. some of suggested that maybe this would explain some regional geographic differences around the globe. Some might suggest that this is you know difference between New York City and Florida or Los Angeles in terms of the rates, but others would say that you know New York City it may have been explainable by other factors whether how fast people took action to slow transmission or the the rate of the percentage of people that live in high density areas or the percentage of people that take public transportation. So I would say this is an ongoing debate with no no conclusion. Certainly we know. That this is like in some ways and we do know that the flu we all know that the flu is seasonal and we do know that like in the 1918 pandemic as I've shared before of the what was that time called the Spanish flu that you know, there's a lot of deaths in the spring and went away in the summer. People relaxed came back October. More people died in America hundreds of thousands. I in the fall compared to what they did in the spring and so I. Certainly there were seasonality there, so I think we wanna learn from the current data but be cautionary about history to declare victory too soon. maybe we'll get a reprieve this summer, but I don't think that would suggest anybody would suggest a public health leaders at the National level would suggest that we should take our guard down heading back into the heading back into the fall. Jacob Governor in the past, you have a question Sir. I just have a quick clarification. Although the first lady is in the lead with two invitations, you didn't receive one from a school in the Northeast, who's mascot as a polar bear. But we were talking about tribal schools. okay, but that's okay. I'm happy to know that I didn't get completely blanked out good news. I did get invited I did get invited to apparently by the lamo polar Bears to speak at graduation, but and I was honored to include a few words in the virtual graduation, but I think we're talking, I'm still I'm still down to 01 -A on tribal tribal. invites. Okay. Jacob. I hope you get your call soon in the last week, the President has referred to certain governors as a weak in the response to covering protests and has when he address. Said that some governors should try to dominate some dangerous crowds. We've seen some demonstrations around this state wondering how you approach differs from what the President wants Well. I think what we saw on Saturday night or in a Fargo and I was there so I got to see some of it firsthand. I was again great collaboration between local you know local police departments Fargo West Fargo, Cass County Sheriff's Department. we had great response North Dakota Highway Patrol within hours had a third of the personnel in North Dakota Highway Patrol in Fargo, including a rapid response. Team we had the National Guard was training in Fargo and we're readily available the group that was training. there was the group that's actually got experience and training in you know, crowd control and support roles and so they were within minutes of when we got the letters from West Fargo and Cass County and the City of Fargo, asking for assistance, we were able to deploy the guards so I think we saw planning we saw AG. We saw the nimbleness we saw speed, We saw a collaboration and of course, a lot of a lot of good good coordination between all of those leaders. I've spent many hours in the command Center on Saturday night and again between all of those different organizations coordination matters and they were you know up against by Saturday night when things started to happen up against some train professionals and and that was again in spite of that I came away with you know no Larsson. Serious injuries minor minor vandalism and I would say that you know great success now hopefully we'll people will understand if he as people are planning these things that they understand that North Dakota, where we respect our neighbors, we respect the rule of law. We respect the right to the first Amendment We respect the right to the right to assemble freely, but we do not you know tolerate. Blatant lawlessness and and I think it's you know coming off the funeral yesterday for officer you know Cody Holt who is represents the very best of us. You know someone who is served and served in the army as his twin brother did served in the Grand Forks Police for his twin brother serving in the Fargo Police Department. I mean this is a family with all the You know all the right values that would make anybody proud and Young father with 11 month year old this is a guy that you know literally ran into the line of fire to save other people's lives and I think as we as we think about those who you know, would blatantly have a disregard for for the rule of law. The rule of law is what allows all of our freedoms to stand in our country. It's what allows us to have free speech. It's what allows us to enjoy the prosperity that we've had in our in our country while there are There's a there's an opportunity and maybe even a moment here for us to think about you know broadening a dialogue about around Justice. I think there's a way to do that and do that when we're with you know not just as we pursue peace, but with peace in our hearts as we do that and I just have got nothing but positive things to say about the the law enforcement and first responders that were there in far. The state who've been have been finding the right balance in terms of respect and dignity for those that are that wanna share their voices as you get to do in this country and a right that we fight to protect but a not having tolerance for for people that again, you know, break the law cuz that's we have to just find find that find that line and we have to understand we have to understand that this is some of this is not random. Some of this is actually well organized. we know that was the case with. That we're in Fargo and and that's a very different a different thing. That's no that doesn't it feels like organized crime. It doesn't feel like like a a voicing your voicing your First Amendment rights. There's there's a real difference between that and we have to what happened earlier in the day on Saturday with the March was you know well executed well, managed and points. you know, pointed and beautiful in terms of the interaction and the dialogue that was occurring and what happened on. Saturday night was the complete opposite of some of that was a complete opposite of that. we have to be able to make a distinction between the two and move forward. Okay. I'm gonna go online and then back the Scott Henan WCF GK Aquire Radio. Another protest is happening Friday in Fargo since these protests have large participation that may exceed state guidelines. would you recommend that permits not be granted by cities because of the cogan threat? we're. Discussion with some city leaders tonight around that topic. I think the other you know tactic, which we've seen around the nation and what we saw is that you know a permit. Ced group is organized routes approved and then once that starts then you know the routes are not followed and so I think again and when they're trying to deviate from the route, they're trying to get into a spot where they can create. Action and video. I mean everyone's got to understand there's two things going on here. One is the actual kind of battle on the ground and when we're talking about a riot, there's a battle on the ground where there's physical physical activity happening, but there's also an information battle where the people that are that are trained in these tactics are actually trying to what they're trying to get. they're not trying to break a window. they're trying to get video that will support their narrative and the most amazing thing of all is that through everything that went on so you. Saturday night there's I don't think you can find a video online that would show anything other but anything other than professionalism and restraint by law enforcement in North Dakota and that's a homework I think here, but it's a challenging you know challenging to maintain that posture when people are throwing three and four pound rocks at you and water bottles and expletives and damaging property, but it's again. this is the you know one of the world's living in This-we're fighting two things at the same time and I think again there's sophistication in North Dakota that understand that we're fighting a and an information battle and I think on Saturday night. Largely came out of in good shape on both of those, but that makes it it makes things very difficult and again. I'm separating that kind of activity from everyone's right to voice voice. I think what's more productive and we made the invitation on Sunday morning, but if there are people who live in North Dakota and are in communities in North Dakota, that feel that that they wanna have a dialogue with myself or with mayors or with anyone about about what Justice feels like we. To sit down with people and I think that again, let's have a productive dialogue where a state where people can sit down and work together and as opposed to you know an anonymous acts of lawlessness. if you're really for a cause, then you know, stand up. Share your name. reach out to us identify your Organization and let's sit down and have a conversation where we I think we've got a deep track record of willing to listen and create space for dialogue and we're happy to do that. so if anybody's got a grievance would would want to let. But again haven't heard from haven't heard from any of the protests the riot organizers on Saturday night. None of them have reached out to our office, but I'll extend that I'll extend that offer again happy to talk to them and just tell us who you are and let's get together and visit. Well, I'm going to lean and then and then back over here I was wondering if you had an update on the antibody testing going on here in North Dakota, it seems like forever since we last our press conference. But if I remember correctly, we were waiting on some results. let me just check and see if I have an update here, it wasn't part of our this is quite on astrology testing. These are the blood tests are the available now there's they they were the ones that were sent to the lab. They've made it through validation. They're now available through health care facilities. Of an individualized question about availability, they should reach out to their health care provider and this point of care. Soria tests are those are being validated again. in those testing events will be targeted areas where astrology has to be most impactful, including areas where disease rate is high. I don't know if that specifically answers your question or not, but it sounds like they're it's either some are going out. The door in some are going out the door soon, and this will be the test to find out not what your positive negative but whether or not you've actually developed antibodies so any of those back. I know that they've done I know that they had done a bunch. I think I explained last week they were doing two things. They're doing the finger prick test at the same time. they're doing the blood draw and then comparing the results between them and I'll make a point to see cuz I think there was a hundreds if not many hundreds of those tests that have been completed. and if we got those results, I'll see if I can share them on Friday. These are also on the Department website. It's also they're posting now the Department of Health website Okay, so for Mark staples through the mask, so they're on the Sorin test results on the website. So maybe that question you don't have to wait till Friday and look it up. 921 total tests and 97 detective Okay so again 2921 here's your astrology test testing for antibodies 90 - seven detective only 90 - seven detectives you can see that's less than five percent so we were so that's a long way from her immunity. But good good data. Dave I'm sorry, Dave you mentioned that you can barely see him as a little up. You have to really be to be really listening to the little nod there you need a jog. you mentioned that the state has the capacity to process 4000 tests today. I'm wondering if that comes with an accompanying goal to perform 4000 tests per day. yeah we we have our we're we're taking a look at the team will be back here on Friday to outline what we wanna do for June in terms of and Cuz it's a combination of said before what state can do what our partners can do what our testing partner in North Carolina. That's we've been working with that we wanna do this and and how we want it and how we wanna get it done because some of it as I said some of the reasons when we've been falling short of our goals is we've planned to have that many tests done in a day and then we've had people not show when we had testing event. so we've got it. We gotta change our strategies or change our incentives or change our. Easier for people, you know, learn from standing, you know, go to work go to where to go to where the people are go to where they can do walk up. It's let's think about walk up testing as opposed to drive up. I mean there's some things that we've got that we've got to do differently that we've got to own on our end to get these numbers up. there is there any consideration for possibly expanding the criteria for somebody who can get tested Well. I absolutely they'll be spending cuz I mean 11 idea. We've just talked about today is if we've got the capacity. And there isn't demand from people that are showing up at clinics that are systematic. I mean, could we you know as a samples say that of the places where as we start to get through the nursing home of thing, we're talking about testing staff on a weekly basis. we might have enough testing capacity to pick up some nursing homes and say you know that all visitors going in a certain nursing homes need to get tested and they'd say well, you know. You're picking on us while we might if we did 10 nursing homes and tested every visitor that came in and found out that you know one in 10 visitors was a symptomatic, but it was positive. You know, then that probably gets us to rethink our visitation our visitation approaches and I I do think we need to also take a look at you know universities. We got a lot of faculty and universities over the summer. We got summer students coming back. we haven't really done any testing there. but when we start thinking about how do we get smart about testing for dorms? I mean dorm's are con. And we we there's nobody living in dorms in North Dakota during this whole event, But if they're back next fall, I mean we'd have you know out of 40 - 5000 University students in North Dakota. I mean you could have a quarter of them living in dorms that would be larger than even the larger than you know any other congregate living population, including long-term care and in the correction system. and so you know what what is the testing capacity? we need for that. so we gotta be thinking you know in the future about how we wanna do this as well Dave. It was a recent briefing. You were saying that the trend line in terms of the people applying for unemployment benefits seemed to be going the right way. I'm just curious if you have a new figures on unemployment and people seeking unemployment benefits and also what our current unemployment rate is Dave I happen to have some numbers with me. so thank you weekly certificates certification is when someone. There's still unemployed they continue to trend downward in the last three weeks. We've seen a decline of eight thousand 199 weekly certifications from the peak week, which was May third so 14 point seven percent decline. this is decline is in large part the result of individuals returning to unemployment cumulative benefits that have been paid and of all types together. now total 360. Six million dollars of both the regular and the pandemic unemployment in the you know the PUA, the PEC and the F PUC those four different programs, 366 point six million dollars, and then last Tuesday again claims come way down a regular claims 430 the PU A- 130 - three and PE 150 - four, so those are way down from the highs and. We have transferred in a hundred and 10 million dollars to the the Cares Act funding through the which was you know approved by the emergency Commission and came out of the recommendations we met in that initial round A hundred and 10 million went into that the trust fund balances at A hundred and 90 - two point four million dollars, so we got a nice nice balance in the trust fund as the numbers continue to decline. I would say that again, we're not gonna understand the true rate of unemployment in the nation or in the in North. Until the expiration of the extra $600 a week goes away cuz I hear story after story after story from employers that people are doing everything they can to avoid returning to work if they can continue to draw more money, I mean that would make economic sense if you can make more money on unemployment that you can at your job. I understand the strong incentive to do that. so I would well. I guess I guess we'll know we'll know what the real unemployment rate is when it's more of an equalized of equal. Okay, I think we're at that point at the end of the day where we wanna say thank you for those who are wondering what lanes wearing today, he's wearing his. he's wearing the colors of KX News blue today no sports teams today but looking sharp, I wanna thank all of you for being here again and thank you. Chairman Faith. Thanks Margaret. Thanks Scott Davis and thanks everybody especially that was watching today and viewing today cuz you're you're attention and presence really matters. We're grateful to you for everything you're doing. To focus on the facts, not on fear and thanks for helping keep North Dakota in such a positive direction. Have a great day. We'll see you Friday at three PM. That's gonna become one of the segments. That's what it is like. Wavey You guys are. One time what was that? Hi.

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