4 Tips on How to Survive a Sinking Cruise Ship

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Even the biggest cruise ships are vulnerable to giant waves or... icebergs. And the best way to protect yourself is to be prepared for an emergency. The...

Posted 7 months ago in Travel & Leisure Activities

Sarah Wilks Costalas 7 months ago

So, when in a flooded corridor, take off your life-jacket to be able to swim underwater... Then pop it on when you're out... Don't really get how you carry it swimming underwater... 馃

Sherron Jennings 7 months ago

I鈥檝e got a better idea, don鈥檛 go on cruises!

Donald Burns 7 months ago

Laurie Rudolph 7 months ago

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Yri谩 Santiesteban 7 months ago

've gone cruising many times to many places, it is very safe and fun.

Julien Brasseur 7 months ago


Alfredo Aquino 7 months ago

Bring a rescue boat with you or have snorkels scuba outfit and a pack lunch

Yri谩 Santiesteban 7 months ago

Bright Side where can I find more of these kind of videos from you?

Kiritbhai Shah 7 months ago


Phil Indovina 7 months ago