BBC One - What if the whole world went vegan?

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What if the whole world went vegan?

Davinia Marshall
Davinia Marshall4 months ago

I'm yet to see a balanced argument with not only the impact of meat production but also the requirements for feeding total population on a vegan diet.
How much land is required? How do we guarantee year round availability in countries where the land is frozen solid for 3 months a year? Can food be produced locally or do we need to start shipping in protein rich foodstuffs from around the globe?
Where is the balance? There are many questions and I don't feel like anyone can make a valid choice until all the facts are presented.

Anna Meyers
Anna Meyers4 months ago

Okay, but what about the animal blood that is needed to test medical equipment (because no other liquid reacts like blood to test machines that need to separate plasma from red blood cells)? I mean, we need GALLONS of blood for tests like that...and companies get that blood from slaughter houses. So just kill the animals anyway and let the bodies rot? Not saying we couldn't make do with LESS meat in our diet; but I feel like it is unrealistic to say that the world would be able to function without meat entirely. Instead maybe focus on giving the animals a better quality of life BEFORE they are slaughtered; instead of cramming them in confined spaces and denying them grass and sunlight.

Kelly Watts
Kelly Watts4 months ago

A video to get us thinking which judging by the comments it has. The bias given in visual form is rather startling, turn off the sound and don't read the sub titles and then think about what you have watched. Piles of meat, intensive farming, rubbish bins overflowing with vignettes of beautiful vegetable's and small groups of happily grazing animals. The BBC ask us to consider the problem but are sending us in a particular direction, unbias I think not.

Valerie Sutton
Valerie Sutton4 months ago

Now... count the number of flatulence per person ร— world population.... the amount is higher
This is the worst argument made for being vegan or vegetarian...
If we went back to the days of people having to kill and process their meats... perhaps there would be less waste of product (as you would have respect for the animal giving their life for you to eat... that is nature's sustainable way)

Julia Makepeace
Julia Makepeace4 months ago

Fields have a rotation system so they are not drained of nutrients. One field is left arable every season so it recovers. Learnt about this at my agricultural school.

Lisa Haack
Lisa Haack4 months ago

Iโ€™m about there, even though I love my bacon and such. Why? Because the quality of the cuts of meat have become quite gross. Riddled with fat, placed there by reckless greed in the meat industry. Bad practices. Hard to even eat meat on my plate without digestive misery. Yuck. I guess itโ€™s the industryโ€™s way of trying to wean us off of the foul stuff. I miss a good ribeye, or a good cut of chicken. Oh well.

Gilly Cohen
Gilly Cohen4 months ago

So more growing agriculture that doesnt put any nutrients back into the soil, making it useless over time. More products being transported around the world bevause most countries cant grow what they would eat. Countries reliant on meat production for the economy left high and dry. Mass peoduction of crops in countries that don't have the redources. And if we all got less sick and lived longer, even more over population of an already crumbling planet, all wanting more plant based food!!! Good luck with that ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Nola Jacinta Maria
Nola Jacinta Maria4 months ago

a very bad idea. We need a mix in agriculture, arable and pastoral, with manure from animals feeding the land for veg and grain. I'm sticking to my omnivore diet!

Jessica Silson Kerridge
Jessica Silson Kerridge4 months ago

So few flaws in this
It misses out the fact that the farming land used to rear cattle can't be used for crops, infact there is not enough land to grow enough crops to feed all humans.

It also implies that it would be better to have no cows, but harsh on the cow.

It neglects to mention the biproducts of creating crops that also affect the environment.

Then it falsely States all humans can not only love but be healthier on a vegan diet which is simply not true.

Virginia Read
Virginia Read4 months ago

This isnt a balanced view. If we were all vegan we'd probably fart as much as the cows do now! Also the U K is tiny compared to the USA who raise thousands more cattle than we do. Are they going to give up their cattle too? What are the cattle and sheep farmers suppsed to do for a living?
They can't all turn into crop farmers because not all grazing land is suitable for growing crops. There are no sensible conversations about the basics of these ideas.