Goalcast - One day Rami Malek decided to give it his all:...

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One day Rami Malek decided to give it his all: "There's no fear on stage." πŸ™Œ

Rachael Sian O'Keefe
Rachael Sian O'Keefe4 months ago

Amazing actor and amazing performance. He 100% deserved it! But I feel like Gwilym Lee was so over looked for his role as Brian May! He was outstanding! And I couldnt tell the difference between him and the real deal! He definitely should have been nominated for best supporting actor

Amaya Bengoechea
Amaya Bengoechea4 months ago

He deserved awards. He is talented and executed the role perfectly

Bar Tan
Bar Tan4 months ago

He deserved and earned that award. He is a great actor. I loved the movie especially Rami’s performance. He truly delivered, thank you πŸ™.

Connie Pangan
Connie Pangan4 months ago

I couldn't tell the difference during the film..he was that good! great choice to be Freddie..

Kim Schory
Kim Schory4 months ago

One of the best performances I've ever seen.

Lori Ruhland
Lori Ruhland4 months ago

He was awesome in that film!!!

June Provow
June Provow4 months ago

Movie was awesome. He did a great job playing Freddie Mercury

Anna Fernandes
Anna Fernandes4 months ago

The first time I saw Rami Malek was in "The Pacific... I knew then that He looked so much like Freddie.. I didnt say much about it to anyone... When Fate gave Rami this movie oppurtuntiy... I felt Oh My Gosh! finally Fate gave him this chance.. Of course I was Very Happy when Rami won an Oscar! :-)

Gabrielle McCoy
Gabrielle McCoy4 months ago

"Capture his spontaneity." They always say things for publicity.

Avnil Taylor
Avnil Taylor4 months ago

He gave 100% and brought Freddie back to life. Thk u for that and the Oscar is well deserved.
Wishing u an amazing future ahead.