Ciara - ATL bred I’m #Rooted. Shot this video 2 days...

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ATL bred I’m #Rooted. Shot this video 2 days before delivery, Covid style! Out now! 💃🏽

Posted 1 year ago

Jeepboy Sipho 1 year ago

How to download it on what website please yoh! my eyes are hungry please please 🙏🙏💝

Cearia Jones 1 year ago

If that's all I got to do to go into labor I will shutting it down next week lol

Jordan Sokoloski 1 year ago

Awesome as always Ciara! Great job. Your a champion.

Melissa Larsen Ekholm 1 year ago

STUNNING Can't stop watching and so proud to see motherhood portrayed so strong and bold #thankyou