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ICYMI: Team Trump Online with Lara Trump, Rep. Mike Garcia, and Rep. Tom Tiffany!
Trump campaign is now reaching voters online. You are seeing the President of the United States look at the lines. A lot of President Trump's supporters' movements in the history of. This week, we have legendary comedian Jim Brewer from Saturday Night Live back in the days when it was still funny. It's not a mask that he was wearing this weekend, though I think it's a muzzle if you did that once in my House go, you're right man because it's a little weird. The way you slipped. Did you see the kids out alone. We learned that the Obama Biden administration weaponized the intelligence community to take down the incoming Trump administration. I just feel like the President has done everything with all of his heart and he does something. All of it, Democrats are really in for a big surprise in November and the Republican Party is all about individualism and it's about freedom. We see these promises made promises kept for Hispanics from every corner of this hemisphere. They recognize that President Trump is not only willing to stand up and fight for freedom and democracy, but he is also willing to stand up to despots and dictators. We are one people one family and one glorious nation. We will make America great again. Welcome. To team Trump online. Good evening everybody and welcome to Team Trump online. I'm Lara Trump senior adviser to President Trump's reelection campaign tonight. We have the pleasure of welcoming Congressman Mike Garcia of California and Congressman Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin gentlemen. Thank you both for joining us. Thank you. Laura. Thanks for having us. Hey Lauren. It's great to be here. I'm in wausau. Remember when you're in wausau about six months ago, we had a great time. Yes. it's a great place and we're excited to have both of you on. Hopefully I'll get back out there soon and hopefully we can get all over. I wanna start tonight by asking you both about what we're seeing in major cities all across this country. radical groups like Antifa are inciting violence and truly dishonoring the memory of George Floyd. Many businesses are being burned looted livelihoods being destroyed. We want Justice for George Floyd and his family. Everybody agrees on that, but this utter destruction and violence is not the way to do that. So I wanna ask both of you. What would you say to the people who are? A tragedy as an opportunity for violence and chaos Congressman Garcia will start with you first. Yeah, absolutely Laura. It's it's it's heartbreaking to watch happen real time here, especially in the northern La County area where we've seen it before, obviously with the with the riots in 1992, first let me let me just say that what I saw in that video with the George Floyd absolutely made me sick to my stomach and it broke my heart and and and I and I pray that. Just for him, in short order for all the folks who were involved in in his in his murder There but I also say that the the reaction that we're seeing in terms of the violence and the looting is not the right answer. protester are are are okay and should be encouraged in fact lawful legal protest, peaceful protest or a good thing. That's our constitutional right and we've seen many of those leading up to this event. unfortunately it's taken. For a little more violence, so a lot more violence in some cases and and looting and look we're we're we're a country of law and order and we need to enforce our laws and and those folks will be held accountable. I have no doubt about that and hopefully see the Justice as well. So we've got to go about this. We've got a heal as a country. We've got to have these discussions and we've got to learn from the mistakes that all folks have made get better as a country and turn the corner but And the violence that we're seeing you know around the nation in several cities, especially here in Los Angeles is absolutely the wrong answer right now. Yeah, I think it's very frustrating for Americans all across this country to watch this happen because there are many peaceful protesters and they absolutely have every right to be out there. We want them to be out there. Congressman Tiffany I mean we're seeing destruction here all across this country, and it seems kind of like a lot of these. Local government officials have just not done anything about it. What is your response to all of this? Yeah? It's a really good point and you make a couple of really good points here. Laura one is we all want Justice for George Floyd and I believe it was his brother who just commented in the last day or two that the violence does nothing to get Justice for George Floyd. In fact, it's counterproductive. but to your point, I mean we have in Madison, Wisconsin, The mayor is. Refusing to take into custody knows that are breaking the law. We need real leadership at this time and in some cities, we're seeing that in some cities, we're not and it is a very dangerous thing to allow this to get out of control as happened with the mayor of Minneapolis. Yeah, and we've seen it all across this country. Sadly, one injustice is not then overcome by more injustice and People are losing their livelihoods their businesses their homes to this group of people that really aren't out there to protest for George Floyd and for change that many of the others are they're out there to just cause chaos and incite violence. President Trump just took a huge step, He just declared anti tifa a terrorist Organization. There's evident showing that this group is sending people into these protests infiltrating them. Violent causing all of this destruction What danger does pose because I think a lot of people have heard about antique for a long time. We're now seeing basically what they're capable of how can we stop these criminal violent acts that they're doing Congressman Tiffany. What are your thoughts on Antifa and how do we stop them? You know? I thought the President made a very good point in the last 24 hours when he pointed back to the WTO riots. Seattle, from what was that almost two decades ago, you're seeing the same type of actions that are being taken now and it needs to be stopped, mayors and governors need to stop this from happening and Antifa. they're going to have to root them out because they do they hide themselves amongst legitimate protesters and I would say the people that are protesting out there. Watch out for the person next to you That brings the brick or whatever because that's the person. The true that that that that's the true bad guy in this whole thing. Yeah. Absolutely Congressman Garcia. What are your thoughts? Yeah? I think I think that's true. We've got to pay a little closer attention in the midst of these protests as to what's going around when do they, how do they evolved into these these violent acts being led by an underground organizations? we've got to go after the leadership and and and pull the curtain back on on where these things are being organized from and. Is leading this effort for chase the funding sources as well and when you can find out who the the leadership is and where the money is coming from that will ultimately break their back but it truly is a terrorist Organization. You know, unlawful violence and intimidation for political gain is the definition. it's in their name right, so we've got to be aggressive all branches of government all levels of government need to be proactive in chasing out the bad actors and the local law enforcement officers can't take anything for. We just assume it is a grassroots protest from the local community members and be aggressive in rooting these folks out. It's it's an ugly Organization and we cannot allow it to flourish. Yeah and I wanna say a big thank you by the way to the law enforcement officers all across this country. They're all in agreement as well that what we saw in the video of George Floyd's death is absolutely disgraceful and disgusting and should never happen and people need to be held to account for that but they're out there. Every day and you're right, Congressman Garcia, you don't know if you're out there. What's what's coming at you? What's happening next Who is a peaceful protester and who is a person that is gonna throw a Molotov cocktail or a break at you. It's very scary time. so I just wanna say a big thank you to all the law enforcement out there. We've seen many videos by the way we're they're marching alongside the peaceful protesters. they're saying we agree. We wanna be here for you and we are here to give you the right to do this so definitely. An interesting time in our country, I wanna switch gears here at congressman congratulations to both of you both achieved extraordinary victories last month that have really changed the game going into November, the mainstream media and Democrats have pushed the idea that Republicans are losing working class and suburban voters, but your victories proved that couldn't be any further from the truth. Congressman Tiffany will start with you win in Wisconsin on May. Was not unexpected, but the size of the victory was you won your seat by an astounding 14 points. Can you tell us what gave you the momentum to post such a big victory on election night at what about your message? Do you think resonated with voters in your district? Yeah. I just think that people really I tied my message into what President Trump was saying in terms of reducing regulations, reducing taxes and putting good. On the court and we were seeing the results here in early 2020 talking to small business owners that they were so optimistic going into 2020 and they know if we stick with that, we're gonna go through a tough time. We've got to build a bridge to get through these difficult times, but we can get back to that. And that's what I said to the voters and that's why I won decisively. So what do you you're in your message means as we move into November? For you but also for President Trump's reelection bid in the Great State of Wisconsin. Yeah, for sure, as we all know President Trump won Wisconsin as a Republican for the first time that a Republican presidential candidate has I think since 1984, President Reagan second term and it's a powerful message that he could win Wisconsin. We need to do the same thing and up where I'm at where I live in Trump country. My goal. Laura here in November is not a 14 point win like on May 12, It is to do even. Than that because my goals are make sure Tom Tiffany gets reelected to Congress, but number two is to make sure that President Trump comes back as President in November of 2020. Yeah. Well, those are our goals too. We will we'll set those goals for you so I wanna turn to California Congressman Garcia your victory in such a blue state as California was a political shock that resonated nationally. of course, it was a little closer until the end. How did you? Going into election night, where you and your team confident that you would come out with a victory we were bullish and we were we were cautiously optimistic. We didn't take anything for granted you know in California from a political perspective, California's the land of not quite right. We have a whole lot of variables with the all male and ballot new new locations being added real time in the midst of the voting period of 15 days or so so there are a lot of variables. We weren't sure how how we're gonna play. You know I didn't get in this race initially because I thought I had a chance. I got in this race because I knew with the right message and the right team that we could actually recover this district and win this race. I was running against at the time Katie Hill and you can't have probably a more stark contrast between candidates then then that between Katy Hill and myself so in California, it is a blue state with pockets with of conservative values. This wasn't a Republican versus Democrat race and the message wasn't us versus them. It was it was truly about values it was about being able to continue to survive in California. Californians love our state. We love the weather. We love the geography and the people we just don't like our politicians and we don't like the one -party system that we have in Sacramento and frankly, those people are driving us into the ground right now, they don't understand how business works they don't understand what it means to live in California To make a living and still be able to make ends meet and there's a lot of bad legislation coming out of Sacramento that we put a bright shining light on and that was the focus things like a Bfive higher taxes, more Red tape and bureaucracy to Tom's point earlier. these are the messages that the average American cares about and in this case they voted for the Republican because I you know, I'm a patriot. I'm I wasn't running as a professional politician. I'm running because I want what's best for my country and in the end I don't want my nation. To what California has become politically and that's the fight that I'm fighting here and and it's resonating because people just wanna be able to continue to survive in this beautiful state. This beautiful district a very purple district, but we've we've won our hearts and minds with values and I think we can replicate that in November for sure, well some food for thought here. This is an interesting fact. I'd like to talk about California is a blue state, but it is the one state that we get our absolute. Orders on the campaign website at the store for it's our number one fundraising state in the entire country. so while it is a blue state, those pockets of Red are very very strong, all across California, but your victory was such a great one, not only for the people of your district but really for the entire state because for the first time in 22 years, a congressional district in the Golden State flipped from blue to Red. I mean that's sort of unheard of these days in California, so we have. Big congressional races on the line come November. What do you think your victory means for the other folks looking to defeat Liberal Democrats in your home? state? Yeah. And first of all, I'm very grateful, not knowing some of those stats before I got in this race so ignorance is Bliss in some regards. so I look we you know again. It's all about the message. It's all about the candidates and we had a mantra you know with 18 opponents over the span of 14 months. our mantra is we're gonna make it rain longer than anyone could tread water and as team. As a-team up and down the ticket at all levels, you just need to be able to outwork your opponent as long as you have the right message, the right work ethic and and you take the time to listen to the constituents and understand what's really on their minds and again it's not just party politics. It's it's not just the talking points that we're all used to it. It's it's about really understanding the fuel and the flavor within the district and then applying those correctly and then working your tail off. that's that's the recipe it. it's just it's hard sometimes and you've gotta have the diligence to do it. I think what this pretends, though is that we are in the midst of an awakening. There's a Republican Renaissance across the country. I'm I've been humbled and flattered and frankly blown away by how our little race started as a grassroots and became so National, especially in the last three weeks with the support of the President of the NRCC, the state GOP it was a flawless execution and integration of a combined armed effort. frankly, I don't envy any of our opponents in November. I think that will be done again and in several districts around the country, we've got 17 seats here to get to get the House back and fully enable the President and and and get this economy back on eight cylinders. It's certainly a doable. Do I think we need all the support you mentioned in California. You know there, there is no state with higher potential energy in California. We have the highest number of Republicans. I think in the nation we we just. To get active and and frankly, we need to appeal to that Middle third as well and to be honest, I don't care if that Middle third reregister as a Republican or no party preference as long as they're voting for us and their understanding the value proposition that the Republican candidate brings which is lower taxes, less bureaucracy and and getting this nation back on its feet and and true leadership, and if we can do that, we'll be successful and and I think we're on the verge of something great here. Couldn't agree more. Alright. Thanks Congressman. Stay right where you are. We're gonna be right back after this quick Commercial break. What beautiful history we wrote together. China is not our problem. Donald J Trump and I approve this message. Hey, Lara Trump here the fake news media has spent years trying to stop President Trump with their lies and their witch hunts, but still our movement is stronger than ever. We can't let the fake news media drown out our positive message about all of our incredible accomplishments. Make sure you're getting your news directly from the source by subscribing to the official. Donald J Trump Podcast Today. Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or Google Play Alright, welcome back to Team Trump online. I'm Laura Trump and I'm joined by Congressman Mike Garcia and Tom Tiffany. We just heard how these two pulled off incredible victories the last month in their respective House races. Gentlemen, President Trump changed history with his huge victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, he wrote down expectations and barriers and proved that Americans of all backgrounds, not just the elites can run for office. And you really are no different. your victories have changed the game. Congressman Garcia I've been really moved and excited by your story. You are a first-generation American who has fought for this country flying over 30 combat missions while serving in the United States Navy. You know how to overcome obstacles that is for sure. how do you believe your life has prepared you to take on Washington, DC and work for the people of your. You know, I think I think the hard work and diligence that I've learned along the way as a as a graduate of Annapolis and Georgetown University, the background in National security obviously and and being in the aerospace business for the last 11 years and leading a small business, but also a large business Organization is what really enabled me to lead this team. we had a fantastic grafts Organization and it any single element wasn't difficult, but it was extremely. Multifaceted and when you add in multiple facets like that the complexity layers go up. I benefit from being able to operate in complex environments and get up a steep learning curve relatively quickly. I'm not a politician. I had no prior you know experience in the political world and that was what most people look at as a single biggest weakness but but aligned with the President's message as well. I think that's actually the single biggest strength that we have I have. To a political agenda, my only allegiances or to the Constitution and and capitalism and in competition and making sure that we're doing the right thing for this country and that that's that's that's a refreshing perspective for especially the folks in our district who are frankly tired of the party party politics. they want Americans to lead who are doing it for the right reasons and you know I'm I'm honored to be at the forefront of this and it's it's it's a fantastic time to be serving the nation when when the nation is. Hurting when the nation is is is truly in need of leadership to get us back on our feet. So I'm humbled to be here and it's it's been a fantastic ride. Alright. Congressman Tiffany you and your politics with the mindset of a businessman much like the President. We know you things a little differently than career politicians. How do you believe working in business prepared you to serve the people of Northern Wisconsin. You know? Laura. I look back to my roots all the way back to. As a kid, I grew up on a dairy farm in Western Wisconsin, five brothers, two sisters, You know Classic Big farm family here in the Midwest. All of my brothers and sisters have been small business owners at one time or another, my wife and I we were able to pursue the American Dream. We owned a dinner and excursion wilderness cruises for two decades. It was a great business to run and what I saw was high taxes and excessive regulations here in Wisconsin we. Killing the American Dream, and I said, I gotta do something about this, so I chose to run for office and came in as a citizen legislator in Wisconsin at a truly momentous time here in Wisconsin and people remember back a decade ago with Governor Scott Walker, we made a huge reforms in Wisconsin and put our state in so much better position. That's why I ran for Congress when Sean Duffy chose to resign, I said, We need somebody like that in Washington, DC, that can take that that that that that that same thought of being a small business owner. Taxes reducing regulations unshackling people so they can experience the American Dream. That's that's what I've been about the whole time I've been in politics and it won't change in Washington, DC. Well, we can't think of a better person to take Congressman Duffy see he was a huge loss, but look what we got now. It's it's fantastic. I wanna talk about the non traditional campaigning that both of your campaigns had to engage in for both of you. Please tell our audience about your relationship with the President's campaign, the State Republican Party and other partners within your respective state. How did it all work? Congressman Garcia I'll start with you. Yeah. We started this campaign truly is a grassroots effort and and you know I was eyes wide open that we needed to be able to win this organically and on our own and then in the external support that we got would be just the cherry on top. I didn't expect the amount of support that we got and it's certainly got us. And it was it was a seamless integration. Frankly, we were able to integrate not only the grassroots campaign into the state GOP, but also the NRCC and ultimately with President Trump's support in it and it was about a seamless integration and combined effort that we could have hoped for you know in the end, the message is it is consistent all the way up and down. it's about bringing jobs and the economy back. it's about being able to continue to survive in this nation and and and This country the greatest country in the history of the world and and you know watching all hands on deck come together for that team effort that was inspiring to watch and it was for the good of the nation and I think when folks are acting in that spirit and good faith in support of the Constitution will always win and Congressman Tiffany. What about Wisconsin for you? Yeah as a citizen legislator, it is always been about the grassroots and that's how Donald Trump built his campaign in 2016, He went right to the. Roots and it resonated with people so much, especially up in my district here in Northern Wisconsin, and we continue to emphasize that and through this special election leading up to May 12, We really integrated our campaign along with the Trump campaign and the Trump team was able to make tens of thousands of phone calls help us in a variety of ways and that's how we're gonna win in November, all of us working together. Well, it is the truth and we have to win in November we. Congressman we so appreciate the work that you both are doing for your state and for this country as we head towards November, is there a message? Maybe you wanna leave the American people with tonight? a congressman Garcia I'll start with you. Yeah. There's no more important time right now to get active to support. If you're not the warrior in the arena, then you need to be the person supporting the warrior supporting the President supporting your congressional candidates and all the way down to lowest levels of government in your local areas. You know this isn't a Republican versus Democrat thing anymore. This is a right versus wrong. This is about the longevity and survival of our country against the Chinese Communist Party that is really out to do us harm and ultimately over the arc of thousands of years, not just decades' become the the only superpower in the world, so we need to pay attention. we need to do what we can right now in this election cycle, there is no more important time to support this nation. It's a National security issue and we need to all be doing the right. Right side of the equation, Congressman Tiffany I'll turn to you, yeah, freedom opportunity and security. If those are the things you want as a voter, we have it in the Republican Party. That is what we stand for. That is what President Trump stands for and that is how we make America continue to be successful for another hundred years if we do those things and if people want those things freedom opportunity security vote for us. November Keep America great. That's what we're trying to do our Congressman Mike Garcia and Tom Tiffany Thank you both so much for being with us this evening. Thank you. Laura appreciate it. Thank you, Laura and thanks to everyone for tuning in tonight we need as many Patriots as possible to join our efforts to keep America great this November and here's how you can also get involved. Be sure to like and share this episode of Team Trump online with your friends As always, you can text Trump to eight. 22 I'd like to thank our special guest Congressman Mike Garcia and Tom Tiffany again for joining us this evening and thanks to all of you Great Patriots at home for tuning in. we'll see you next time.

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