Leaked | Sushant's Sister Priyanka Singh Angry On Ex Staff Member Rajat Over Monetary Issues

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A Video of Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister Priyanka Singh and her husband questioning and scolding former staff member over suspicious money transfer goes...

Posted 1 year ago in TV & Movies

Anita Sandhu 1 year ago

Good on her protecting her brother from scum of the earth thieves. No wonder Sushant adored his sisters who were there for him and backed his dreams. Great it is shared

Hellen Fernando 1 year ago

Not a big deal! Every family is protective of their members of the family. Now see, what happened with SSR. Since he didn't have trustworthy helpers and workers, he in vain died. His workers like Siddharth Pithani is a good friend of Rhea, not SSR’s. That is why he doesn't support SSR’s family. All the workers are under Rhea's slippers. Where was the needed CCTV footages? Who leaked these videos? It has got nothing to do with his murder. SSR’s fans don't forget what happened with him.

Andrea Kohlhoff Franklin 1 year ago

Yes so what, sushanths sister has all the rights to ask a question if she knows something s going wrong
We all do that dont we

Purnimah Gopaul 1 year ago

CCTV for her sister is working but when murdered was happening nothing came out. That day CCTV was broken. The person who gave the clips should be interrogated because he might played with the video

Motia Islam 1 year ago

This video proves that she loves her brother and looks out for him, she didn't interfere when Rhea was there if she did Suhant would have been alive.

Manjula Hussain 1 year ago

These all nonesenses posting in social media to manipulate the investigations. But we are not going to be fool any more.this is not a CCTV footage. Somebod was shooting.

Maha A 1 year ago

Ofcourse, she will shout if a staff does it. Stop being negative. This video actually proves that his money used to be transferred and its a proof so thank you Rhea for helping us.

Rinki Kanjilal 1 year ago

We know some PR company doing this to manuculate us but we are not fool so we know the difference between good & bad.Stay united stay strong #Warriors4SSR

Reba Barsha 1 year ago

This is the most decent way to deal with a thief / forgery.If it was Rhea or any other so-called Bollywood star, he would have been physically abused.

सुमन चौधरी 1 year ago

Sooo what koi v hota to yahi krta kuch mil ni raha to jo milega ussi ko jod dogay SSR sa had hai