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Business intelligence firm MicroStrategy still isn't done buying bitcoin.

CEO Michael Saylor tweeted on Monday that the holdings had been bought for...

Posted 11 months ago in Business, Finance, & Economics
RaShane DeLoach
RaShane DeLoach11 months ago

With the scarcity in play he trying to buy up as much as he can which is good because we know he is buying and holding which will continue driving prices up in the long run. Can you imagine how much bitcoin will be when we are close to maxed out supply. That is years from now but you can understand why he buying so much now.

Sooraj Panday
Sooraj Panday11 months ago

True 💕 for CRYPTO

Bitcoin LOAN
Bitcoin LOAN11 months ago


Caro Mcfadden
Caro Mcfadden11 months ago

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Bitcoin LOAN
Bitcoin LOAN11 months ago

Lol that’s true 😆😆😆

Andrea Blixt
Andrea Blixt11 months ago

You are awesome 😎

Yoeri Visser
Yoeri Visser11 months ago

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