WATCH LIVE: Biden to announce US will export 20M vaccine doses abroad

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Watch Live: President Biden to announce the US will export 20M vaccine doses abroad. More here:

Posted 6 months ago in Politics

Cheryl Hayes 6 months ago

How nice but ignores Americans on SS/SSD who draw less than nine hundred a month and are struggling with extra costs and bills who paid taxes for all their working years. Where is their help! They vote to and many won't forget getting ignored.

Gina Harvey Robinson 6 months ago

What about the middle class workers? Salaries in Washington DC need to be cut to equal that of middle class families and I am sure they would get money from Biden.

Susan Byrd 6 months ago

I voted for him and he's doing a great job! I'm fully vaccinated. Doing my part.

Pamela Lee Dunagin 6 months ago

Jobs. Really. Unemployed make more than I do SSI after working for over 35 years. Disgusting.

Pamela Lee Dunagin 6 months ago

Social security increase. When you pay unemployed more than I make on SSI in a month after working for over 36 years.

Carl Gerbrands 6 months ago

I the meantime, raising Medicare cost, and nothing for retires or veterans. Once again offsetting budgets with SS skimming, sending seniors into poverty.

Randall Ertzberger 6 months ago

How about raise in social Secruity

Rick Smith 6 months ago

Finally after 4 years we have a real president

Lisa Andrews Harvey 6 months ago

Gives them money to go on vacation. You can opt out on it. U get it now u want get it next year when u file taxes. Screw urself

Lisa Andrews Harvey 6 months ago

Enough just repeating yourself over and over