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HAPPENING NOW: President Trump to make announcement about executive orders aimed at delivering relief to Americans struggling with the economic fallout...

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Linda Anders 1 year ago

Give up on the voting by mail. You are so afraid this will cause the end of your reelection. We can only hope - the handling of the virus should be enough.
You are rambling on and on.

Darlene Bolduc Pane 1 year ago

These confrontational media should be thrown the hell out!! Glad he left! Best president ever!!!

Larry C. Gaines 1 year ago

Hope the Democrats are insisting on equal time...this is a political rally plain and simple

EricKary Kline 1 year ago

if you support Biden then really you are more likely to be raciest.. FACT

Melissa Henderson-Pennini 1 year ago

Omg just vote on the stimulous. None of that has anything to do with getting help to Americans

Robert H. Berlin 1 year ago

There is no stimulus check in this package. There is no need for a payroll tax holiday. Just another way to gut social security and medicare.

Karen Rheam 1 year ago

Thank you President Trump - have to laugh at some of these ignorant snowflakes ...pay them no attention...they are useless :)

Kip Mitchell 1 year ago

The Democrats are Evil, liars, and deceivers! God bless you President Trump 馃檹

Deborah Baird West 1 year ago


Lindy Reardon 1 year ago

People are idiots if you believe anything he says! Let鈥檚 talk about Republican demands