Food Stylist Shares Behind The Scenes Secrets

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Some of this food may look delicious, but you would NOT want to eat it 😧🎥

Posted 3 months ago in Food & Drink

UNILAD 3 months ago

Big thanks to Alisha, make sure you check out her channel below -

Janet Wielebski 3 months ago

Real food I cook doesn’t look this good!

Tony Bradshaw 3 months ago

anybody remember that Dairy Queen 'ice cream canyon' commercial from the 90s?All of that was colored shortening😐

Florin Pyf 3 months ago

Everything is fake....

Michael DeWitt 3 months ago

Some would say this is wasting food

Darrell Murdock 3 months ago

🍔🍿🥤McDonalds probably does the same thing!..😂😂😂

Harold Thorne 3 months ago

So wasting food for the sake of a good shot? Congrats.