BBC One - Why is dating so dreadful?

BBC One • 4 months ago   371     27
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Why is dating so dreadful?

BBC One4 months ago

Alma's Not Normal / Streaming Now / BBC iPlayer 👉

IanCarolyn Parsons
IanCarolyn Parsons4 months ago

Reminds me of my experience of Blind Dates in the Bookstore Cafe - a real event. Blind date to the left of me, blind date to the right of me, into the valley of death I rode. I couldn't help overhearing the conversations as I sat trapped in the middle table. Neither date was going well. They were both going catastrophically badly, in fact. I felt like banging my head on the table, and seriously thought of standing up, and announcing that "Now is the Time to Switch Partners!"

Sharon Barry
Sharon Barry2 months ago

Haha I actually went on a date and the guy was a taxidermist 😂😂😂 there wasn’t a second 😂😂

Anne Pellett
Anne Pellett4 months ago


Lulu Quebral Luna
Lulu Quebral Luna4 months ago

Truth-telling is dreadful in dates like this? Or you prefer some politically savvy statements to pad your feminine ego, that thrills, that titillates your desire then in the next succeeding dates, you'll hear this from the lips of other people? A very quiant scene, perhaps if the storyline can get deeper and more strange - how about another Emmy in 2022 like that of Michaela Coel and "I Want to Destroy You." More blazings, BBC.

Keith Olsthoorn
Keith Olsthoorn4 months ago

Johannah Gibbs
Johannah Gibbs4 months ago

Kristina Dodman 😂😂

Natasha Soliar
Natasha Soliar4 months ago

So silly but so funny 😆✨

Linda Manser
Linda Manser4 months ago

Loved this I binged it.

Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey4 months ago

How does crap like this contintue to be funded?