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BREAKING: Residents of El Paso, Texas just welcomed Trump with a BRUTAL response to his visit just days after the mass shooting by a “white nationalist.”...
Say that they don't want President Trump here I asked him why It was earlier that I spoke to a group around table of local residents here long time residents, people who have called this place home since birth They say that they don't want President Trump here I asked him why take a listen to what they had to say Do you want President Trump here personally I think that this community is hurting I don't think he's done anything to help that adult superintendent i mean i don't know how is going to help you don't know what is desire is to be here what the actions gonna be but it is head of state and due to the more we if we get resources support us in that so we are but i don't see hows going to held on in a class twelfth actually now It's not the right time I wanna be clear and I wanna be fair President Trump does have supporters in this community. Thousands of them. We saw that earlier this year in February when he held a rally but I also want to be clear about something that I've been told today countless times by residents, I've spoken to no one wants him here One person. I spoke to said that they respect the office of the presidency. They respect the President but they say that President Trump has not shown at any point in his presidency to be the healer in chief and that he's not welcomed here at this time President Trump, they say, has been obsessed with this community We can't forget to mention that this is where he rolled out his family separation policy The zero tolerance policy migrants were held outside in terrible conditions by customs and border protection under a bridge as a result of President Trump's immigration policies this is where he is called El Paso incorrectly one of the most dangerous cities in American Ford size It is one of the safest They believe that his rhetoric even if Trump supporters are unwilling to admit even if Trump supporters are unwilling to say that he has played any role in this at all people here want to be clear John that he is partly to blame, and he is partly responsible for the actions of an alleged Action that we saw disastrous results over the weekend, people here angry and the only thing keeping here keeping them here from crying is their anger but earlier today when I saw those El Paso wins and I spoke to them even that wasn't enough to to hold back tears John I've seen plenty of people crying. I have seen many people crying in just the last six hours behind me at this memorial. You write two things can be true The President does have his supporters to your butt many more people They tread today and they dread this. Visit Nick Valencia Thanks to you. We're gonna be watching those demonstrations behind you very closely local Democrats

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